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Was the Tavares report authored by Hungarian Socialists?

October 9th, 2013

Magyar Nemzet accuses leading Socialist politicians of lying, when they deny their role in the preparation of the European Parliament resolution condemning the constitutional changes enacted by the right-wing government since 2010.Magyar Nemzet editorial, deputy editor Szabolcs Szerető argues that Edit Herczog, a Socialist MEP sharply contradicts her party leader by admitting that in preparing a report by Portuguese left-wing MEP Rui Tavares on recent legislative changes in Hungary (See BudaPost, May through July, 2013 ). In a paper intended to support her quest for re-nomination next year, Ms Herczog credited “first of all” her fellow MEPs Kinga Göncz and Csaba Tabajdi “with compiling the report”, while the rest of the Socialist MEPs, herself included, “struggled to put it through”.  Szerető remarks that these statements are in sharp contrast with earlier ones by party chairman Attila Mesterházy, who has consistently denied any involvement by Hungarian Socialists in any international initiatives which might cause harm to Hungary. The Tavares report was obviously a loss of face for Hungary, Szerető continues, and its proposal to put Hungary under international monitoring was an outright threat. The European Commission seems to find that idea incompatible with EU treaties, however, “which was devastating news for the MSZP”. Right wing commentators who suspected the hand of the Hungarian Socialists behind the charges levelled against the Hungarian government in the EU, have been systematically ridiculed by left-wing pundits, but their “paranoid accusations” have now been proven right by one of the most authentic sources, Edit Herczog MEP herself, Szerető concludes.

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