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Remembering the 56 revolution

Sporadic references of the revolution appear on media outlets one day before the anniversary – a national holiday, with no newspapers published. READ MORE


Departing US ambassador says relations have improved

Mr Cornstein said he leaves bilateral relations in a better shape than they were at the time of his appointment. READ MORE

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Parliament elects controversial Supreme Court president

A left-wing lawyer says the election of someone who has never been a judge to head the judicial hierarchy is unprecedented in the history of democratic Hungary. A legal philosopher remarks that those who don’t consider members of the Constitutional Court judges, in fact, deny the legitimacy of the Constitutional Court. READ MORE

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FM rejects Biden’s remark on Hungary

A conservative analyst suspects that Mr Biden could not point to Hungary on the world map if he really cannot see the difference between Belarus and Hungary. A left-liberal author accuses Foreign Minister Szíjjártó of wanting to please Putin by criticising Joe Biden. READ MORE

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Controversy over promoting gay inclusion among children

Liberal and left-wing commentators in unison criticize radical right-wing MP Dóra Dúró for shredding a children’s book intended to strengthen acceptance of homosexuals. Conservative pundits, on the other hand, call for the government to put an end to what they label ‘homosexual propaganda’ in kindergartens.


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Government announces new family housing subsidy

A pro-government columnist welcomes new government measures to help families and boost the construction industry. A left-wing commentator, on the other hand, finds the newly announced plans counterproductive and inefficient. READ MORE

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Forint expected to weaken further

A senior financial analyst predicts that the Forint decline against the Euro will continue as a result of low interest rates. He suggests that both low rates and a weaker Forint are beneficial for Hungarian businesses. READ MORE

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Dispute over the meaning of the ‘rule of law’

A conservative commentator suggests that the ‘rule of law’ is an empty concept used as a blunt weapon by liberals. A former Socialist Minister of Justice defends the concept, and accuses the government of trying to pre-empt EU criticism. READ MORE

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More repercussions of the Borsod by-election

Pundits across the political spectrum ponder the implications of the joint opposition candidate’s defeat in the Borsod 6 district by-election. READ MORE

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Fidesz candidate wins by-election

As the governing party candidate wins the by-election in the Borsod 6 constituency in northeast Hungary, a pro-government commentator predicts a tough battle between Fidesz and the opposition in the 2022 Parliamentary election. A left-wing pundit believes that the opposition needs credible messages to defeat Fidesz. READ MORE

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