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A former insider on the race for the MSZP presidency

March 26th, 2012

A prominent aide to former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány finds it strange that both candidates running for the top post of the Socialist Party were State Secretaries under Gyurcsány, yet  are using anti-Gyurcsány rhetoric in their campaign.

Zsolt Gréczy, who was an advisor to Mr Gyurcsány during his term as Premier and Socialist Party chairman, complains in his blog that the same Socialist politicians who once supported Gyurcsány’s liberal-minded reforms, now reject any co-operation with his new Democratic Coalition Party.

He believes the Socialist party renewal is a sham. Former Party Chairman László Kovács has been prevented from running for a seat on the party board, but former party treasurer László Puch, as head of the candidacy committee, practically decided who can run for the various posts at the forthcoming party congress. On top of it all, Gréczy accuses Puch of being in regular contact with well known pro-government financial oligarchs. and sharing influence and economic advantages with them behind the scenes.

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