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From anti-Semitism to the Olympics, the culture war goes on

Historians’ polemic In Élet és Irodalom, Eszter Babarczy argues that anti-Semitism became a political factor two decades ago, when liberals and socialists first raised the charge against their conservative opponents.

Prime Minister asks US Congress to shut down anti-Semitic portal

Commenting on an exchange of letters between US congressmen and Viktor Orbán on anti-Semitism in Hungary, a pro-government columnist says Fidesz is a victim of anti-Semitic attacks, and is fighting anti-Semitism. The commentator in the largest left wing daily , however, says that  if the government really wanted to block ...

A signal from Romania: the case of Adrian Nastase

Observers draw gloomy conclusions from the arrest and attempted suicide of the former left-wing Romanian prime minister.

2013 draft budget might be too optimistic

A right wing columnist suggests that the 2013 draft budget figures to be submitted to Parliament might be too optimistic, although they had been intended to reassure the markets. A left wing pundit thinks Economy Minister György Matolcsy’s attempt to refute an article published in The Economist is damaging to ...

The failed reburial of József Nyirő in Transylvania

Commentators across the political spectrum find the Hungarian-Romanian diplomatic incident over writer József Nyirő’s reburial sad but absurd. Right-wing commentators claim that Nyirő was not a National Socialist radical and blame the Romanian government and left-leaning Romanian Hungarians for the conflict. Left-wing columnists suggest that the Hungarian government has exacerbated ...

Kádár at 100

Commentators from the left and right reflect on what the late communist leader meant for Hungarians during the 32 years of his rule, and what he means to them today.

Reflections on the elections in France and Greece

Commenting on last weekend’s elections in France and Greece, a left-wing and a liberal conservative analyst both warn that the Hungarian government may be put under increasing international financial and political pressure as discontent with austerity measures increases throughout Europe.

Stalemate with Europe still not over?

A Népszabadság columnist writes that the Orbán government’s stability is an asset but the EU still has some cards to play if Orbán does not conform to IMF expectations. The editor-in-chief of Heti Válasz describes a piece of advice allegedly coming from the European Commission as disregard for the basic ...

EU political demands welcomed on the left

Left wing commentators believe that the European Union objects to the new legal setup in Hungary as a whole, and that is why the road to a credit line agreement has not been opened. One columnist welcomes this kind of “international interference,” but urges the EU to be more explicit ...

The end of MALÉV and the government’s investment strategy

A left-wing analyst blames the government for splashing out on huge state-owned enterprises while the country faces grave financial problems.