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Awkward damage control at the MSZP over forged video affair

A young and irreverent commentator urges the leaders of the Socialist Party to resign because of their amateurish handling of the Baja electoral video scandal.

Speaker Kövér’s ‘rule by decree’ case

Commenting on the Speaker of Parliament's recent radio interview, left-wing columnists accuse Mr. Kövér of proposing the revival of a rule by decree system. Conservative pundits as well as a group of left- liberal constitutional lawyers say that Mr. Kövér had no undemocratic intentions, and agree that the current legislative ...

Inflation at 39 year low

The leading left-wing daily contends that despite the record low overall inflation rate, Hungarian families have to spend more on basic goods. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, believes the low inflation rate proves that the government is on the right path.

Orbán and Bajnai – two cases of political leadership

A centrist commentator notes that PM Orbán is surprisingly unaware of how awful the lavish support his government has provided to Felcsút – his hometown – looks to most citizens, while a left-wing analyst says Bajnai’s problem is his lack of political awareness.

Bajnai losing his gamble

A centrist analyst contends that Gordon Bajnai has failed to line the MSZP up behind him, and now the MSZP has the upper hand. A left-wing columnist believes that it is close to impossible to bring the two opposition parties under the same roof.

Parliament rejects Tavares report

Liberal and left leaning commentators find PM Orbán’s indignation over the EP resolution unfounded and hypocritical, while a Christian Democrat portal suggests the European Right dislikes Mr Orbán because he reminds them of their own cowardice. A pro-government daily finds it ridiculous that a former minister of a Socialist government ...

Lessons of the Necas scandal

A pro-government commentator believes that the Czech governmental corruption and spying scandal is the result of swift democratic transition. A left-wing pundit speculates that the Orbán government and their hinterland may sooner or later also have to face corruption charges.

Leading Socialists reject Őszöd leak charge

A leading left wing commentator does not dismiss the story that former Prime Minister Gyurcsány’s 2006 “lie speech” was leaked by three leading MSZP politicians, but thinks that regardless of who it was, the speech itself has left an unhealing wound on Hungary’s left wing. A right-wing columnist suggests the ...

Fragmented opposition with no vision

A left-wing analyst thinks efforts to forge an opposition coalition have failed so far and urges all “’democratic anti-Fidesz forces” to come up with a left-liberal-green vision for the post-Orbán era.

Fidesz still ahead in polls

Commenting on the latest opinion polls, a centrist and a pro-government commentator wonder why the left-wing parties have not managed to increase their support, although a majority of voters are dissatisfied with the current government.