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Theatre and Film University conflict rolls on

Reacting to a several thousand strong demonstration organised  by students of the university on Sunday, and to their already week-long occupation of their school, opposition-leaning commentators see their protest as harbinger of a new era, while pro-government authors believe they are manipulated by left-liberal intellectuals trying to protect their leading ...

Remembering the 1920 Trianon Peace Treaty

A few days before the centenary of the signing of the Trianon Peace Treaty, pundits across the political spectrum ponder how Hungary should relate to the territorial and demographic loss it suffered a hundred years ago.

George Soros confronts the charges

A left-wing columnist accepts Mr Soros’s claim that the charges levelled against him are untrue and complains about the success of lies in politics. Her pro-government counterpart rejects Mr Soros’s view that PM Orbán is running a mafia-state and calls him a mafioso.

Dispute over ‘open society’ – and its critics

As Parliament begins to debate a bill on NGOs which receive foreign funding, pundits across the political spectrum discuss the idea of an ‘open society’, an ideal frequently evoked by George Soros, and assess the status and political role of NGOs in Hungary.

Hungary protests against Holocaust comments by FBI director

Népszabadság takes up the defence of FBI director James Corney who said that Nazis and their accomplices in many countries, including Hungary, thought they were doing the right thing. The left-wing daily says leading Hungarian government politicians have amply confessed Hungary’s war time sins.

Renaming Ságvári High

A left-wing author calls on the competent Cabinet Minister to prevent those who want to rename a high school in Szeged from getting their way. The Ságvári school was named after a Communist who fought against Nazi occupation in 1944 and was killed when he opened fire on the policemen who ...

St. Stephen’s Day ruminations

Commentators from both right and left use the occasion of the national holiday to impose their political messages on St. Stephen’s historical contribution.

Reflections on the Gaza conflict

A columnist in the leading conservative daily contends that the primary cause of the Middle East conflict is the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel. His left-wing counterpart, on the other hand, believes that the violence is being provoked first and foremost by Hamas and other radical Palestinian organizations.

Nazi invasion memorial completed

The leading left-wing daily accuses the government of arrogance and the falsification of history, as the monument commemorating the victims of the 1944 Nazi occupation of Hungary is completed. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, believes that the memorial is a good visualization of the national tragedy caused by ...

Historians’ debate reheated

A leading conservative historian accuses a group of left-liberal intellectuals of creating vicious divisions within society by using World War Two history for political purposes. Liberal historians reply by accusing her of historical revisionism.