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A left-wing take on PM Orbán’s projected 28 years in government

A critic compares the PM to undemocratic rulers but ascribes his undisturbed reign to the weakness of the opposition. READ MORE

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Pro-government journalist denied US diplomatic entry visa

Government-friendly outlets vituperate against the US Embassy for denying a diplomatic entry visa to György Szöllősi, editor-in-chief of Nemzeti Sport, the only nationwide print sports daily in Hungary. READ MORE

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Catholic Primate among Fidesz faithful at Kötcse

Left-wing commentators lambast Cardinal Erdő, the head of Hungary’s Catholic Church attending the annual Fidesz gathering at Kötcse where PM Orbán drew up his plans for the immediate future. READ MORE

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Prominent pro-government daily calls opposition leaders ’ordinary traitors’

The nationwide pro-government print daily defines accepting US financial help for political activities as ‘high treason’. READ MORE

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PM would like to stay in power till 2034

A liberal news site reports that in his speech to the Fidesz faithful on Saturday, PM Orbán talked about his plan to continue as Prime Minister for another eleven years. READ MORE

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Weeklies on Hungary’s links with East and West

Critics accuse the government of leaning towards Russia and leading the country out of the Western alliance, while a pro-government commentator dismisses that view. READ MORE

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FM ’doesn’t want to hear any more lecturing’ from the US

The nationwide pro-government daily agrees with the Foreign Minister who told newsmen on Thursday that as Donald Trump, one of the main contenders for the US Presidency is being indicted in an attempt to bar him from the presidential race, ‘from now on, we don’t want to hear the Americans talk about how democracy functions over here’. READ MORE

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Left-wing author dismisses plans to catch up with the EU average as unrealistic

A left-wing historian who lives in California suggests that the Hungarian government is chasing a mirage with its economic policies. READ MORE

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US Ambassador criticises ’attempts to rehabilitate Horthy’

The main pro-government daily criticises the ambassador for ‘chipping in’ while a left-wing website expresses concerns similar to those of the US ambassador. READ MORE

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FM demands the restoration of the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine

Despite their ideological differences, left and right-wing columnists agree with the Foreign Minister’s protestations against measures in Ukraine curbing the rights of Hungarians. READ MORE

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