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Magyar Nemzet

A pro-government daily – originally Magyar Idők. It was re-named Magyar Nemzet in 2019.

Magyar Nemzet, a right wing daily that grew moderately but increasingly critical towards Fidesz party chairman and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in 2014-15 as a conflict erupted between its owner, former Fidesz tycoon Lajos Simicska and the Prime Minister. Magyar Nemzet was originally founded in 1938 as a moderate conservative daily, opposing Nazism, until it was banned in 1944. Under Communism, Magyar Nemzet was allowed more flexibility than the rest of the daily press in order to bring non-communist intellectuals nearer to the régime. Following the régime change, after long drawn-out political infighting and conflicting external influences it gradually became a right wing outlet in the 1990s, and merged with the more radical right wing Új Magyarország (New Hungary) in 2000.

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