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Two takes of what’s at stake in the EP election

Two leading media outlets express opposing views on who stands for what in Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament. READ MORE

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Shortage of Opposition voting observers

A left-wing commentator finds it sad that the combined opposition parties are sending less representatives to oversee the elections than in past years. READ MORE


Conflicting social diagnoses four days before the EP elections

A left-wing author calls on Hungarians to vote against the government because by centralising decision-making it has done great harm to public services. A pro-government commentator thinks similar opposition charges are unfounded. READ MORE

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Further comments on Strache’s downfall

As Austria braces for snap elections in the wake of the video scandal that destroyed the leader of the junior coalition partner, the Hungarian media continues to analyse the scandal that brought down Austria’s coalition government. READ MORE

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FPÖ leader Strache resigns over video scandal

A liberal expert asks whether the forces who trapped Austria’s far right leader are also out to destroy his allies throughout Europe. A pro-government analyst believes they wanted to weaken the anti-immigrant forces before Sunday’s European parliamentary elections. READ MORE

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Police bans extreme rightwing paramilitary demonstration

A liberal human rights activist welcomes the police’s decision not to allow a march by two extreme-right paramilitary groups in protest against what they call ‘Gypsy terror’. READ MORE

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EP election campaign enters home stretch

A liberal weekly and the weekend edition of the main dailies assess what is at stake at next week’s European Parliamentary election. READ MORE

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Repercussions of the Trump-Orbán summit

Two conservative pundits, one critical of the government, the other a firm supporter, debate whether Hungary’s improved diplomatic relations with the US serve the interests of Hungary. READ MORE

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Facebook blocks pro-government media sites

An alt-left commentator condemns the decision of Facebook to suspend the sites of the Mediaworks media group. READ MORE

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Hungarian growth rate first in Europe

A left-wing commentator thinks that Hungary’s fast growth rate cannot be sustained. Pro-government columnists find such pessimism ungrounded and politically motivated. READ MORE

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