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EU political demands welcomed on the left

April 21st, 2012

Left wing commentators believe that the European Union objects to the new legal setup in Hungary as a whole, and that is why the road to a credit line agreement has not been opened. One columnist welcomes this kind of “international interference,” but urges the EU to be more explicit in outlining its intentions.

In Népszabadság, Endre Aczél quotes EU commissioner Olli Rehn to the effect that Brussels has “put together all the significant changes in the Hungarian legal system,” and he concludes that the European Union “has a problem with the Orbán-régime in its entirety.” It its present shape, Aczél claims, if it were an applicant country, Hungary would not be allowed to join the European Union.

In HVG, Árpád W. Tóta suggests that the European Union is right to block Hungary’s access to the IMF credit-line talks, but urges Brussels to tell the Hungarian public clearly what it intends to achieve. “The patient must be told what his illness is,” otherwise he will never recover. Tóta urges the EU to set up its own radio station in Hungary and to give weekly interviews on Hungarian Public Television. “To desire benign international interference is not high treason,” he argues.

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