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UK ambassador bids farewell

Winding up his four-year term in Budapest, the ambassador of the United Kingdom praises Hungary as the single most friendly Union member country toward Britain over the past four Brexit years. READ MORE

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No compromise in sight over Theatre and Film University

As the controversy over the restructuring of the University of Theatre and Film rages on, the political debate has escalated into a full-fledged culture war between the government and the opposition. Both sides rule out the possibility of compromise. READ MORE

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Dispute over household savings and spending

Pro-government economists praise the government for incentivizing domestic spending. A left-wing analyst, on the other hand, fears that Hungarian families will soon face difficulties and have to cut back on spending. READ MORE

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Chances of the opposition in 2022

A centrist analyst believes that it is impossible to predict who will win the 2022 election. The opposition has more chance of challenging Fidesz than in the past three elections, he suggests, but this does not imply that the joint opposition can triumph. READ MORE

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Students occupy Theatre and Film University

A pro-government commentator accuses students occupying the Theatre and Film University of political bias. A left-wing pundit calls for dialogue. READ MORE

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School year starts amid coronavirus doubts

A left-wing commentator acknowledges that most Hungarians do want classroom teaching, but fears that the reopening of schools will create chaos and uncertainty. Her pro-government counterpart cautions against panic and fear-mongering. READ MORE

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Hungary introduces border restrictions

As the government announces tough border restrictions, pundits across the political spectrum wonder if Hungary can avoid a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. READ MORE

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Opposition parties to run united in 2022

Analysts from left and right believe equally that, for the first time in 10 years, the possibility of an opposition victory cannot be discounted. READ MORE

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Former finance minister on Covid impact

A former Socialist finance minister warns of the unforeseeable consequences of a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. READ MORE

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Pro-government comments on German criticism of Hungary

Pro-government outlets suggest that German Social Democrats have a grudge against the Hungarian government. One author believes the crux of the controversy is a divergence of views on the future of Europe. READ MORE

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