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Covid-19. A left-wing economist finds the idea viable.

András Fekete-Győr argued that the 700 billion Forints it would thus cost to vaccinate 7 million people would be worth the resulting herd immunity. At present, less than 40 per cent of Hungarians appear willing to get vaccinated, while half of the remaining two-thirds are resolutely opposed to vaccination. READ MORE

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Big tech’s Trump ban questioned

A conservative commentator expresses his bewilderment that big tech appears to be more powerful than the President of the United States, while a liberal analyst believes Donald Trump must blame himself for what is happening to him. READ MORE

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PM predicts conflicts in the EU

A liberal foreign policy expert agrees with the Prime Minister in expecting the government to come under intense international pressure this year. READ MORE

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Obama compares Hungary to the Philippines

A pro-government commentator and a centrist observer both reject former US President Barack Obama’s view that Hungary is on the wrong side of a contest between good and bad leadership. READ MORE

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Capitol Hill riot compared and contrasted to Hungary in 2006

Columnists on both sides of the political divide find similarities between the siege of the US Congress and the disturbances in Budapest 14 years ago – but draw opposing conclusions. READ MORE

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Trading accusations over coronavirus and vaccination

While the willingness of Hungarians to sign up for the coronavirus vaccine is slowly increasing, the right and left blame each other for the low level of trust in the vaccine among Hungarians. READ MORE


Mainstream takes on the Capitol Hill riots

The leading dailies of the Right and Left both blame the Capitol Hill siege primarily on President Trump. READ MORE

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First reactions to US Capitol Hill riots

Two conservative commentators agree that the Capitol Hill siege marks the end of Donald Trump’s political career. They also accuse President Trump of weakening institutions and helping the Left into power. READ MORE

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Ruminations on the future of the EU

A pro-government columnist expects fierce disputes over migration to dominate the European Union in 2021. A left-wing commentator wonders whether the Hungarian government might quit the increasingly integrated European Union. READ MORE

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Liberal analyst on the chances of the opposition in 2022

A political scientist from the Central European University (CEU) studies the latest opinion polls and cautions the opposition against believing that they have already closed the popularity gap and caught up with Fidesz. READ MORE

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