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US democracy export criticized

August 10th, 2015

A left-wing and a conservative analyst both blame the current migration crisis on US foreign policy. They contend that efforts to export democracy have utterly failed, and the chaos they created has unleashed millions of migrants into Europe.

The current migration flow began in the aftermath of US military interventions and the Arab Spring, Endre Aczél writes in Népszabadság. The left-wing analyst thinks that the US made a huge mistake when it went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq hoping to export democracy. The Taliban has not been defeated and the vacuum left after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s secular dictatorship is being filled by radical Islamists. Aczél finds it natural that masses of civilians flee both countries.

Magyar Nemzet’s Gábor Zord thinks that wrongheaded US foreign policy has had a devastating impact on the world. After ‘winning the Cold War,’ in the absence of a challenger, the US could intervene anywhere in the world, and the conservative pundit maintains that such interventions have had catastrophic consequences, including hundreds of thousands civilian casualties. The ensuing implosion of local states has unleashed a wave of migrants, and as a result Europe has joined the ranks of victims of the failed US efforts to export democracy. It is no wonder that Hungary is becoming increasingly critical of the US, Zord concludes.

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