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Former premier in the dock

Left-wing commentators accuse the chief prosecutor of acting on government orders, by   launching an investigation into former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány. They suspect that the aim of the exercise is to terrorize the opposition, and divert attention from severe economic problems which the government is unable to solve. Pro-government journalists depict ...

Friendly war on the left

It might be an appeal for a friendly gesture or the beginning of a war for the left-wing vote, it depends on your choice of commentator. The fact of the matter is that the left-liberal Democratic Charter has written an open letter asking the floor leader of LMP, András Schiffer ...

Intra-party feud continues

Last week’s party congress didn’t put an end to the infighting among leading Socialist politicians. This is how an aide to former party chairman and ex-premier Ferenc Gyurcsány sees the future in his new blog.

Socialist strongman wants Gyurcsány out

Infighting within the Socialist Party is now continuing in broad daylight as party strongman László Puch calls on former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány to leave the Socialists in peace and build his own party. Mr László Puch is Mr Gyurcsány’s stiffest influential opponent among the Socialists. After a decade spent as ...

Ex PM under investigation

“Viktor Orbán has lost his marbles”, according to Zsolt Gréczy, an aid to former Socialist Premier Ferenc Gyurcsány. In his blog on Stop.hu he accuses the Prime Minister of having instructed the Chief Prosecutor to ask Parliament to suspend Mr Gyurcsány’s immunity.