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Opposition parties still on the back foot

A pro-government and two left-wing liberal commentators find it unlikely that the opposition parties can seize the opportunity offered by the difficulties Fidesz is having with the European People’s Party to defeat the governing party in the near future. Another left-wing columnist is more optimistic, as he thinks that the opposition could successfully mobilize undecided pro-EU voters in the European Parliamentary elections. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the Christchurch and Utrecht massacres

Left-wing and liberal weeklies draw a parallel between the Christchurch terrorist outrage and Hungarian government ideology. A pro-government commentator thinks that the Utrecht and Christchurch killing sprees are the result of the clash of Christian and Muslim civilizations. READ MORE

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Diametrically opposed interpretations of Fidesz’ EPP suspension

A liberal gonzo journalist thinks that Fidesz was humiliated by the EPP. A pro-government pundit finds the suggestion that Fidesz lost the dispute with the EPP absurd. READ MORE

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Fidesz’ EPP membership suspended

The leading pro-government daily as well as a left-wing pundit read the suspension of Fidesz membership in the EPP as a pragmatic deal that benefits both Fidesz and the EPP. READ MORE

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Responsibility of WW2 Allies in Hungary’s Nazi occupation

In the leading online left-wing liberal news site, a historian accuses a colleague of trying to whitewash Hungarian leaders of responsibility for the Holocaust, by suggesting that the occupation in March 1944 was provoked by the Allied powers in clear disregard for the fate of Hungarian Jews. READ MORE

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Remembering Hungary’s occupation by Nazi Germany

A historian remembering Hungary’s 1944 occupation contends that the Allied powers ignored the fate of Hungarian Jews. Another young historian calls for a more nuanced and less politicized interpretation of the 1944 events. READ MORE

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Repercussions of the Christchurch massacre

A conservative blogger interprets the Christchurch spree as an anti-traditionalist attack on traditional values. A pro-government pundit wonders if the massacre could be a secret service plot. An alt-left commentator calls on the government to distance itself from the terrorist’s ideology. READ MORE


Weeklies on March 15 and Fidesz’s place in Europe

The nationwide weeklies were on the stands well before the Prime Ministers of Poland and Hungary addressed a crowd in Budapest on the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian revolution, but they analysed the importance of the event beforehand and also dwelled on its international implications. READ MORE

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Weber seen as conciliatory towards Fidesz

While on his return from Budapest to Germany, EPP top candidate Manfred Weber said Viktor Orbán should swiftly meet his conditions if he doesn’t want his Fidesz party to be expelled from the European People’s Party, Hungarian commentators agree that he is working on a smooth settlement of the dispute. READ MORE

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Weber and Orbán thought to have saved Fidesz’s EPP membership

Although after three hours of talks with PM Victor Orbán in Budapest, EPP top candidate Manfred Weber said they could not agree on all issues, a liberal reporter believes,  that he offered a face-saving solution to the last contentious issue. READ MORE

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