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Government facing floods, EU criticism and opposition

Commentators don’t refrain from political remarks while tens of thousands of volunteers, leading politicians among them, help professionals build temporary defences against the highest water levels the Danube has seen.

New liberal party meets friendly fire

Left-wing commentators deplore the decision of former SZDSZ President Gábor Fodor to found a new liberal party - in addition to a series of post-SZDSZ groupings.

LMP’s decision not to join Together-2014 draws criticism and praise

While centre-left columnists find the decision self-destructive, and suggest that it plays into the hands of Fidesz, centre-right bloggers celebrate it as a triumph of principles over political pressure.  Some analysts forecast a split in the party, while others claim it was high time for LMP to decide where it ...

Opposition divided over united demonstration on October 23rd

A left-wing commentator argues that the October 23rd demonstration is too important to be boycotted by any anti-Fidesz group or voter. A pro-government analyst concludes that this demonstration is the work of bickering intellectual groups who cannot prove to voters their ability to govern the country.

Will Áder represent the unity of the nation?

Most, but not all left-wing commentators believe that the future President of the Republic will play the tune of the government and will therefore not be the kind of balancing factor the head of the state is expected to be. An MEP colleague of Mr Áder says divisions are too ...