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A radical left-winger launches a wake-up call

An anti-capitalist author calls for the creation of a strong radical left-wing movement within the opposition. READ MORE

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Horthy anniversary revives history debate

A left-wing pundit accuses the government of following in the footsteps of the interwar authoritarian regime, while a right-wing author calls Horthy an incorruptible patriot. READ MORE

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Momentum backs fellow liberals in neighbouring countries

A pro-government analyst criticises the new liberal party for backing Romanian and Slovak candidates in neighbouring countries, instead of supporting representatives of the substantial Hungarian minorities there. READ MORE

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Friendly fire in the weeklies from Right and Left

Two pro-government commentators call on Fidesz to take the results of the October local election very seriously, and change course. A left-wing columnist cautions the opposition against revengeful politics. READ MORE

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Hungarian GDP growth tops Europe again

An independent economic analyst writes that the Hungarian economy is increasingly resilient to external shocks, including the slow down in Germany. As a result of growing Hungarian competitiveness and sound internal demand, Hungarian economy can maintain fast growth, he suggests. READ MORE

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Opposition candidates excel in repeat local elections

A left-wing and a pro-government columnist ponder the implications of the victory of an opposition candidate who once quoted Adolf Hitler and Ferenc Szálasi (leader of the Fascist Hungarian Arrow Cross Party, executed in 1946) in the repeat election in the city of Jászberény. READ MORE

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Europe 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

A left-wing and a conservative pundit look back at the past three decades. They agree that the optimism of the early 1990s has disappeared, and Europe is facing a deep crisis. READ MORE

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Hungarian politics still dominated by Right and Left

A conservative historian cautions right-wing critics of the government that if Fidesz is defeated, the officials of the pre-2010 left-liberal coalition will be back, and conservatives will be sidelined. READ MORE

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Momentum MEP on Hungarians in Slovakia

A pro-government columnist lambasts politicians of the liberal Momentum party for supporting liberal parties in Slovakia and Romania. A left-wing commentator finds such dialogue more helpful in achieving Hungarian minority aims than ethnic representation. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the first days of opposition rule in Budapest

Weeklies wonder if the opposition parties who defeated Fidesz in almost half of the big cities, including the capital, will become its real challenger at the 2022 Parliamentary elections. READ MORE

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