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EU partners brace themselves to punish Hungary

After a rule of law hearing about Hungary in Brussels on Monday, a pro-government commentator finds it strange that Hungary and other ‘new’ member states are criticised for alleged violations of democratic values. He claims that democratic decline is more prevalent in the West than in the East of the continent. READ MORE

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A middle-of-the-road view on nationalism

A political analyst dismisses the arguments of both European pro-integrationists and nationalists, and claims that neither group has a credible vision of Europe and European nation-states. READ MORE

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György Konrád dies at 86

The pro-government Mayor of Budapest praises the deceased liberal writer, while left-liberal authors describe him as a free thinker who never compromised with oppressive regimes. READ MORE

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Veteran Hungarian-Austrian journalist excoriates PM Orbán

Paul Lendvai acknowledges the Prime Minister’s political talent but condemns his policies and accuses him of immorality and cynicism. READ MORE

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Future Leyen-Commission described as ‘balanced’

A left-wing analyst believes that the President-elect of the European Commission was trying to satisfy all sides in her distribution of the portfolios among the 27 future Commissioners. READ MORE

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Hungary’s Trócsányi to become Neighbourhood and Enlargement Commissioner

A conservative commentator sees Mr Trócsányi’s nomination to Enlargement Commissioner within the European Commission as a victory for Hungary. READ MORE

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German TV station criticised for film on Hungary

A left-wing commentator sides with a German TV docu-drama on the 2015 migrant crisis in Hungary against fierce criticism from a pro-government columnist. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s annual Kötcse address

In a first reaction to the Prime Minister’s regular September speech to his intellectual supporters, a pro-government commentator welcomes Mr Orbán’s resolve to bolster Hungary’s independence. READ MORE

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Amazon wildfires linked to sovereignty issues

Pundits in weeklies right across the political spectrum discuss the Amazon rain forest fires alongside issues of national sovereignty. READ MORE

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PM Orbán places the demographic challenge on centre stage

Commentators disagree on the value of the government’s policies to increase family benefits and strengthen Christian values in an attempt to reverse the demographic downturn. READ MORE