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Weeklies on the stakes in the April election

The two leading liberal weeklies urge the opposition to stand firm behind Péter Márki-Zay, despite his gaffes. A pro-government commentator fears that the national interest would be compromised if Fidesz loses. Another right-wing pundit speculates that foreign powers will intervene to help the opposition in the campaign. READ MORE

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Former National Bank President predicts restrictions 

György Surányi, who served as President of the National Bank under a socialist-liberal government in the 1990s, sees monetary and fiscal restrictions as necessary. A pro-government economist dismisses the suggestion and accuses Surányi of serving foreign interests. READ MORE

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Márki-Zay to be left without own parliamentary group

A pro-government commentator writes that the opposition parties wanted to teach Péter Márki-Zay a lesson by not allowing him to put his own candidates on the opposition ballot. A liberal pundit thinks that Márki-Zay’s party could have wooed moderate supporters, thus its exclusion could cost them votes. READ MORE

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Left-wing activist passes away

A conservative commentator finds it shocking that some commentators on social media rejoice over the death of Gergely Homonnay, a left-wing activist, while others spread crazy speculations that he was murdered by the government. READ MORE


Márki-Zay’s controversial words on Covid victims

A pro-government commentator lambasts opposition frontrunner Márki-Zay for saying that elderly Fidesz voters have been decimated by the pandemic. A left-wing columnist accuses the pro-government media of deliberately defaming Márki-Zay. READ MORE

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Ruthless electoral campaign predicted

A liberal pundit looks into the key determinants of the April election. He suspects that the election will hinge on either the government’s or the opposition’s ability to vilify each other.


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Conflicting takes on the state of the Hungarian economy

A left-wing commentator describes welfare measures introduced barely three months before the next parliamentary elections as a desperate attempt by the government to increase its popularity. His right-wing counterpart believes those measures are proof of sound fundamentals. READ MORE

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Liberal pollster finds Fidesz ahead of opposition

A veteran liberal public opinion expert confirms earlier reports which depicted the opposition as too preoccupied with infighting rather than jointly campaigning, barely three months ahead of the next parliamentary election. READ MORE

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Left-wing analyst fears post-election violence

An opposition-leaning legal and political analyst warns that next year’s election may be followed by political violence. A pro-government commentator dismisses such warnings as mentally unbalanced. READ MORE

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Commentator warns against new Cold War

A pro-government analyst advises the Western world to open a new, blank page in its relations with Russia and stop waging what he describes as a Cold War against two eastern giants, Russia and China simultaneously. READ MORE

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