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Debate on the ban on the promotion of homosexuality

Ahead of the vote in Parliament on Tuesday, left-wing critics condemned a bill banning the promotion of homosexuality among children under the age of 18. Pro-government authors passionately disagree with criticism of the bill. READ MORE

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Democratic Coalition and Jobbik conclude primary pact

Jobbik’s former leader explains the reasons behind such a surprising alliance, while a conservative pundit accuses Jobbik of betraying its origins. A leftist commentator lambasts Jobbik and Karácsony for supporting a Socialist candidate accused of corruption. READ MORE

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To kneel or not to kneel, that is the question

Pro-government pundits welcome the Hungarian national team’s decision not to ‘take the knee’ before their matches at the European Championship. A left-wing and a centrist columnist acknowledge that the gesture is highly controversial, but nonetheless criticize football fans who booed while the Irish team was taking the knee. READ MORE

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A critical take on PM Orbán’s tax rebate plan

A left-wing columnist comments on the Prime Minister’s income tax waiver plan for 2021. He accuses the government of trying to buy votes., but is confident that Hungarians will not fall for it. READ MORE

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Families to get full income tax rebate in 2021

A pro-government commentator welcomes Prime Minister Orbán’s announcement,that the government will fully refund personal income tax paid in 2021 by parents if economic growth surpasses 5.5 per cent. READ MORE

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Pope’s visit to Budapest

A pro-government columnist thinks that Pope Francis plans to avoid meeting Hungarian government politicians in order to punish them for defending Christianity – by keeping migrants out of the country. A left-wing commentator accuses the government of using Christianity to promote its own political agenda.


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Germany calls for the veto of EU member states in foreign affairs to be abolished

A pro-government author criticises German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who has called for EU member states to lose their veto rights on international issues while agreeing with Prime Minister Orbán who staunchly opposes the proposal. READ MORE

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Opposition protests against Fudan university

Commentators express strongly opposing views about the planned Chinese university campus in Budapest, and its implications. READ MORE

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Trianon 101

On the 101st anniversary of the peace treaty imposed on Hungary in the wake of the First World War, conservative analysts suggest that Hungarians should be realistic as they digest the legacy of Trianon. READ MORE

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Hungary’s Article 7 procedural objection rejected by top EU court

A pro-government commentator expresses outrage over the ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union which decided that the European Parliament acted according to EU law when it disregarded the abstentions in the vote on launching an Article 7 procedure against Hungary. READ MORE

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