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A liberal take on the Slovak presidential election

Following the election of liberal activist Zuzana Čaputová as President of Slovakia, a liberal pundit believes Hungary would be far better off with presidents elected by plebiscite, rather than by Parliament. READ MORE

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Russian collusion charges rejected as selective

A pro-government columnist finds the charges of collusion with Russia, which have been levelled against critics of the liberal mainstream, as both ungrounded and selective. READ MORE

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Bernard-Henri Lévi meets PM Orbán

After the famous French philosopher, a vocal critic of the Hungarian Prime Minister, spent two hours with Viktor Orbán, newspapers extensively quote his critical remarks and three outlets carry commentaries criticising Lévy. READ MORE

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Hungary’s ’African American’ opera singers

A liberal commentator describes the move of 15 opera singers to declare themselves African Americans to be able to perform Porgy and Bess as witty. READ MORE

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A strange campaign-start

As parties begin campaigning for their candidates for seats in the European Parliament, left-wing commentators accuse all sides of failing to address genuine issues. READ MORE

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Opposition row in Budapest

As recriminations erupt among opposition parties in the capital, instead of the hoped for full electoral agreement, left-wing outlets lambast Jobbik and the LMP, while a pro-government commentator rejoices over the incompetence of the opposition. READ MORE

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PM Orbán opens Fidesz EP campaign

Pro-government columnists agree with Viktor Orbán that the European Parliamentary election will decide whether or not ‘Europe will remain Christian’, and whether nation states can preserve their sovereignty. A left-wing commentator calls for more integration so that the EU can compete with the US and China. READ MORE

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Parliament approves Fidesz family protection plan

A pro-government official finds it reassuring that most opposition MPs voted in favour of the government’s family protection bill. A left-wing analyst and a liberal weekly, on the other hand, lambast opposition representatives whom they accuse of selling out to Fidesz. READ MORE

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Details of 2007 espionage case released

After the publication of details of the 2007 espionage scandal in which Russian FSB agents had access to sensitive information on Hungarian secret agencies, a pro-government commentator finds it peculiar that politicians who in 2007 compromised Hungary’s security now accuse the government of serving Russian interests. READ MORE

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31 years of Fidesz

A young conservative blogger looking back on the history of Fidesz contends that the Hungarian governing party has been consistent with its core values ever since its establishment. READ MORE