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Karácsony says opposition unfit to govern

In an interview with an independent online news site, the Mayor of Budapest paints a gloomy picture of the current state of the opposition. READ MORE

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Volner renames his party ‘Huxit’

A pro-government commentator dismisses the suspicion voiced by liberals that János Volner’s Huxit party is a Fidesz project aimed at testing popular reaction to the idea of leaving the European Union. READ MORE

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PM Orbán sworn in for the fifth time

A left-wing pundit sees the Prime Minister’s inaugural speech as a harbinger of lasting confrontation with the rest of Europe, while a right-wing columnist describes the same words as raising hope for Europe. READ MORE

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Katalin Novák inaugurated as Hungary’s first female president

A pro-government commentator and his left-wing counterpart both note the new president’s fierce condemnation of ‘Putin’s aggression’ against Ukraine in her inaugural speech. But they equally point out her remarks cautioning against sanctions, which she said would harm Hungarians more than Russia. What is welcomed by the former, however, is seen as a shortcoming by the latter. READ MORE

Phasing out Russian oil still dominates news

Pro-government commentators find the EU proposal to eliminate Russian oil unrealistic and even counterproductive. Left-wing and liberal pundits also acknowledge the economic cost of an oil embargo, but fear that abandoning or diluting the plan would weaken the EU and benefit Russia. READ MORE

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Birth rate in trouble again

A pro-government commentator calls on the government to come up with yet more incentives to boost the birth rate, as it has sunk to a new low in the wake of the COVID pandemic. An alt-left blogger thinks that only a complete overhaul of the current economic system and endorsement of gender equality would increase women’s willingness to have more children. READ MORE

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Diplomatic skirmish with Croatia over PM Orbán’s statement

A pro-government and a left-wing commentator both dismiss as exaggerated the Croatian Foreign Ministry’s reaction to Prime Minister Orbán’s remark that Hungary cannot easily replace Russian oil because its sea-coast and ports were taken away from it. READ MORE

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Could Hungary get financial compensation for phasing out Russian oil?

Before leaks or rumours spread about substantial compensation to be paid to Hungary for its vote on the ban of oil imports from Russia, a left-wing commentator argued that Hungary stands isolated in the world, while his pro-government counterpart saw Prime Minister Orbán as a key actor on the European scene. READ MORE

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Ruminations on Putin’s Victory Day address

A conservative commentator dismisses Russian President Putin’s Victory Day speech, as a collection of ‘big fat ideological lies’  aimed at sustaining the ‘phantasm’ of a just war in Ukraine – to motivate those Russians who still believe it. READ MORE

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Foreign Minister reaffirms objections to EU sanctions on Russian oil

A pro-government pundit, as well as his alt-left counterpart, agree that the EU’s proposed embargo on Russian oil would harm the EU more than Russia, and is unlikely to stop the war. READ MORE

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