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Left-wing commentator approves US withdrawal from Afghanistan

A veteran international affairs specialist calls President Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan belated but correct. READ MORE

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Ruminations on life after Covid

As the third wave of the coronavirus passes its peak, the number of infections declines and the vaccination rate passes 31 per cent, commentators ponder the post-Covid prospects of economic recovery. READ MORE

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Chinese Fudan university to build campus in Budapest

Opinions diverge sharply on the plan to open a Chinese university campus in Budapest in 2024. This will be the first campus the Shanghai-based Fudan University opens abroad. The Hungarian government plans to fund the project from Chinese loans. READ MORE

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School reopening partially postponed

On Thursday, Prime Minister Orbán announced that classroom education will resume on Monday for only the first 4 classes of primary school children. Students in the 5th grade and above will continue to learn online until May 10. READ MORE

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Opposition debate rules for the primary

As Jobbik’s Péter Jakab appears to edge forward as the most popular opposition candidate for Prime Minister, opposition parties are discussing whether online voting should be allowed at the primaries. READ MORE

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Primary schools to reopen next week

A conservative commentator lambasts teachers who refuse to be inoculated against Covid 19, as primary schools prepare to resume classroom instruction from next Monday. 75 per cent of teachers and nurses have registered and have already received a first dose of the vaccine. READ MORE

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Disagreement over vaccination consensus

An independent commentator questions the wisdom of the government’s re-opening plans, while a pro-government pundit questions the honesty of the opposition parties’ pro-vaccination campaign, in light of their earlier criticism of the Chinese and Russian jabs. READ MORE

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Diplomatic row between Hungary and Germany over the sacking of a coach

he German Foreign Ministry has rejected Hungarian protests against the sacking of a Hungarian football coach in Berlin. Commentators’ opinions diverge on the rights and wrongs, but even opposition leaning columnists tend to believe that firing the coach was a disproportionate punishment. READ MORE

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Criticism of Gyurcsány’s ‘there will be no mercy’ comment

Pro-government commentators take Mr Gyurcsány’s threat at face value, compare him to past communist executioners and question his sanity. READ MORE

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Népszava criticises government handling of pandemic

In an unusual flurry of comments condemning the government’s pandemic management, the left-wing nationwide daily carries five separate opinion columns on this subject on Thursday. READ MORE

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