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Right-wing parties gain support in EU elections

June 18th, 2024

A pro-government columnist pokes fun at the mainstream European press for ringing the alarm bell at the strengthening of hard-right parties in Europe.

On Mandiner, Zoltán Veczán finds  ‘fear-mongering’ about the gains made by the French Rassemblement Nationale and Germany’s AfD pathetic, as those parties represent no threat to the democratic system. Instead, they express the dissatisfaction of the citizenry with mainstream policies of wokeness and tolerance toward illegal mass immigration, he suggests. This phenomenon explains, he continues, why mainstream parties have lost significant layers of their electorate. Veczán concedes that the European People’s Party has gained support, but attributes that success to its tactics of flirting with right-wing ideas. It is not the electorate that has shifted to the right, he concludes; it is the mainstream parties that have moved too far to the Left.

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