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EU agrees on 2050 carbon neutral aim

A pro-government columnist thinks that Central Europe and Hungary may get less EU funding as a result of the EU’s 2050 carbon neutrality agreement. A liberal commentator is less pessimistic. READ MORE

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European Commission and refugee quotas

A liberal commentator thinks that the new European Commission will hardly be able to enforce mandatory refugee quotas, although its key members are in favour. Such a scheme, however, is unacceptable for several countries including Hungary, she remarks. READ MORE

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Parliament Regulations amended

Commentators on both Right and Left comment on the government’s series of amendments to the House Regulations which both limit the opportunities of MPs to switch party factions, and punish them for obstructing the normal operation of Parliament. READ MORE


Government to overhaul how culture is financed

Left-wing and liberal commentators accuse the government of changing the way culture is financed, in order to bring it under its control. Pro-government pundits dismiss the accusations. READ MORE

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Calls for a national Left

A left-wing political analyst suggests that national feeling and social democracy can complement each other, and calls on the Hungarian Left to embrace national ideas. READ MORE

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Hungary plans to send an astronaut into space

A liberal commentator believes Hungary can be much more productive in space research on Earth than in space. READ MORE


Momentum polls number one within the opposition

A veteran right-wing pundit lambasts the young liberal party for allying itself with ‘globalist forces’ and describes as menacing its position as apparently the most popular opposition party in Hungary. READ MORE

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Additional investment in health care deemed indispensable

A business analyst believes that despite strong attacks on the government for the sad state of the public health service, all political sides actually agree on the necessity to spend more on health care. READ MORE


22-year-old appointed Assistant State Secretary

Opposition outlets find it abnormal to name a very young woman Assistant State Secretary for Youth, while a pro-government commentator accuses them of duplicity in condemning the nomination. READ MORE


Labour shortage replaces unemployment

Analyst welcomes the fall in the jobless rate and are confident that Hungary’s mounting labour shortage can be resolved. READ MORE

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