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Two takes on the EU elections

A pro-government pundit ridicules commentators who see the European elections as a setback for Fidesz. A left-wing analyst praises Péter Magyar for his performance but warns that he must improve his skill at facing critics. READ MORE

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Fidesz still number one, TISZA strong second

An independent analyst believes that Sunday’s municipal and European elections have opened a new era in Hungarian politics. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the lessons of the electoral campaign

In their last opinion columns before Sunday’s municipal and European elections, commentators tried to make sense of the changes in the domestic political landscape and relations between Hungary and the European Union. READ MORE

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Fidesz still has a large voter reserve

An independent analyst explains why choosing oversimplified messages may help the governing party win the European and municipal elections on Sunday. READ MORE

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Embedded, ’zombie’ and ’pop-up’ parties competing in Sunday’s election

An independent observer sees most traditional opposition parties as doomed to extinction, and suspects that Péter Magyar’s TISZA Party, just like most ’pop-up’ parties, may prove to be a bubble. READ MORE

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Karácsony in for a tough second term

Analysts take Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony’s re-election on Sunday this week for granted but predict that he will not have a stable majority behind him in the city council. READ MORE

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The Left losing ground

A commentator wonders if the Left is on its way out of Parliament. READ MORE

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PM Orbán opens the last week of the campaign

Despite their diverging judgements on the contents of the Prime Minister’s speech, commentators agree in describing the Budapest ‘peace march’ on Saturday as an impressive show of strength. READ MORE

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Weeklies on where Hungary stands in today’s world

Leftist and liberal authors accuse the government of turning its back on western allies, while pro-government commentators believe Hungary’s leaders are simply desperately trying to preserve peace on the continent. READ MORE

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Public TV airs live electoral debate

In their first reactions, commentators find the debate of the eleven top candidates for the European election interesting although not particularly instructive. READ MORE

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