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Budapest Mayor Karácsony accused of body shaming

In an interview with the Economist, Budapest Mayor Karácsony, who is also expected to announce his candidacy for the leadership of the opposition, said that PM Orbán ’is short and fat, and I am tall and slim’. Soon after his remarks were published, Mr Karácsony apologized, claiming that his statement was just a bad joke.


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A conservative vision of the EU

As the Conference on the Future of Europe kicks off, a pro-government columnist calls on the EU leadership to respect subsidiarity as a European value. READ MORE


EU seen as a hybrid system

An EU expert thinks that calls for a federal Europe on the one hand, and for a return to national sovereignty on the other, both threaten the delicate institutional balance of the European Union. READ MORE

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Feud between ATV and Klubrádió

Since Spirit FM, the online radio station twinned with ATV, has been provisionally authorised to broadcast on Klubrádió’s orphaned frequency, the two opposition media companies have traded insults in the press. READ MORE


The pandemic – a campaign theme for 2022

A liberal commentator holds the government responsible for the deaths of thousands of Covid victims, while a pro-government columnist accuses the opposition of weaponizing death in their campaign for next year’s elections. READ MORE

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Government side is confident of victory next year

A prominent pro-government analyst believes PM Orbán is likely to win the 2022 elections, but as a democrat, would also accept defeat. READ MORE

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European Commission ’unable to act’ on Hungarian media complaints

A left-wing journalist lambasts the European Commission for failing to confront what he sees as excessive media concentration in Hungary. READ MORE

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Pro-government reaction to Dobrev’s nomination

A right-wing commentator predicts that the Left will lead an unscrupulous campaign to win the elections next year and urges the government side to respond in kind. READ MORE

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DK nominates Klára Dobrev for PM

A liberal weekly suggests that Klára Dobrev’s nomination for the opposition primary was a necessity for the Democratic Coalition, while in reality she has no intention of leaving her job as a Member of the European Parliament. READ MORE

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Government rejects criticism by US Secretary of State over media freedom

In an online press conference, Antony Blinken expressed concern over media pluralism in Hungary and called for a more diverse media environment. READ MORE

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