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Parliament approves Overtime Bill

Interpreting Wednesday’s street disturbances after the vote on the Overtime Bill, pro-government commentators accuse the opposition of violating democratic norms, while a left-wing and a liberal columnist think that extra-Parliamentary action is necessary for the opposition to challenge the government. READ MORE

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UN approves migrant pact

A pro-government commentator accuses the UN of conflating economic migrants and asylum seekers running for their lives. READ MORE

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Independent conservative weekly relaunched

Editors of the former Heti Válasz weekly which was shut down last summer launched Válasz Online on Monday. Former Hungarian President László Sólyom welcomes the relaunching of the moderate conservative online news outlet. READ MORE

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Annagret Kramp elected as CDU leader

A pro-government and a left-wing pundit speculate whether and how Annagret Kramp-Karrenbauer might restore the unity and popularity of the CDU. READ MORE

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Case CEU – how important is it?

Left wing commentators consider the departure of the US-accredited degree modules of the Central European University a major defeat for democracy. A conservative analyst remarks that the West does not seem too concerned. READ MORE

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3rd quarter growth hits 5 per cent

Reacting to record breaking growth statistics, a left-wing columnist predicts that the growth curb has reached its peak and expects slower growth next year. READ MORE

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Demonstration planned against the Overtime Bill

An alt-left columnist urges his readers to attend Saturday’s march against the planned extension of overtime limits and criticises Socialist leaders who compare themselves to the French yellow vest movement. READ MORE

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Jobbik loses a third of its voters

A pro-government pundit thinks the formerly radical right-wing party is losing support because of its drift towards liberal and centrist positions which make its profile unrecognizable. READ MORE

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CEU moves 4 courses out of 5 to Vienna

After the President of the Central European University announced that 49 of the CEU’s 59 courses will be transferred to Vienna, the debate continues in the press on whether the government’s refusal to let them stay serves or harms Hungary’s interests. READ MORE

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CEU moves US degrees to Vienna

A leftist commentator accuses the government of trying to annihilate those intellectuals whose opinions differ from its own. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand believes that the kind of open society the Central University advocates has no place in Hungary. READ MORE

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