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Government’s six month balance sheet

Left-wing analysts comment on the latest opinion polls, and speculate that the governing party’s decline cannot be stopped. Liberal and moderate centrist commentators believe that any suggestion that the government’s fall is inevitable is mere wishful thinking. Conservative columnists call for more caution and sensitivity in the practice of government.

RTL Klub revolts

Commentators agree that RTL Klub, the leading commercial TV channel has launched a harsh anti-government reporting campaign in retaliation for the new advertisement tax.

Media strategies 9 months before the elections

A moderate right-wing weekly suspects that the media multinationals may take the risk of supporting opposition forces in their quest to win next year’s election. Népszabadság, meanwhile, may be bought back by a Socialist foundation.

EU agrees on 2050 carbon neutral aim

A pro-government columnist thinks that Central Europe and Hungary may get less EU funding as a result of the EU’s 2050 carbon neutrality agreement. A liberal commentator is less pessimistic.

Hungary’s competitiveness improves

Commenting on various international indicators on Hungary’s economy, a pro-government commentator suggests that the government’s policies are working and the Hungarian economy is in good shape.

Opposition primary in the home stretch

A day before the closing of the Budapest mayoral primary, a pro-government and a left-wing commentator offer diametrically opposed assessments of the candidates as well as their merits.

Attitudes to migration as a test for East and West within the EU

In the heat of the German electoral campaign, Chancellor Angela Merkel has lambasted Hungary for refusing to accept the redistribution of refugees within the European Union. In the light of her comments, Hungarian weeklies wonder how relations between Hungary and the EU, and in a wider context, between   Western and Eastern ...

Luxembourg Foreign Minister would expel Hungary from the EU

A left-wing daily and a conservative commentator both consider the termination of Hungary’s EU membership as proposed by Mr Asselborn as an exaggerated reaction to the bitter divergences which have emerged over the migration crisis.

Hillary Clinton’s health problems

Commenting on the sudden collapse of the democratic presidential nominee during Sunday's 9/11 anniversary commemoration at Ground Zero, the leading left-wing daily complains that neither candidate is willing to release relevant data about themselves, while a radical conservative commentator suspects that the scene was the beginning of the end of Mrs Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

Fidesz MP accused of being graft ring Voldemort

A left-wing commentator believes that it would be extremely difficult to cover up the latest corruption scandal probably involving a Fidesz MP.