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Former Macedonian PM seeks asylum in Hungary

A left-wing commentator accuses the Hungarian government of showing more sympathy towards Macedonian ex-PM Nikola Gruevski, who fled a prison sentence for corruption, and is seeking asylum in Hungary, than towards refugees escaping war. READ MORE

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Hungarian economy grows by 5 per cent

A pro-government columnist welcomes the latest high growth figures as proof of the correctness of the government’s economic policies READ MORE

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Fears expressed over ‘liberal communist’ ideology

A pro-government pundit fulminates over what he calls the ’liberal communist’ ideology and accuses its representatives of promoting migration in the hope of depriving people of their property. READ MORE

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Two faces of populism

A left-leaning political scientist argues that liberals who like to lambast populist politicians also use the people as a legitimation tool – at least in terms of the markets. READ MORE

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Therapies for demographic decline

A conservative and a left-wing analyst agree that Hungary is facing rapid demographic decline. They offer diametrically opposing remedies, however, to depopulation. READ MORE


Strategic vacuum on the Left

A Left-wing pundit laments the depressing disorientation in left-wing politics. He fears that the Socialists are about to squander their chance of winning the mayoral elections in Budapest next year. READ MORE

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SZDSZ – Alliance of Free Democrats – a late obituary

On the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Hungary’s first post-communist liberal party, a former member-turned-critic thinks the organisation played a positive role in creating democracy on the ruins of Communism. READ MORE

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Weber elected ‘Spitzenkadidat’

Commentators agree that the Hungarian Prime Minister can feel satisfied after the European People’s Party chose Manfred Weber, a Bavarian politician to be its top candidate at next year’s European parliamentary elections and also to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker as Chairman of the European Commission. READ MORE

US midterm elections seen as a ‘draw’

Although Republicans lost their majority in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, commentators agree that President Trump’s cards remain strong. READ MORE

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Fidesz likely to retain its EPP membership

As the leaders of Europe’s Christian Democratic parties meet to elect their candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission, a left-wing commentator believes that Hungary’s governing party has no reason to fear expulsion from the European People’s Party before next year’s European Parliamentary elections. READ MORE

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