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PM Orbán seen as unchallenged for a long time to come

May 27th, 2023

A pro-government analyst believes the four consecutive sweeping electoral victories of Fidesz have opened a new era in Hungarian history.

On Origo, political analyst Gábor G. Fodor predicts that for as long as Viktor Orbán runs at parliamentary elections, the opposition has no chance of winning. Marking the first anniversary of the ceremony where Prime Minister Orbán and his government took the oath of office in the wake of another landslide electoral victory last year, Fodor suggests that the seven opposition parties have not completed the hard job of building a solid mass base and becoming a credible challenger to Fidesz. Since they cannot hope to win elections, they indulge in radical street shows instead of serious politics and seek help from abroad. However, he believes, that ultimately makes them unpresentable at home – ‘you cannot cooperate with a dollar-left’ that represents foreign interests, he writes. The new era opened by Fidesz’s four consecutive victories means ‘game over’ for the Left in Hungary, Fodor concludes.

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