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PM Orbán opposes Timmerman’s candidacy

Opposition outlets write that the Prime Minister is frightened by the prospect of Dutch Socialist Frans Timmermans being elected President of the European Commission, while pro-government outlets characterise him as George Soros’s man. READ MORE

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CEU’s last graduation ceremony in Budapest

As the Central European University bids farewell to Hungary, right-wing commentators liken ideas expressed by CEU representatives  to colonialist and even Nazi and Communist thinking. They consider CEU’s departure as ‘good riddance’. A Marxist philosopher charges the government with the imposition of ideological absolutism. READ MORE

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Hungarian economy shows no sign of slowdown

A well-known economic analyst praises the Hungarian National Bank’s loose monetary policy as well as the government’s fiscally conservative line. He believes that the macro environment is helping Hungarian growth and making the economy resilient to crises. READ MORE

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Karácsony wins opposition mayoral primary

Pro-government analysts predict that the infighting which has plagued the opposition will continue beyond the Budapest mayoral primary. A left-wing and a liberal pundit, on the other hand, hope that the primary has united the opposition behind a candidate that can successfully challenge Fidesz in the capital. READ MORE

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Views on the success of Europe’s green parties

A left-wing political analyst and a conservative commentator wonder why green parties have become so popular in Western Europe, and how the advance of environmental thinking will impacts mainstream parties. READ MORE

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Opposition primary in the home stretch

A day before the closing of the Budapest mayoral primary, a pro-government and a left-wing commentator offer diametrically opposed assessments of the candidates as well as their merits. READ MORE

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Criticism of US policy towards Iran

A left-wing and a pro-government columnist ponder the lessons of the skirmish between Washington and Teheran, and the chances of a US-Iran military conflict. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the chances of the opposition

As opposition supporters cast their votes to decide on the challenger to Budapest Mayor István Tarlós in the local elections in the autumn, commentators ruminate on the chances of the opposition inside and outside Budapest. READ MORE

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An alt-left critique of the Left

The founder of the LMP thinks that the two parties that have risen to prominence within the opposition represent two equally hopeless versions of liberalism and therefore offer therefore no real alternatives to Fidesz. READ MORE

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Opposition primary is underway

A pro-government commentator accuses all three Budapest mayoral opposition candidates of political inconsistencies and wonders if opinion polls by left-liberal pollsters are unbiased. READ MORE

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