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PM Orbán’s memorandum to the EPP

A pro-government columnist welcomes Prime Minister Orbán’s call on the European People’s Party to return to its Christian conservative roots. A left-wing analyst thinks that PM Orbán is testing the EPP and using the opportunity to prove that he has become an important player on the European political field. READ MORE

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Conservative columnist reclaims European identity

A pro-government pundit accuses liberal EU elites of trying to force an artificial uniform European identity on all EU member states. She calls on conservatives to defend authentic European identity which is rooted in diverse national identities. READ MORE

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Opposition wins Dunaújváros by-election

A liberal commentator interprets the opposition victory in the Dunaújváros Parliamentary by-election as proof that opposition voters have no qualms in supporting any joint candidate, regardless of their ideological leaning. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s state of the nation address

Opinions diverge sharply on Prime Minister Orbán’s annual address, in which he described the past ten years as modern Hungary’s most successful decade, and announced new family benefits, tax cuts and climate protection policies. READ MORE


Jobbik elects new leader

On the pages of a liberal weekly, the new chairman of the formerly far right party suggests that opposition parties should face the next elections with joint candidates for individual constituencies, but two separate party lists nationwide (the Hungarian electoral system combines both to elect a Parliament of 199 deputies). A pro-government weekly believes that after abandoning its former radical right-wing self, Jobbik now depends on the left-wing for survival. READ MORE

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Pundit proposes “impeachment” of PM Orbán

A left-liberal analyst suggests that the opposition should stage a symbolic public trial to prove its claim that the Prime Minister has been ruining Hungarian democracy. READ MORE

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Opposition media network envisaged

A left-wing columnist fears that opposition parties intend to exercise control over independent outlets. READ MORE

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Siege of Budapest anniversary

75 years after an attempted breakout by over twenty thousand German and Hungarian troops besieged in Buda Castle only two per cent of whom made it to the German lines, opinions diverge about the commemorations held on the anniversary. READ MORE

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PM Orbán meets Chancellor Merkel

Commenting on the meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán which lasted several hours on Monday, a pro-government columnist suggests that the Hungarian PM was received in Berlin as a European leader worthy of respect and attention. READ MORE

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After Salvini, PM meets Merkel

A liberal columnist believes Mr Orbán is cleverly weighing his chances in the European People’s Party and is prepared for every eventuality, while his opponents there cannot muster the majority needed to expel him. READ MORE

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