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Can Hungary still buy Russian military helicopters?

A well-known liberal commentator ponders whether Hungary might yet gamble and strike a deal with Moscow to buy or renovate Russian-made military choppers – despite American warnings.

US Ambassador criticizes Hungary

Commenting on US Ambassador Colleen Bell’s concerns about the state of affairs in Hungary, pro-government columnists are in no doubt that the US wants to pressurize Hungary into submission. Left-wing pundits, on the other hand, criticize the Hungarian government's response and expect further US-Hungarian diplomatic skirmishes.

Thousands of undocumented migrants leave Hungary

An agreement with Germany and Austria has allowed Hungary to transfer asylum seekers to the Austrian border. Weeklies and dailies ponder the implications of the crisis and the prospect of its resolution.

US democracy export criticized

A left-wing and a conservative analyst both blame the current migration crisis on US foreign policy. They contend that efforts to export democracy have utterly failed, and the chaos they created has unleashed millions of migrants into Europe.

Migration debate rolls on

Weeklies and dailies ponder the moral and practical implications of the government’s migration policies and the Left’s stance. In the increasingly desperate ideological battle, both sides deploy heavy moral artillery.

More on EU immigration quotas

As PM Orbán prepares to address the European Parliament debate on migration, a left-wing columnist compares the refugee situation in Europe to 1938 and calls for an increased migrant intake. A conservative commentator, on the other hand, believes that allowing more refugees into Europe would not solve the crisis.

PM Orbán’s pledges to reindustrialize Hungary

A left-wing commentator contends that instead of boosting industrial output, the government should help the service sector. A conservative economist on the other hand notes that reindustrialization is in fashion both in the EU and in the US.

Fears and hopes for the next four years

Commentators wonder whether or not the next Orbán government will strike a more conciliatory tone, and seek compromises in the economy and in symbolic battles at home and on the European scene.

Government facing floods, EU criticism and opposition

Commentators don’t refrain from political remarks while tens of thousands of volunteers, leading politicians among them, help professionals build temporary defences against the highest water levels the Danube has seen.

Two weeks of student unrest: a political turning point?

Left-wing analysts suggest that the student demonstrations of the last two weeks have signalled the beginning of the end for the governing right wing. A conservative pundit suspects that left wing forces are trying to manipulate the student movement.