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MAZSIHISZ asks PM Orbán for increased protection for Hungarian Jews

November 30th, 2015

A liberal columnist accuses a leading Hungarian Jewish organization of helping PM Orbán’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim politics by requesting the Prime Minister to increase security measures aimed at protecting Hungarian Jews.

András Heisler, chairman of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Faith Communities (MAZSIHISZ) asked the PM to “protect all Hungarians including members of the Jewish community”, Magyar Idők reported. Heisler said that Islamic extremism necessitates increased security measures to protect Jews and Jewish organizations that are among the prime targets of terrorists throughout Europe. Magyar Idők also reported that the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation (EMIH) is also in daily touch with authorities in order to protect its Hanukkah festival in Budapest.

In Népszabadság, Sándor Révész accuses MAZSIHISZ of assisting PM Orbán in what Révész describes as anti-immigrant hate-mongering. The liberal commentator finds it highly problematic that MAZSISZ asks for the protection of Hungarians and Hungarian Jews, yet shows no sympathy for refugees whose lives are in danger. The Prime Minister, Révész continues, is determined that the refugees are actually denied help, by sealing Europe’s borders. Rather than siding with anti-Muslim politicians, MAZSIHISZ should side with those who defend the human rights of Muslims, most of whom reject radical Islam, as the security of Jews is best guaranteed by human rights too, Révész contends.

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