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Hungary rejects Ukrainian accusation of conniving with Russia

Rejecting a claim by a high-ranking Ukrainian official, a pro-government news outlet suggests Western secret services were the source of Hungary’s knowledge about Russian plans in Ukraine. READ MORE

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Partial opposition walkout from inaugural session

A prominent pro-government historian condemns the decision by many opposition MPs, who walked out of the first session of Parliament after taking their oaths of office. READ MORE

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Parliament begins 4-year term

As the newly elected national assembly meets for the first time, commentators ponder what role remains for an opposition
which fills less than one-third of the seats. READ MORE

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Inflation higher, growth rate lower than expected

Economists across the political spectrum investigate the causes and possible remedies of soaring inflation. READ MORE

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Government extends price caps

Pro-government analysts welcome the government’s decision to keep prices down as a pragmatic social policy at a time of rapid inflation. Left-wing and liberal commentators see price caps as political tools with few economic benefits. READ MORE

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Russia cuts gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria

A pro-government analyst hopes that the war will soon end and EU-Russian relations will normalize, as Hungary is dependent on cheap Russian gas. A financial analyst quoted in the leading left-wing daily thinks that Hungary will need to help Bulgaria, after it was cut off from Russian gas.


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A left-wing critique of the opposition

A former MP and founder of the green-left-wing LMP party attributes the electoral defeat of the opposition to liberal intellectuals who advocate what he disparagingly calls neoliberal ideologies and the import of progressive identity politics. READ MORE


Opposing takes on French and Slovene elections

A left-wing commentator believes that the Hungarian government will become even more isolated on the European stage after the defeat of Marine Le Pen and Janez Jansa. A pro-government columnist finds this explanation pathetic. READ MORE

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Gyurcsány accused of working against Márki-Zay

A pro-government columnist cites unnamed sources to allege that Ferenc Gyurcsány did his best to weaken Péter Márki-Zay in the election – to make sure that Márki-Zay could not contest Gyurcsány’s leadership on the Left. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the elections – with two weeks’ hindsight

Commentators still struggle to find consistent explanations for the fourth consecutive electoral victory of Fidesz on 3 April. There is even less clarity, however, on how the opposition can recover from its latest defeat. READ MORE

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