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Forint depicted as more resilient than the Euro

A pro-government pundit regards the Forint as the cornerstone of Hungary’s political and economic independence, and predicts that the Hungarian currency will outlast the Euro. READ MORE

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Dispute over University of Theatre and Film

A left-wing pundit accuses the government of trying to restructure the leading University of Theatre and Film university along ideological lines. Pro-government commentators, on the other hand, accuse the Left of using the university for propaganda purposes. READ MORE

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OLAF investigates MSZP’s false nurse video

A pro-government columnist suspects that the Hungarian Left will try to boost its popularity through lies and fake news as the 2022 general election approaches. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the end of Index

Opposition-leaning weeklies predict that Index will never be the same again, following the resignation of over 80 journalists and staff, who quit last week citing their fears of government interference. A pro-government weekly sees an opposition plot behind the conflict. READ MORE

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Former Vice Chairman says the MSZP is doomed

A former leading Socialist politician explains to a pro-government journalist why he left his party and founded a new one which, he hopes, will soon overtake the MSZP in terms of popularity. READ MORE

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Ruminations 10 days after the EU Summit

Ten days after the next seven-year budget and the coronavirus recovery fund were adopted by heads of state and government, commentators still struggle to make sense of what exactly the decisions taken in Brussels mean for Hungary. READ MORE

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Miklós Németh blames his successors

Hungary’s last reformist Communist Prime Minister accuses the successive heads of government after 1990 of having neglected basic economic and constitutional reforms. READ MORE

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Tributes to Magda Kósa Kovács

Commentators praise the defunct Socialist politician for her honesty. READ MORE

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Opposing views on Index

Opposition-leaning outlets mourn the end of what they see as the leading independent news site while a pro-government analyst believes that Index was a staunchly pro-opposition website. A middle of the road commentator suggest that it was not in the government’s interest to dismantle Index. READ MORE


Weeklies on EU recovery fund deal

The weeklies, and the weekend editions of the dailies ponder the broader implications of the EU recovery fund and the next 7 year budget. Liberal analysts see it as a step towards a more unified Europe, while a Marxist philosopher interprets it as the end of the European dream. Conservative commentators interpret the deal as a great victory for Prime Minister Orbán. READ MORE

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