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Government accused of excluding Budapest from EU funds

The nationwide left-wing daily stands by its claim that the government has submitted to the European Union a financial scheme in which the Hungarian capital is left out of a list of target areas for European development funds. READ MORE

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European Parliament debates over Hungary and Poland

A pro-government columnist believes Hungary’s critics in the EP condemn anyone who opposes their project of a single federal European state. READ MORE

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Roger Scruton remembered

Commentators on both sides of the political divide portray the deceased conservative British philosopher as an ally of Prime Minister Orbán. The Hungarian PM awarded him a high state medal in London in December, just six weeks before Roger Scruton died of cancer on Sunday. READ MORE

77th anniversary of the Disaster on the Don

A pro-government author describes the soldiers of both Hungary and the Soviet Union who fell in the Second World War as ordinary citizens who had no choice but to fight far from their homelands. READ MORE

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Diametrically opposed takes on Roma school segregation ruling

Liberal and left-wing commentators accuse Prime Minister Orbán of racism for publicly criticizing a court ruling granting compensation to Roma families whose children were enrolled in separate classes to non-Roma children. Pro-government columnists agree with the Prime Minister and find the ruling outrageous. READ MORE

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Prime Minister’s New Year press conference

A liberal columnist thinks that Prime Minister Orbán mixed moderate and radical messages in his first press conference this year. A pro-government columnist praises the Prime Minister for his pragmatic vision. READ MORE


Government to revise national curriculum

As the government concludes its revision of the national curriculum, a conservative and a left-wing pundit debate the role of education. READ MORE


Repercussions of the killing of Iranian General Suleimani

A conservative analyst thinks that the assassination of Quassim Suleimani will worsen US-Iranian relations, but he is hopeful that the skirmish will not lead to outright war between the two states. READ MORE

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DK criticized by its former Vice-President

A liberal economist who served as the Vice-President of former PM Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition pours scorn on the party for advocating what he regards as demagogic social welfare and anti-trade proposals. READ MORE


Prospects of a united opposition

A left-wing as well as a pro-government commentator think that the opposition needs first of all a strong and charismatic leader to unite voters dissatisfied with the current government.


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