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US State Department disagrees with CEU bill

A statement by the spokesman of the State Department has added further vigour to the debate over the future of Budapest’s Central European University. One side forthrightly condemns the planned new legislation, while the other dismisses the unfolding protest as mere hysteria.

CEU controversy seen as a duel between David and Goliath

In the first pro-government reaction to the row over a freshly tabled bill on foreign-based universities operating in Hungary, a right-wing writer wonders if the government will cave in to pressure from what he regards as 'powerful forces bent on protecting privileged institutions.'

A pro-government writer defends CEU

A staunch critic of liberal intellectuals explains why he opposes the worldview represented by the Soros-funded Budapest Central European University, but would deem it undemocratic to close it down.

CEU, the ‘Soros University’ is here to stay

A weekly suggests that earlier agreements to keep the liberal Central European University in place may have become obsolete after Donald Trump’s victory in America. The rector of the CEU has answered that relations with the government are ‘satisfactory’. A pro-government historian is starkly critical of the CEU, but sees ...

First comments on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

A liberal correspondent believes that Russia intends to topple the Kiev government but will not attempt to keep Ukraine under military occupation. A business analyst weighs the risks for the Hungarian economy.

Karácsony and Márki-Zay in tandem against Dobrev

As DK luminaries and Jobbik’s leader accuse the mayors of Budapest and Hódmezővásárhely of plotting to reverse the result of the first round of the opposition primary, a left-wing analyst points out that pacts are normal in a two-round election. A former pro-Jobbik commentator condemns Jobbik for allying itself with ...

Did the EU botch vaccine contracts?

A conservative analyst thinks that rather than lecturing EU member countries based on political preferences, the European Commission should have concluded meaningful contracts with big pharma companies on supplying Covid-19 vaccines.

Liberal analyst on the chances of the opposition in 2022

A political scientist from the Central European University (CEU) studies the latest opinion polls and cautions the opposition against believing that they have already closed the popularity gap and caught up with Fidesz.

Antony Blinken named as next US Secretary of State

Commentators across the political spectrum try to guess how US-Hungarian diplomatic relations will develop under the new US administration.

European Parliament to reconvene

As the European Parliament opens its plenary session, a pro-government pundit claims that left-liberal MEPs serving the interests of George Soros will launch another attack on Hungary. Her left-wing counterpart hopes that the EU will get rid of Hungary and Poland.