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Conflicting views on the Ukraine war

Conservative and right-wing pundits accuse the West and the US of provoking Russia into war, adding that peace can be negotiated only by Washington and Moscow -a bullet point underlined by Viktor Orbán in his keynote speech to Republicans in Dallas. A liberal analyst, on the other hand, deems it crucial for the EU and NATO to stop Putin in order to avoid another world war. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s CPAC address

In their first snap analyses, a conservative lawyer and a liberal pundit agree that PM Orbán’s keynote address was went down well with the Dallas CPAC audience. READ MORE

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PM Orbán meets Donald Trump

A pro-government and a liberal pundit both consider PM Orbán and Donald Trump close ideological partners. READ MORE

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Fidesz reported to lose support after restrictions

A left-wing and a pro-government pundit comment on a survey by a left-wing pollster company which suggests a rapid decline in Fidesz support. READ MORE

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Fuel price cap scheme narrowed down

An investment banker thinks that fuel consumption is unlikely to recede as long as most Hungarians still have access to cheap petrol.


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David Pressman takes over as US Ambassador to Hungary

The leading pro-government daily criticizes the next US ambassador for openly denouncing Hungary and expressing concern over the state of democracy. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the Prime Minister’s address

The six opposition-leaning weeklies condemn practically in unison the speech delivered by the Prime Minister last Saturday. One pro-government weekly simply summarises his words, while another praises his central message. READ MORE

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PM admits his words ‘could be misunderstood’

As Prime Minister Orbán conceded that his choice of language on ‘mixed races’ could ‘lead to misunderstandings’, a pro-government commentator believes it is time to turn the page on the issue, while a left-wing columnist lambasts the Chancellor of Austria for not cancelling the Austria-Hungary summit. READ MORE

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US Embassy sends barely veiled message

As the US Embassy in Budapest has issued a statement in defence of diversity, following the Prime Minister’s controversial remarks last Saturday, some analysts have come to the defence of Mr Orbán. READ MORE

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Prime Minister’s advisor resigns in reaction to ’mixed race’ speech

In an interview with the number one commercial TV station, a personal advisor to the PM who resigned to dissociate herself from the words of the Premier on ‘mixed races’ said she went public to ‘stop the madness’. READ MORE

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