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No hope for the Left

A month ahead of the municipal elections, conservative columnists agree that the Left has little chance to avoid another defeat. Among the causes of the Left’s decline they mention that it has become ideologically hollow and lacks able leaders on various levels.

Opposition victory cannot be ruled out

A pro-government commentator suggests that, weak as the left-wing opposition may seem, it would be too early to take its defeat at next year’s elections for granted.

Is the rule of law in danger?

As mutual accusations spiral frenetically, left-wing commentators accuse the government of destroying constitutional democracy, while they are being accused by their right-wing counterparts of fuelling foreign criticism of Hungary.

Hungary and Austria spar over the release of human traffickers

As Hungary releases hundreds of foreigners convicted for human trafficking, a liberal and a conservative observer ponder whether the government’s decision was the right one – politically and juridically.

Government side is confident of victory next year

A prominent pro-government analyst believes PM Orbán is likely to win the 2022 elections, but as a democrat, would also accept defeat.

Left still fragmented, 70 days before the elections

Commentators agree that the chances of the left are meagre, as its rather weak and scattered forces seem unable to coalesce, although over half the parliamentary seats (106 of 199) can be won in individual constituencies in a ‘first past the post’ system.

Zoltán Balog dismisses public education undersecretary

In a surprise move,the minister in charge of education fired his undersecretary, just days before she was to due to sit down for talks with protesting teachers. Magyar Nemzet and Népszabadság say this will not be enough to defuse the planned mass demonstrations.

888 condemned for insulting post on MSZP chairman’s wife

Pro-government columnists condemn a pro-government news site targeting young audiences for publishing a tasteless piece which called MSZP leader Tóbiás’ wife a “masturbation device”.

PM Orbán’s ’State of the Nation’ address

Discussing the Prime Minister’s annual speech to his followers, commentators wonder if his exhortation to work and fight harder will be sufficient to reinvigorate the increasingly sluggish Fidesz electorate, which, despite the defeat of a pro-government candidate in last week’s by-election, is still incomparably stronger than its competitors.

Further ruminations on Simicska

A pro-government analyst suspects that media mogul Lajos Simicska, a former friend and close ally of PM Orbán may have orchestrated the recent campaign against government politicians. Left-wing columnists wonder if Mr Simicska should now be seen as a reborn democrat, or an oligarch defending his financial interests.