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Mazsihisz rules out co-operation with Jobbik

Reacting to an article in The Times of Israel, the Alliance of Hungarian Jewish Faith Communities (Mazsihisz) declared that it is not willing to establish contacts with Jobbik in any way.

MAZSIHISZ opens to secular Jews

The Chairman of the Association of Hungarian Jewish Faith Communities (MAZSIHISZ) argues in favour of broadening its ranks to non-believing Jews. He warns that, if they do not, the organisation risks disappearing from the scene.

MAZSIHISZ asks PM Orbán for increased protection for Hungarian Jews

A liberal columnist accuses a leading Hungarian Jewish organization of helping PM Orbán’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim politics by requesting the Prime Minister to increase security measures aimed at protecting Hungarian Jews.

Insider criticism of MAZSIHISZ anniversary boycott

Representatives of a prominent Jewish foundation condemn the decision by the Union of Jewish Religious Communities (Mazsihisz) to boycott state ceremonies held during the Holocaust remembrance year. They call that decision a serious error of judgement which has already resulted in strengthening anti-Semitism.

Outgoing Jewish leader accuses the government of abandoning ’zero tolerance’

The pro-government nationwide daily rejects the accusation levelled by András Heisler, the outgoing President of the neolog Jewish organisation (MAZSIHISZ) against the government and assures Jewish Hungarians that ’zero tolerance’ against anti-Semitism is still in force in Hungary.

Jewish community reacts to Prime Minister’s remarks on ‘mixed race’

Prime Minister Orbán’s comments on race in his speech on Saturday were made in the context of his opposition to mass immigration from outside Europe. Nevertheless, Jewish leaders and authors in Hungary found his words disturbing. One added, however, that Hungary is a safe country for Jewish people.

Anti-Zionist reform Judaism gains momentum

A conservative historian attributes the increasing popularity of anti-Zionist views in the main left-leaning Jewish organization to ideological and political considerations.

House of Fates to open in 2019

A libertarian pundit finds it sad that the completion of the House of Fates, originally scheduled for inauguration four years ago, is taking so long. He thinks that more transparency concerning the planned exhibits could help to resolve the debates over the new museum.

Hungary nearer to Israel than core EU countries, says Jewish leader

The Chairman of the main religious organisation of the Jewish religious community writes that Hungarian Jewry could play a mediating role in relations between Israel and Europe.

Netanyahu withdraws protest against anti-Soros poster campaign 

Commentators sharply disagree about whether the government’s anti-immigration ad and billboard campaign depicting George Soros is anti-Semitic or not.