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Weeklies on electoral tinkering and the opposition

Critics of the government accuse it of unscrupulously manipulating electoral rules, while pro-government columnists dismiss such arguments as unsubstantiated and pitiful. READ MORE

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PISA tests show decline in European student competence

An expert reads the result of the international survey as a sign that something has gone wrong in public education in European countries. READ MORE

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Pfizer sues Hungary for failed Covid vaccine purchase

A pro-government columnist blames EC President von der Leyen for ordering too many Covid vaccines. READ MORE

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Liberal authors criticise Israel’s war in Gaza

While two liberal commentators accuse Israel of applying disproportionate destructive force in reaction to the murderous rampage of Hamas in October, the editor of a Jewish review condemns them for equating terrorist attacks with a war aimed at uprooting a terrorist organisation.


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US Ambassador accuses the government of anti-Semitism

Pro-government commentators angrily rebuff the Ambassador’s claim that the billboards featuring Alex Soros are expressions of anti-Semitism. READ MORE

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Former Hungarian Foreign Minister bids farewell to Kissinger

The Foreign Minister of the first democratically elected government in modern Hungarian history sees the deceased former US Secretary of State and national security adviser as one of the rare architects of world politics and someone who was deeply interested in Hungarian history. READ MORE

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Weeklies on the right to die

Commentators on both Left and Right support the struggle a terminally ill patient is waging in the European Court of Human Rights for the right to die in dignity. READ MORE

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Parliament to change the Budapest electoral system

Opposition-leaning commentators accuse Fidesz of using far-right Mi Hazánk to change the electoral rules in Budapest in order to make it more difficult for the liberal Mayor to run the capital. READ MORE

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Momentum mayors revolt against Anna Donáth

As two of Momentum’s three mayors oppose Donáth’s position not to run in alliance with the Democratic Coalition, a liberal commentator believes the revolt of Momentum against the DK is over. READ MORE

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European court starts hearing Hungarian right-to-die case

A left-wing columnist accuses the government of opposing euthanasia to please the conservative Catholic clergy. READ MORE

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