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Awkward damage control at the MSZP over forged video affair

November 2nd, 2013

A young and irreverent commentator urges the leaders of the Socialist Party to resign because of their amateurish handling of the Baja electoral video scandal.

In 444, Gergő Plankó believes the case of the forged electoral fraud video has proven that the new Socialist Party leadership are completely inapt. Either they were lying when they denied that they were the ones who passed on the staged video evidence of Fidesz fraud to Heti Világgazdaság, or they have been set up by their own chief PR officer. In either case, their performance was pathetic.

Heti Világgazdaság announced on Tuesday that its editor in chief received the video from the PR manager of the Socialist parliamentary group at the MSZP headquarters, thus confuting a series of denials by Socialist luminaries (see BudaPost, October 24). The day after the PR manager resigned saying he had acted in ignorance of the fact that the video was framed. He added that nobody in the party leadership was aware of the transaction.

Plankó believes the case is blatant proof of the utter incompetence of the Socialist party leadership and explains why the opposition has drawn no profit from a series of misdeeds by the government, including the “tobacco-shop-scandal” (see BudaPost May 2013). “This is not the failure of a PR manager”, he writes. The editor in chief of Heti Világgazdaság resigned after admitting that he shouldn’t have fallen for such a primitive forgery, and now “the rest of the protagonists should follow suit”.

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