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Hungary and Austria spar over the release of human traffickers

As Hungary releases hundreds of foreigners convicted for human trafficking, a liberal and a conservative observer ponder whether the government’s decision was the right one – politically and juridically. READ MORE

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Former liberal leader fears Hungary’s isolation

In a long article, Viktor Orbán’s erstwhile friend, co-founder of Fidesz and then opponent as a liberal leader calls on the Prime Minister to sit down for talks with President Zelensky of Ukraine and negotiate with EC President Ursula von der Leyen. READ MORE

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Weeklies on Hungary’s conflicts in international relations

Left-wing and liberal commentators accuse Prime Minister Orbán of wantonly provoking conflicts with allies, while pro-government columnists believe that he is defending the national interest against undue intrusion. READ MORE

Left-wing reactions to Ukraine military aid stalled by Hungary

Authors in the nationwide left-wing daily slam the government’s decision to veto a new round of sanctions on Russia and a tranche of military aid to Ukraine in protest against unfriendly Ukrainian moves. READ MORE

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Hungary stalls new EU military aid to Ukraine

A pro-government pundit believes Hungary had no choice but to veto a new tranche of EU aid to Ukraine and a new sanctions package against Russia after hostile gestures by Ukraine. READ MORE

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Left-liberal pundits describe PM Orbán as a conflict-seeking tactician

Two critics of the government believe the Prime Minister is leading Hungary into a fatal clash with the European Union. READ MORE

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EP delegation in Budapest

A pro-government columnist accuses the European Parliament of duplicity when its delegates suspect systemic corruption in Hungary, while their own institution is tainted with corruption scandals. READ MORE

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Zelensky allegedly suggested blowing up Russian pipeline to Hungary

A pro-government commentator is outraged by a leaked suggestion from the Ukrainian president to ‘blow up the Druzhba pipeline that provides oil to Hungary’. A liberal pundit describes Zelensky’s reported words as an off-the-cuff remark spoken in a moment of anger. READ MORE

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Weeklies on Castle Hill demonstrations

Demonstrations in front of the Prime Minister’s office on Castle Hill in Buda have become the main topic of opposition politics over the past few weeks, but opinions diverge on their significance. READ MORE

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Chief of Staff’s gaffe about WW II

A critic of the government concedes that the new Chief of Staff of the armed forces is a competent soldier but finds his recent remark on how the Second World War began unacceptable. READ MORE

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