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More comments on the opposition’s by-election disaster

Commentators on both sides of the political divide describe the performance of opposition parties at 70 local elections on Sunday as derisory. READ MORE

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Opposition loses by-elections

The Mayor of Budapest calls the results of Sunday’s local by-elections throughout the country ‘disheartening’. READ MORE

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Ukraine and Moldova get EU candidate status

A conservative and a left-wing pundit comment on the decision to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova. Both accuse the EU of failing to use the opportunity to further its geopolitical interests. READ MORE

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Fear of Europe drifting into war

Two pro-government commentators ponder the chances of the escalation of the Ukraine war into a conflict between Russia and Europe – or even a Third World War. READ MORE

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Hungarian competitiveness improves

A conservative economist suggests that Hungary’s improving competitiveness is the result of the government’s pro-growth policies. According to another leading analyst, Hungary is unlikely to catch up with EU average wages anytime soon. READ MORE


Government to revive old public administration terminology

Two left-wing commentators disagree on whether the reintroduction of historical names for administrative regions of the country, as proposed by a Fidesz MP, are further proof of an authoritarian turn in Hungary. A pro-government columnist finds absurd the suggestion that the renaming process would take Hungary back to feudalism. READ MORE

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EU criticized – from the Left

A left-wing commentator suspects that Hungary supports Bosnia-Herzegovina’s EU candidacy application in order to paralyse the EU and keep Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia out. READ MORE

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EU to discuss new membership applications

A conservative analyst echoes Prime Minister Orbán’s view that the EU should offer candidate status not only to Ukraine, at its summit on 23-24 June, but to countries in the West Balkans as well. READ MORE

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Hungary vetoes global corporate minimum tax

A conservative economist agrees with the government that the introduction of the global minimum tax would harm the economic interests of Hungary and Europe. His left-wing counterpart, on the other hand, thinks that tax hikes would benefit workers and would help the government balance the budget. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the fallout of the war in Ukraine

Commentators try to make sense of the changes the war is triggering in Hungary’s international standing, in attitudes towards Russian culture as well as in Hungary’s national economy. READ MORE

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