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DK launches online TV channel

A liberal commentator accuses the Democratic Coalition of trying to emulate government propaganda by launching its own - equally biased - YouTube television channel.

DK Parliamentary spokesman resigns in harassment scandal

A left-liberal pundit praises Zsolt Gréczy for resigning from Parliament, while a pro-government columnist suggests that he must have been forced to do so by his party leader.

MSZP MP calls Fidesz supporters ’rats’

Commentators almost unanimously condemn a Socialist MP who referred to rats when speaking about the popularity of Fidesz. One, however, accepts her denial.

The DK sends Klára Dobrev to the European Parliament

As Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition (DK) nominates Mr Gyurcsány’s wife as its top candidate for the EP elections, a pro-government commentator points out that her grandfather was a leading figure of the Communist regime, while her party’s spokesman takes up her defence.

Extreme right leader elected village mayor

Pro-government commentators accuse former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány’s DK party of being ready to cooperate with far right organizations to beat Fidesz. Some liberal commentators agree that the DK’s anti-Orbán rhetoric may have strange side-effects, others point out that local DK leaders acted without the knowledge of the centre and were ...

Bajnai ante portas

Left-wing pundits urge the Socialist Party to accept former PM Bajnai’s new political group as an equal ally. Mr Gyurcsány’s aide finds it unfair that “Together 2014” dissociates itself from the DK. A right-wing analyst argues that Bajnai represents a gloomy past, rather than a shining future.

The dilemmas of the LMP

Commenting on the re-election of the LMP floor leader, and the party's decision not to join anti-Jobbik demonstrations, left-wing pundits wonder if the green party will and can maintain its centrist image.

From anti-Semitism to the Olympics, the culture war goes on

Historians’ polemic In Élet és Irodalom, Eszter Babarczy argues that anti-Semitism became a political factor two decades ago, when liberals and socialists first raised the charge against their conservative opponents.

Gyurcsány cleared of casino real estate corruption charges

Commentators agree that in a dictatorship the charges levelled against former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány would not have been dropped. With just one exception: his long-term aide believes the real reason is PM Orbán’s weakening position.

Coming out on Gyurcsány’s thesis

Following on the heels of left-wing criticism of former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány,  for his very own plagiarism scandal, a centrist analyst tentatively suggests that Hungary might finally profit from the elimination of double standards. A columnist close to Gyurcsány suggests, however that the plagiarism case may be a ...