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Warsaw Summit concludes with declaration

A right-wing commentator sees the joint statement of European right-wing parties in Warsaw as a harbinger of a conservative renaissance. A left-wing pundit, on the other hand, concludes that PM Orbán has failed to unite Europe’s populist far-right. READ MORE

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Porn tycoon and Twin-Tailed Dog Party to run for seats in Parliament

Weeklies from across the political spectrum ponder the significance of outsiders in next April’s parliamentary election. A conservative analyst lambasts the opposition front-runner who would discourage outsiders from running, while opposition-leaning commentators tend to believe that they play into the hands of the government side. READ MORE

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EU Court poised to dismiss Hungary’s lawsuit on rule of law conditionality

As it seems almost certain that the European Court of Justice will enable the European Union to make payments to member countries conditional on rule of law compliance, a pro-government commentator suspects a political design behind that scheme. READ MORE

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Anti-globalist analyst argues in favour of EU membership

An economist who is famous for his criticism of modern western societies believes Hungary should after all remain a member of the European Union despite all controversies with EU institutions. READ MORE

Medgyessy cautions against illegal constitutional reform

The former left-wing Prime Minister disagrees with the intention of Péter Márki-Zay, the opposition front runner, to scrap the constitution and dismiss the heads of constitutional bodies without the required two-thirds majority in parliament. READ MORE

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Opposition races for swift constitutional reform

A pro-government pundit calls the opposition plans to scrap the current Constitution without the required two thirds majority in parliament ‘dangerous civil war mongering’. READ MORE

Opposing takes on Parliamentary Speaker’s speech to national security officials

An opposition-leaning commentator believes the Speaker called on the security services to interfere with internal politics and therefore should immediately resign. A pro-government columnist retorts that the Speaker’s words have been misrepresented by the opposition. READ MORE

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Fears of electoral irregularities on both sides of the political spectrum

A liberal commentator fears that the new permanent residence regulations open up the possibility of electoral fraud. A pro-government pundit, on the other hand, thinks that the US will interfere with the Hungarian election next year and help ‘pro-migration and pro-LBGT’ politicians to defeat Fidesz. READ MORE

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Márki-Zay supports same sex marriage

A Christian conservative and a liberal commentator try to make sense of the opposition frontrunner’s controversial statements on Christian values and secular politics. READ MORE

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Hillary Clinton criticizes Hungary’s government

A pro-government pundit dismisses Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that Hungary is an authoritarian dictatorship that threatens world peace. READ MORE

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