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Producer Andy Vajna dead

The leading pro-government daily bids farewell to Andy Vajna, praising his contribution to Hungarian film making. A liberal commentator suspects a fight over his media holding and casino concessions will follow. READ MORE

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Are the protests fading out?

Pro-government outlets think the protest sparked by the law allowing 400 hours of overtime work per year is running out of steam. Left-liberal authors point out that rallies were held throughout Hungary on Saturday. READ MORE

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18-year-old girl becomes iconic opposition figure

Pro-government outlets find it pathetic that the opposition discovers its main hero in a high school student who used vulgar expressions addressing an anti-government demonstration. Pro-opposition sites condemn politically motivated attacks on the 18-year-old. READ MORE

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A pro-government view on Brexit

A conservative analyst regrets that with Brexit, Hungary is losing an ally in debates within the European Union. She also finds it worrying that Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union will apparently take place in chaotic conditions. READ MORE

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Hard Brexit seen as the most likely option

Rather than analysing the repercussions of a hard Brexit on Hungary, the first comments on the rejection by Westminster of the Brexit deal between the British Government and the EU-27 try to make sense of what has happened and what might happen next. READ MORE

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Liberal analyst urges increasing opposition radicalism

A liberal political scientist calls on opposition parties to combine radical initiatives in the public square with concerted preparations for the European Parliamentary elections. READ MORE

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Pope Francis to visit Transylvania

A conservative columnist welcomes the unprecedented decision of the Pope to visit the main place of worship of Hungarians in Transylvania. READ MORE

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The chances of broad opposition cooperation

Weeklies and the weekend editions of dailies try to asses the chances of a broad anti-government coalition emerging, and whether it might prove a challenge to Fidesz. READ MORE


PM Orbán’s international press conference

A pro-government and a left-wing analyst offer diametrically opposed assessments of PM Orbán’s Thursday press conference. One criticises journalists for their hostile questions, while the other writes that the PM refused to answer critical correspondents. READ MORE

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Unions cooling on idea of national strike?

According to the leading pro-government daily, trade unions could not reach agreement on a general strike proposed last week at the opposition demonstrations against the Overtime Bill. A liberal commentator points out that both the labour code and public sentiments make it difficult to call a general strike in Hungary. READ MORE

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