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DK launches Mayoral candidate

Left wing analysts suggest that former TV host Olga Kálmán stands a real chance of defeating Gergely Karácsony, until now the only left-wing candidate in the opposition primary later this month. A right-wing commentator finds it inconsistent of the Democratic Coalition to propose her candidacy at the last moment, just before the vote. READ MORE

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Government tables MTA bill

A pro-government columnist accuses the Academy of Sciences of trying to keep far left historical personalities in the symbolic national pantheon. A left-wing commentator hopes that the government may still reconsider its plans to move the Academy’s research centres to a new foundation. READ MORE


99 years of Trianon

On the anniversary of the peace treaty that dismembered the Kingdom of Hungary in 1920, a liberal historian suggests that Hungary should forget her victimhood complex, while a pro-government commentator expresses the fear that mass immigration is a threat comparable to Trianon not just for Hungary but for all European nations. READ MORE


MSZP attempts to absorb the electoral shock

Witnessing the Socialist party’s loss of one third of its previous voting base at the European Parliamentary elections, a right-wing pundit ironizes over the only MEP the MSZP has managed to send to Brussels. A defeated left-wing politician sends a bitter message to his fellow party members. READ MORE

Pope Francis’ open air mass in the Szeklerland

Commenting on the Pope’s visit to the most important shrine of Hungarian Catholics in Transylvania, left-wing outlets remark that during that historical event the Prime Minister was in Madrid watching Liverpool beat Tottenham in the Champions’ League final. A conservative commentator excoriates the Pontiff’s right-wing critics. READ MORE

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Government announces new ‘economy protection plan’

Economic analysts give basically positive assessments of the government’s economic action plan which is intended to prolong fast growth. Some do not expect it to produce significant novelties. READ MORE

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Government suspends administrative court reform

Commenting on the government’s announcement that it is cancelling the introduction of a new level of administrative courts, two liberal pundits speculate that after the European Parliamentary Election, Fidesz is trying to strike a conciliatory note with the European People’s Party. READ MORE

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Deadly boat accident in Budapest

A pro-government and a left-wing commentator blame Wednesday’s lethal boat accident on the Danube on the absence of proper legislation and increasing traffic on the river. READ MORE

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The prospects of Fidesz in EU politics

A left-wing and a pro-government columnist wonder how much influence the 13-strong Fidesz group will have in the European Parliament, whether it remains in the EPP or joins another political family. READ MORE

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Chances of left-wing cooperation

According to a left-wing and a liberal pundit, left-wing opposition parties can defeat Fidesz in the autumn Budapest municipal elections. A pro-government commentator suspects that even existing cooperation agreements will have to be renegotiated by the two strongest opposition parties. READ MORE

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