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Cologne seen as a symbol of Europe’s demise

January 12th, 2016

A pro-government columnist thinks decision makers who opened Europe’s gates to the uncontrolled influx of a million migrants should now pay for their mistake.

On , Gábor G. Fodor compares what is happening in western Europe to the last days of the Roman Empire. “Rome is in flames,” he writes, and “the barbarians are not at its gates but within the city walls.”  What happened in Cologne where masses of women were sexually assaulted by a “crowd of a thousand migrants” during New Year ’s Eve, Fodor continues, is just one example of what is happening throughout Europe wherever migrants have been hosted without knowing anything about them. Yet “the high priests of liberalism” continue to brand opponents of their “Wilkommenskultur” as racist, in an attempt to escape being held accountable. Nevertheless, he concludes, it is high time for them to pay their bills.


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