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Bulgaria expected to join Hungary in its bid for peace in Ukraine

A pro-government pundit welcomes the changes in the Bulgarian political landscape with the fall of the government which was Ukraine’s number one ammunition supplier in the first stage of the war. READ MORE

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Horn Street controversy goes to court

Although Budapest City Hall has refused to rename Gyula Horn Promenade, a pro-government commentator vows that no streets or public squares will be named after the erstwhile Socialist Prime Minister in the future. READ MORE

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Hungary keeps Sweden waiting

As the Hungarian Parliament votes for Finland’s NATO membership but ‘awaits further assurances from Sweden’, a liberal and a left-wing commentator believe the government side is inconsistent in its attitude towards the plans of the two Nordic countries to join NATO. READ MORE

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Weeklies on Hungary’s lonely stance on the war in Ukraine

A pro-government analyst finds it worrisome that the countries which support Ukraine don’t realise how hopeless it is to expect the war to end if the belligerent sides are not ready to compromise. A strong critic of the government suggests that divergences over the war have deepened Hungary’s conflicts with its allies. READ MORE

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Gyula Horn Street to be renamed

A pro-government pundit welcomes the decision of the Budapest Government Commissioner to have the Gyula Horn Promenade renamed. READ MORE

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Hungary doesn’t send weapons to Ukraine

As Foreign Minister Péter Szíjjártó announced that the Hungarian contribution to the European Peace Framework will be used for working for the stability of the Western Balkans and reducing migration pressure, rather than for arms shipments to Ukraine, a left-wing columnist suggests that allies are ‘fed up’ with the Hungarian government and have decided to ignore it. READ MORE

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An insider on the secret of Fidesz’s success

A pro-government pundit reveals the main points of his freshly published booklet in which he describes the political skills that have made the ruling party dominant and left it without real rivals in Hungarian politics. READ MORE

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Brussels accused of duplicity as Macron overrides Parliament

A conservative sociologist believes Mr Macron’s decision to enact his unpopular pensions reform by skipping a vote in Parliament shows what the European mainstream really means by the rule of law. READ MORE

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Conflicting views on the arrest warrant for President Putin

Radical pro-government commentators dismiss the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for Vladimir Putin as a useless exercise, while a leftist columnist welcomes it as at least a moral gesture. READ MORE

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Weeklies on press freedom and Hungary’s place in the EU

Opposition-leaning commentators are fiercely critical of both the government’s perennial conflicts with the European Union and the plight of the press, while a pro-government weekly quotes statistics to prove the existence of vibrant and diverse media. READ MORE

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