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A semi-official assessment of Hungary’s 20 years in the EU

A leading government official urges serious changes in the European Union to make the community successful again. READ MORE

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Hungary’s 20 years within the European Union

Commentators try to assess the lessons of two decades of EU membership. READ MORE


Péter Magyar accused of being a CIA asset

A leading commentator at the pro-government nationwide daily suspects ’forces scheming against Hungary’ of lurking behind the new opposition star. READ MORE

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A left-wing critique of the opposition

A socialist political scientist fears that the traditional left is on a slippery slope. READ MORE

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Weeklies on Péter Magyar and the electoral campaign

As the campaign for the European and the municipal elections of June 9 kicked off last week, most commentators were surprised by Péter Magyar’s rapid success and try to make sense of this phenomenon.  READ MORE

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PM Orbán opens CPAC Hungary No3

A liberal weekly plays down the importance of the international conservative gathering in Budapest, while a right-wing commentator sees it as a significant forum of sovereignist forces. READ MORE

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EP asks Commission to freeze transfers to Hungary

A pro-government website labels repeated criticism of the state of the rule of law in Hungary by the majority of MEPs ’rule of law hysteria’. READ MORE

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Poll shows slump in support for Fidesz

An independent political observer has reservations about the latest opinion poll which suggests that Fidesz lost 10 percentage points from its voting base, while a pro-government pundit calls these data manipulated. READ MORE

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Blue collar workers among the higher earners

Blue collar workers seem to be improving their position on the wage ladder, while intellectuals are among the losers. READ MORE


Former Socialist MEP urges foreign policy consensus

A veteran left-wing politician hopes Péter Magyar can bridge the foreign policy gap dividing government and opposition. READ MORE

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