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PM Orbán stands for a European sovereignist alliance

June 13th, 2024

A conservative critic of the government believes that the two rival right-wing groups of the European Parliament will find it hard to merge.

On Válasz, Balázs Ablonczy believes the Prime Minister’s hopes for a united right-wing force within the European Union will not materialise any time soon. If the two groups, the European Conservatives and Reformers, led by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and the Identity and Democracy group dominated by the French right-wing leader Marine Le Pen were to unite, he writes, they would become the second largest formation within the European Parliament and thus could play an important role in shaping European politics. However, Ablonczy explains, Meloni spectacularly fails to react to invitations by Le Pen to move towards a merger. One reason he suspects is that Le Pen has now won more seats in the EP than Meloni, which would give her a dominant role in a potential new group. There are also divergences between the two groups over the war in Russia, with the ECR firmly on Ukraine’s side. For the same reason, Ablonczy writes, many ECR member parties reject the idea that Fidesz should join their group. Meanwhile, he remarks, Péter Magyar and his 6 fellow TISZA party MEPs, once they join the European People’s Party, will form a larger delegation than the Frech Republicans or those of the governing parties of Sweden, Finland and Croatia.

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