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A liberal take on Fidesz’s peace-centred campaign

A commentator dislikes Pm Orbán’s claim that each and every vote cast for Fidesz is a vote for peace – but admits that it might prove effective. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the electoral campaign

Left-wing and liberal commentators lambast the campaigning style of the government, while pro-government weeklies see the electoral clash as a confrontation between ‘the forces of peace and sovereignty’ on the one hand, and ‘war and globalism’ on the other. READ MORE

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Dobrev accuses President Sulyok of past ’land mafia’ crimes

Left-wing commentators believe that the documents, several decades old, submitted by the DK EP election frontrunner may have moral implications but no legal consequences. READ MORE

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Russian cyberattacks on the Foreign Ministry corroborated

A left-wing analyst urges FM Szíjjártó to resign, because it turned out that his ministry lied when it denied the Russian cyber-attacks, while a pro-government pundit accuses the Left of falsely accusing the government of what they are doing themselves – selling out Hungary’s interests. READ MORE

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Magyar and Vitézy seen as harbingers of a new opposition

A commentator believes that any real threat to Fidesz rule may come from within the ruling party itself. READ MORE

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Nádas was too white to be shortlisted for a German literary prize

Left and right-wing commentators find it equally absurd of a German literary jury to discard Hungarian writer Péter Nádas from the top candidates of the HKW prize for the best novel of 2023, despite his book being found to be the best. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the campaign for the European elections

Commentators find significant novelties in this year’s electoral contest, mainly because of the appearance of a strong new opposition force – Péter Magyar’s TISZA party. READ MORE

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A left-wing take on the attempted murder of the Slovak PM

A leftist columnist warns that hate speech may easily transmute into violence. READ MORE

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First reactions to the shooting of Slovakia’s Prime Minister

Commentators warn against extreme partisanship and call on citizens in Slovakia and elsewhere to see what they have in common rather than what divides them. READ MORE

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Conflicting opinions on pre-electoral TV debates

A left-wing commentator thinks the public TV company cannot be trusted to stage a debate of front-runners ahead of the European elections, while his pro-government colleague accuses Péter Magyar of shying away from an open debate READ MORE

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