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’There is a better alternative’, according to Ferenc Gyurcsány

September 26th, 2023

A pro-government analyst describes Mr Gyurcsány’s season-opening address as a collection of dangerous ravings.

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, the leader of the Democratic Coalition said a new government should re-distribute wealth in Hungary and make the rich pay. He added that ‘the state shows signs of paralysis’ and invited patriotic Hungarians and NGOs to unite against the incumbent government.

On Origo, Gábor G. Fodor describes Mr Gyurcsány’s speech as a feverish address in striking disharmony with the sober mood of the population. It is totally unrealistic to dream about voting Fidesz out of office in the foreseeable future, therefore the only way to replace the incumbent government would be an uprising, he ruminates. Such an idea, he continues, apart from being extremely dangerous, is not realistic either. He concludes that Mr Gyurcsány must be knowingly lying about the possibility of taking power. If the DK leader has any remaining friends, Fodor concludes, they should talk him out of losing what remains of his dignity.