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Tavares charge dismissed as ‘paranoid’

A left-wing commentator accuses Fidesz of suspecting an opposition conspiracy behind all unpleasant surprises including the Tavares report, and suggests that such 'paranoid propaganda' should help opposition forces unite.

Was the Tavares report authored by Hungarian Socialists?

Magyar Nemzet accuses leading Socialist politicians of lying, when they deny their role in the preparation of the European Parliament resolution condemning the constitutional changes enacted by the right-wing government since 2010.

Parliament rejects Tavares report

Liberal and left leaning commentators find PM Orbán’s indignation over the EP resolution unfounded and hypocritical, while a Christian Democrat portal suggests the European Right dislikes Mr Orbán because he reminds them of their own cowardice. A pro-government daily finds it ridiculous that a former minister of a Socialist government ...

Reactions to the Tavares report

Left-wing pundits contend that the government is trying to downplay external criticism by labeling its adversaries as biased left-wing partisans. They also hint that as a result of the looming elections in the EU and Hungary, the debates between the country and the EU institutions will probably intensify.

Debate over rule of law continues

Left-wing and liberal commentators accuse the government of waging a propaganda war in its handling of EU criticism of the rule of law in Hungary. Pro-government pundits, on the other hand, think that the EU’s criticism originates from the domestic opposition, and is being used to blackmail the country.

European Parliament to debate on Hungary again

Opinions diverge on the decision by the European Parliament to discuss Hungary’s ‘coronavirus legislation’.

Weeklies on the new setup within the EU

A pro-government analyst looks into the background of the votes cast by Hungarian left-liberal MPs against Fidesz candidates for EU posts. A liberal weekly lambasts the Greens and the Socialists for not supporting Ursula von der Leyen’s election as President of the European Commission. An evangelist columnist interprets her election ...

EU sanctions looming over Hungary

As the payment procedures of EU funds to Hungary grow ever lengthier and the EU mainstream ponders withholding some of them, while an Article 7 procedure takes shape, commentators are sharply divided in their interpretations of this latest standoff between Brussels and Budapest.

Dispute with EU rolls on

Commentators right across the political spectrum ponder the implications of the European People’s Party’s decision to keep Fidesz within its ranks, and French President Macron’s suggestion that EU funding should be conditional on accepting a common EU border policy.

Australian Hungary report criticised

An independent conservative blogger is outraged by an Australian news report depicting Hungary as a country swarming with Nazi-like far-right militias who enjoy the obvious connivance of the Prime Minister.