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Government side is confident of victory next year

May 7th, 2021

A prominent pro-government analyst believes PM Orbán is likely to win the 2022 elections, but as a democrat, would also accept defeat.

In an exceptionally long interview with Telex, Gábor G. Fodor, chairman of the pro-government Századvég think tank finds it natural that a strong government, like that led by PM Orbán, has prompted the disparate forces of the opposition to unite. He also admits that the opposition is mounting a strong challenge to Fidesz. Nevertheless, he is not convinced that opposition voters will necessarily follow the instructions of their leaders and support joint candidates, given their strong ideological differences. The insider view in government circles, he says, is that Fidesz is the likely winner next year, although he concedes that it will find it hard to win a two-thirds majority in Parliament for the fourth time. In any case, he asserts, PM Orbán is a democrat and as such he would accept defeat. The main question, Fodor concludes, is not whether Fides will win two thirds of the mandates but whether it will win.

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