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Slovakia’s Trianon gesture

A senior commentator welcomes the friendly gesture made by Slovakia’s new prime minister towards the Hungarian minority on the centenary of the Trianon peace treaty. READ MORE

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Left- and right-wing interpretations of Trianon

On the centenary of the peace treaty which dismembered pre-World War One Hungary, a left-wing writer and a pro-government analyst offer diverging explanations of past and present. READ MORE


A wake-up call for the opposition

A centrist political scientist thinks the government has been successful in handling the coronavirus emergency, while the opposition has remained almost invisible throughout the past three months. READ MORE

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Hungary ponders Von der Leyen’s recovery plan

As PM Orbán expresses doubts about the €750 billion restart package announced by the European Commission, opinions diverge on why he doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace the project. READ MORE

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Remembering the 1920 Trianon Peace Treaty

A few days before the centenary of the signing of the Trianon Peace Treaty, pundits across the political spectrum ponder how Hungary should relate to the territorial and demographic loss it suffered a hundred years ago. READ MORE

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Radical right-wing demonstration in Budapest

As the radical right-wing Our Homeland Movement calls a rally to protest against what they define as ‘Gypsy crime’, a pro-government and an alt-left commentator offer diametrically opposed views on the causes of racial segregation.


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Government tables 2021 budget

A pro-government commentator welcomes the government’s desire to boost the economy and help families. A liberal analyst deems the governments’ growth expectations for 2021 unrealistic. READ MORE

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Coronavirus emergency ‘to end in mid-June’

A pro-government commentator believes that the termination of the emergency proves that the government did not want to misuse power. A liberal columnist acknowledges the necessity of emergency powers, but also thinks that the government abused its position. READ MORE

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Two young men fatally stabbed in downtown Budapest

A pro-government commentator calls for zero tolerance for violent criminals after two young men were left dead after a street brawl. A left-wing commentator interprets the case as the police’s failure to maintain order. READ MORE


Exchange over ‘localism’

An alt-left and a conservative pundit ponder the prospect of a ‘localist’ ideology shared by both Right and Left. READ MORE

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