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Budapest Mayor holds online ’residents’ assembly’

A pro-government commentator dismisses the online opinion poll launched by the Mayor as a scam. READ MORE

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Government sees EU funds as important but not vital

While the competent cabinet minister says Hungary must learn to live without EU transfers in the long run anyway, a left-wing commentator believes that those funds could solve the country’s most burning financial problems. READ MORE

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Conservative figure warns against confrontation

A former diplomat suggests that Hungary should play a more positive role in international relations. READ MORE

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Momentum takes student demonstrators to Brussels

A pro-government columnist lambasts Momentum MEP Anna Donáth for asking European Commission Vice President Vera Jourová to keep financial transfers to Hungary frozen until the government reforms the system of public education. READ MORE

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Weeklies on conflicts with the EU

The weeklies went to print before the European Parliament adopted its resolution on Thursday, questioning Hungary’s ability to take over the rotating presidency of the European Council a year from now. All took the outcome of the vote for granted, however, and pondered its implications. READ MORE

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MEPs pass resolution condemning Hungary

Commentators sharply disagree on the resolution passed by the European Parliament, questioning the suitability of Hungary to take over the rotating presidency of the European Council one year from now. READ MORE

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Romania’s Foreign Ministry criticises President Novák

A left-wing commentator believes Hungarian leaders often behave tactlessly when visiting neighbouring countries. READ MORE

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Hungarian peacekeepers wounded in Kosovo

Hungarian experts expect further disturbances between the Serb minority and the Albanian-speaking majority in Kosovo. READ MORE

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Pro-government takes on Erdoğan’s victory

The first pro-government reactions to the election results in Turkey welcome the victory of incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as an element of stability in the region and beyond. READ MORE

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Weeklies on student demonstrators

Opposition-leaning columnists vituperate against the government, whom they accuse of ruining the system of public education while lavishing praise on the few hundred students who have staged demonstrations to express their dissatisfaction. A pro-government analyst finds it shameful for the opposition ‘to send students to the frontline’ to provoke the police. READ MORE

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