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’There is a better alternative’, according to Ferenc Gyurcsány

A pro-government analyst describes Mr Gyurcsány’s season-opening address as a collection of dangerous ravings.

PM Orbán seen as unchallenged for a long time to come

A pro-government analyst believes the four consecutive sweeping electoral victories of Fidesz have opened a new era in Hungarian history.

The government maintains refusal to accept ban on oil and gas imports from Russia

As the government rejects a proposed ban on imported Russian oil – unless the full cost is reimbursed by the European Union, a right-wing analyst praises that position as one rooted in democracy.

Government side accuses Facebook of censorship

After the Facebook account of a pro-government journalist was suspended, an MP of the Christian Democrats claimed that Facebook content-screening in Hungary is overseen by an NGO ‘funded by (Hungarian-born US financier and philanthropist) George Soros.’

First comments on PM Orbán’s speech at Tusnadfürdő

In their first reactions to PM Orbán’s Tusnádfürdő address, liberal and left-wing commentators suggest that Viktor Orbán wants to elevate his illiberal politics to the European stage. Pro-government columnist agree with the Prime Minister that liberal elites need to be replaced.

Looking back on 2017

Pro-government analysts looking back on 2017 believe that the Hungarian government has been the standard-bearer of what they call a ‘new political paradigm’. A left-wing pundit, on the other hand, deems the government’s policy path disastrous.

PM Orbán’s speech at Tusnád 2016

While most news sites confine themselves to lengthy reports on the Prime Minister’s address at the annual gathering in Transylvania, two opposition portals devote detailed comments to Mr Orbán’s positive assessment of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican Party Convention last Friday.

Index and Népszabadság for sale?

Widespread rumours that Lajos Simicska will buy Index and that a pro-government consortium plans to take over the main left-wing daily prompt a right-wing analyst to suggest that Index will be put at the service of Jobbik.

Journalists leave VS.hu in protest

As at least five journalists leave the liberal news site in protest against covert funding by the National Bank, a pro government analyst calls them hypocrites.

Cologne seen as a symbol of Europe’s demise

A pro-government columnist thinks decision makers who opened Europe’s gates to the uncontrolled influx of a million migrants should now pay for their mistake.