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Hungary ranks low in the international innovation index

An expert urges new measures to promote the spirit of innovation. READ MORE

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US Ambassador receives judges again

The main pro-government daily carries two columns lambasting the US Ambassador after he received leading figures of the National Juridical Council. They condemn Ambassador Pressman even more sharply than after the first such meeting a year ago (see BudaPost, November 3, 2022). READ MORE

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Opposition-leaning website accused of serving foreign interests

A pro-government columnist disputes Telex’s image as an independent news outlet. READ MORE

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Rivalry trumps cooperation among opposition parties

An independent analyst forecasts an unprecedented defeat for the opposition in next year’s local and European elections. READ MORE

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Hungary on good terms with both Israel and Muslim countries

A pro-government pundit wonders why the opposition cannot see what Israel perfectly understands about Hungary’s foreign policy. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the firing of the director of the National Museum

Opposition-leaning commentators believe that the decision to sack the director was a typical example of how things work under the incumbent government, while their pro-government counterpart expresses his appreciation of the dismissed director, without taking sides over the cause of his dismissal. READ MORE

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Chinese electric cars to be built in Hungary

A pro-government author welcomes the giant Chinese investment project Hungary has almost certainly snitched from Germany. READ MORE

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Right-wing breakthrough predicted in Europe

A left-wing columnist predicts that right-wing forces will win the elections for the European Parliament next year. READ MORE

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The sacking of the director of the National Museum draws opposing comments

A leftist columnist accuses the government of surrendering to the extreme right by dismissing the director. His pro-government counterpart welcomes the decision as an act in defence of Hungary’s children against harmful LGBT influence. READ MORE

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Edith Bruck lambasts her fellow anti-Israeli left-wingers

A pro-government commentator sees Hungary’s oft-criticised stance against unlawful mass immigration as vindicated by Bruck’s criticism of left-wingers siding with the Palestinians against Israel. READ MORE

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