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Mazsihisz rules out co-operation with Jobbik

August 17th, 2019

Reacting to an article in The Times of Israel, the Alliance of Hungarian Jewish Faith Communities (Mazsihisz) declared that it is not willing to establish contacts with Jobbik in any way.

In a lengthy article in The Times of Israel, Cnaan Liphshiz wrote earlier this week that  ’some in the Jewish community, and even inside Mazsihisz,  a liberal-leaning federation of Hungarian Jewish organizations, see Jobbik as a legitimate partner for effecting democratic change, despite its blunt racism’.

In Szombat, Mazsihisz expresses its regret that the author failed to  consult the largest Hungarian Jewish organisation before publishing the article. Mazsihisz reiterated its earlier position that it will not entertain relations with Jobbik. The authors add, however, that they do not take any position on party politics including electoral alliances in the forthcoming mayoral elections. Regarding relations with the government, which is described by Liphshiz as anti-democratic, Mazsihisz writes that they are ‘balanced’ and although they raise their voice on issues concerning the Jewish community regardless of which party is in power, they co-operate successfully with the incumbent administration on several issues.




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