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DK forms shadow government

Commentators on both sides of the political divide are sceptical about the chances of the Democratic Coalition to represent a counterweight to the government on its own. READ MORE

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A left-wing take on the future of EU funds

A column in the left-wing nationwide daily agrees with pro-government commentators on the probability that frozen EU funds will be unblocked by the end of the year. READ MORE

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Government confident it can unblock EU funding

A pro-government commentator reads the latest announcement by the European Commission to mean that Hungary will get all the EU funding it is entitled to until 2028. READ MORE

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Weeklies remember Queen Elizabeth II

Most authors pay their unconditional respects to the deceased monarch, although some commentators express deep skepticism about the usefulness of monarchy in modern democracies. READ MORE

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EP brands Hungary as ‘not a full democracy’

Liberal commentators remark that the resolution passed by the European Parliament doesn’t necessarily mean that European funds are out of reach for Hungary. READ MORE

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Pro-government authors defend the new abortion decree

In their first comments on the new decree making abortion conditional on ‘being shown vital foetal signs’, the two nationwide pro-government dailies dismiss as groundless the misgivings voiced by critics of the measure. (For the antecedents, see BudaPost, September 15.) READ MORE


Abortion made conditional on mothers being shown ’vital signs of life’

Feminist activists are outraged by what they see as a measure which will humiliate and traumatize women, while a liberal author suggests the new decree will not actually make access to abortion more difficult in practice. READ MORE

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Fidesz keeps strong lead – latest poll

A left-wing commentator is disheartened by the passive reaction of the population to what he sees as worsening conditions throughout the country. He blames the opposition for failing to provide an attractive alternative to the government. READ MORE

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Elizabeth II obituary

The leading pro-government daily depicts the passing of Elizabeth II as the end of an era marked by great personalities and high culture. READ MORE

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Hungarian perceptions of the war in Ukraine

According to two opinion polls, Hungarians have negative views about Putin as well as Zelensky, but they are also becoming less satisfied with the Hungarian government’s response to the Ukraine war. READ MORE

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