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Veteran pundit warns against left-wing infighting

A former leading Népszabadság columnist is worried as recriminations abound among rival left-wing candidates in the runup to the second round of the Budapest mayoral primaries. READ MORE

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More comments on June 16

A left-wing commentator lambasts PM Orbán who only paid a private visit to Imre Nagy’s grave. A pro-government columnist thinks this symbolic civil war will continue in Hungary for decades to come. READ MORE

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The 30th anniversary of Imre Nagy’s reburial

The nationwide left-wing daily quotes Imre Nagy’s granddaughter who says Viktor Orbán’s role was minimal in the regime change thirty years ago. A pro-government columnist recalls that the Communist regime conducted a campaign against the young Orbán’s speech at the reburial ceremony in 1989. READ MORE

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Transylvanian cemetery dispute

A left-wing commentator fears that the Hungarian government will use the skirmish between Hungarians and Romanians in Transylvania to unleash irredentist hatred. A pro-government pundit calls on Hungary to put on a show of force and hopes that Transylvania will soon become part of Hungary again. Another pro-government columnist calls for moderation. READ MORE

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Left-wing infighting for leadership

After the emergence of two new left-wing candidates for the post of Budapest Mayor, commentators across the political spectrum ponder the Left’s chances of defeating Fidesz in the fall municipal elections. READ MORE

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Political doldrums in Germany

A left-wing and a pro-government pundit agree that the German governing coalition is running out of steam. READ MORE

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New retail bond highly popular

A pro-government commentator describes the government’s new retail bond scheme as a huge success. A left-leaning analyst, on the other hand, finds it controversial that tax revenue is used to pay for the favorable interest rates. READ MORE

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Ideology deficit of the Alt-left

A left-wing analyst attributes the weakness of Alt-left movements in Hungary to their liberal ideology, which he believes alienates middle and lower class voters with more conservative world-views. READ MORE

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Hungarian Jews are ‘safer’ than in western Europe

A pro-government commentator claims that, thanks to the government’s migration policies, there has been no surge in anti-Semitic attacks in Hungary. While Jews are leaving Western Europe en masse, he writes, Hungarian Jews are safe. READ MORE

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Weeklies on new balance of power on the left

A right-wing analyst ponders whether Fidesz will once again have to face a single left-wing opponent, just like a decade ago, while left-wing commentators wonder whether Momentum will be able to represent a liberal pole on the Hungarian political scene. READ MORE

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