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Coming or Going? Net loss from emigration discussed

A pro-government columnist contends that emigration trends are reversing and an increasing number of Hungarians are returning home. The leading online financial journal suggests that Hungary’s migration balance is still negative. READ MORE


Left-wing opposition protests against government

A pro-government commentator accuses left-wing parties that supported the recent resolution of the European Parliament to punish Hungary, of treason. An alt-left blogger thinks that the Left’s call for demonstrations is futile and even counterproductive. READ MORE

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European Parliament vote still dominates news

A pro-government economist describes the European Parliament vote against Hungary as an attack by global liberal elites on Hungary and national sovereignty. A left-wing commentator believes that the EU wants to defend Hungarian national interests and democracy from the attack they are under from the government. READ MORE

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European Parliament vote opens a new age

Commentators are sharply divided in their assessments of the clash between Hungary’s Prime Minister and his critics in the European Parliament. They agree however that what happened has opened a new chapter in the relations between Hungary and the European Union. READ MORE

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EU vote seen as another 9/11

A former leading intelligence operative fears that the influx of masses of immigrants from the Third World may destroy Europe as we know it and the conflict over the migration issue may split the European Union. READ MORE

EU Parliament votes to punish Hungary

A left-wing commentator rejoices over the overwhelming vote in favour of the Sargentini report, while his pro-government counterpart suggests that over half of the European People’s Party (EPP) MEPs were harming their own cause by supporting the resolution. READ MORE

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Orbán rejects EU pressure

After the Hungarian Prime Minister told the European Parliament that he will not yield to what he called ‘blackmail’, commentators weigh the pros and the cons of voting for or against the Sargentini report. READ MORE

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PM Orbán faces critics in the EP

Hours before the Hungarian Prime Minister was scheduled to confront MEPs in Strasbourg who support the Sargentini report, commentators expressed sharply contrasting views on the matter. READ MORE

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EP to vote on the Sargentini report

Ahead of this week’s expected vote in the European Parliament on the document condemning the Hungarian government, commentators are becoming increasingly emotional. READ MORE

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Back to school

A pro-government commentator criticizes liberal education norms that put individual liberty first. A liberal teacher accuses the government of ignoring the needs of poor children. READ MORE