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Soros Foundations leave the EU because its ‘grants are taken for granted’

August 26th, 2023

A Hungarian-Canadian writer who is familiar with George Soros looks back on his life and efforts to promote the idea of an open society.

In a Népszava article, Hungarian-born Canadian novelist and publisher Ann Porter writes that Alex Soros, the son his father entrusted with continuing his business and public affairs legacy, decided to basically stop supporting liberal endeavours within the European Union because such grants ‘are taken for granted’ there. Instead, she writes, Soros Jr will double down on supporting the liberal cause in the United States. Ms Porter, who is also the author of the book What Does Soros Want based on long interviews with the Hungarian-American financier, believes Mr Soros played an important role in Hungary and neighbouring countries in promoting the transition to democracy. She suggests that Soros’s most significant contribution was establishing the Central European University. Ms Porter accuses the Hungarian government of having forced CEU to move to Vienna because ‘it doesn’t tolerate the diversity of ideas’.

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