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Tax Authority scandal is going nowhere

Left-wing commentators agree that it is unlikely that the public will ever get to the bottom ofthe alleged tax fraud case. While one commentary writes the alleged misconduct of the Tax Authority does not bother Fidesz voters, the other opposition commentator says the whistleblower botched his revelation and the issue will ...

Tax cuts for families with children

A left-wing commentator believes that the new family tax allowance proposed by the government will increase inequality. His conservative counterpart welcomes the proposal which he believes will stimulate the birth rate.

Further tax hikes

Commentators across the political spectrum wonder about the possible reasons behind the restrictions announced by the Minister of the Economy.

Government proposes surplus tax on advertisements

The leading left liberal daily contends that the government wants to silence its critics by imposing an advertisement tax on media outlets. A right-wing blogger wonders why the government is punishing Hungarian media companies rather then helping them.

Tax hikes meant to open road to IMF talks

Analysts agree that the new taxes announced by the government on the eve of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s meeting with EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso will be a heavy burden on Hungarian households. They are not sure however, whether the new restrictions will be enough to eliminate the hurdles ...

A hump on the flat tax

The main left wing papers and even a right wing daily contend that the government's plan to introduce a levy on average and above-average incomes to compensate lower wage earners, amounts to abandoning its flat tax policy.

Can Hungarians be taxed back to health?

The Hungarian Parliament has passed the so-called “chips tax” on unhealthy food. The government expects Hungarians to lead healthier lives as a result, but the extra tax may also have a negative impact on Hungarian producers. Right-wing commentators also question why, if the government is so interested in improving our ...

Taxing hamburgers

Hungary will regulate fast food restaurants, if the Parliament in Budapest passes the bill tabled by János Lázár, the Fidesz floor leader. According to the text of the draft, restaurants offering unhealthy foods with a high fat and sugar content would have to build playgrounds nearby in return, and could ...

Will Simicska wage his media war on his own?

Commentators wonder how far the feud between Prime Minister Orbán and his former friend and treasurer will go, and what impact it will have on the main right-wing media outlets which are ultimately owned by the latter.

Government and RTL TV make peace?

Left-wing dailies report that the Government has made a deal with the German owners of Hungary’s increasingly critical No. 1 commercial TV station and thus removed a thorn from German-Hungarian relations a few days before Chancellor Merkel’s visit to Budapest.