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Transparency restrictions criticised

A centre-right columnist finds that the new amendment to the Freedom of Information Act is a grave mistake, but he discloses that he was told by inside sources that the real reason behind it was not to cover up the tobacco shop concession-scandal.

“Socialist Watergate” tape transcripts

Commentators weigh the possible implications of conversations conducted by Hungary’s counter-espionage chief with a prominent mafioso in 2008, on how the latter could be helpful in discrediting right-wing politicians.

Orbán’s left-wing followers

A young conservative blogger has noticed that left-wing leaders in neighbouring countries tend to emulate PM Viktor Orbán’s “unorthodox” economic policies.

No alternative

Left wing commentators are extremely critical of the measures announced by the Prime Minister and the Economy Minister on Tuesday. The right wing daily Magyar Nemzet reminds readers that it was the previous Socialist governments which ran the country so deeply into debt.

The black hole of party financing

The current party and campaign financing rules make corruption structurally necessary,  left-wing and liberal-conservative pundits agree. Even though the need for a thorough reform of the relevant legislation is widely recognised, decision makers appear unlikely to show either the courage or the willingness to make the system more transparent.

Can Hungarians be taxed back to health?

The Hungarian Parliament has passed the so-called “chips tax” on unhealthy food. The government expects Hungarians to lead healthier lives as a result, but the extra tax may also have a negative impact on Hungarian producers. Right-wing commentators also question why, if the government is so interested in improving our ...