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Intra-party feud continues

June 20th, 2011

Last week’s party congress didn’t put an end to the infighting among leading Socialist politicians. This is how an aide to former party chairman and ex-premier Ferenc Gyurcsány sees the future in his new blog.

As Budapost reported earlier this month, Zsolt Gréczy’s blog was removed from a pro-socialist website, but since then he has found a new platform for his criticism of the present party leadership. In his analysis of the outcome of last weekend’s party congress he suggests that leading Socialist officials have managed to fend off Mr Gyurcsány’s proposals, which outlined a strategy of organizational and political renewal.

The former party leader had proposed a party referendum on five questions. These concerned, among other things, the election of the chairman by a party plebiscite, and ways to create more transparency in party finances. During the congress, a resolution was adopted asking the former party leader to withdraw this referendum proposal.

Gréczy finds some consolation in the phrasing of a sentence in which the delegates appreciated the “successes and achievements of eight years of Socialist rule,” which, he says, went against the current fashion within the party of blaming their own rule for the country’s current financial difficulties.

Nevertheless, by torpedoing the referendum, the party leadership broke their promise, and instead of putting an end to disagreements within the party, opened a new round of controversies, writes Zsolt Gréczy.

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