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Fidesz still has a large voter reserve

June 8th, 2024

An independent analyst explains why choosing oversimplified messages may help the governing party win the European and municipal elections on Sunday.

On Partizán, political scientist Gábor Török quotes data from sociological research to prove that most voters who dropped out of school before the ninth grade are Fidesz sympathisers. They number almost 1.5 million and only a minority of them go to the polls even in parliamentary elections where the turnout is higher than in local and European ones. That gives the governing party a huge reservoir to draw from, in addition to its 2.5 million secure voting base, Török explains. The campaign message ’only peace, only Fidesz’ might seem oversimplified and be seen as raising the stakes to unrealistic levels, he continues, but it makes sense if Fidesz intends to mobilise less educated and usually passive voters.

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