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Weeklies’ last comments before the German elections

The weeklies ponder what kind of government will take shape after Chancellor Merkel, a key actor in German politics and international relations, leaves the scene after 16 years in office. They also try to weigh the potential consequences for German-Hungarian relations. READ MORE

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Family values at the Budapest Demographic Summit

Opinions diverge on the government’s policy on families as the Prime Minister and prominent international guests expressed concern about the future of the traditional family at the 4th international forum on demographic issues in Budapest. READ MORE

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Jobbik leader criticised for using homophobic language against the PM

A left-wing commentator calls on opposition leaders to dissociate themselves from a statement by Jobbik leader Péter Jakab who threatened PM Orbán that he might find himself in prison and be raped by criminals there, in case the opposition wins next year’s election. READ MORE

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Hungary in the first stage of the fourth Covid wave

A fact-finding journalist suggests that Hungary should follow Austria’s example and return to wearing face masks and keeping social distance, as the virus doesn’t stop at the national borders. READ MORE

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Controversial higher education reform seen as ‘belated regime change’

A conservative professor takes up the defence of the recent changes in the structure of Hungarian higher education, against opposition critics. The latter accuse the government of entrusting university education to its own people, while the professor sees the changes as a reform long overdue. READ MORE


Opposition primary suspended after IT crash

Opposition-leaning authors suspect the government side behind the crash of the vote counting server on Saturday, the first day of the primary held to elect PM Orbán’s challenger. The main pro-government daily ridicules that claim. IT experts suggest that the cyber defence of the server must have been badly configured. READ MORE

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Voting in opposition primaries underway

As voting begins in the opposition primaries to choose PM Orbán’s challenger, weeklies and the weekend editions of dailies wonder whether the opposition would and could overhaul the constitution even in the absence of the required two-thirds majority. READ MORE

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Loan repayment moratorium extended again

Two liberal commentators find the government’s decision to keep the loan repayment moratorium in force beyond the 2022 election controversial and potentially counterproductive. READ MORE

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Őszöd at 15

In the leading pro-government daily, commentators remember the Őszöd speech leaked 15 years ago – and thank Ferenc Gyurcsány for helping Fidesz stay in power. READ MORE

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EP calls for the recognition of same sex marriage

A conservative commentator accuses the European Parliament of becoming the ‘puppet’ of George Soros, after the assembly called for the recognition of same sex marriage throughout the Union. READ MORE

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