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Rumors about new media chamber membership rules

Left-wing, liberal and conservative critics of the government suggest that the government wants to silence independent and critical media by establishing a new media chamber with specific rules.

Weeklies on anti-government demonstrations

After a week of demonstrations in support of the American-Hungarian Central European University and watchdog NGOs, but before Good Saturday’s rally in Szabadság (freedom) square, Hungarian weeklies ponder if the current wave of protest will fatally wound the governing forces or share the fate of previous ad hoc movements and ...

EP debate on Hungary’s constitutional amendments

A moderate pro-government weekly is proud of being the target of criticism from a leading Socialist MEP during Wednesday’s debate about the Hungarian Constitution in Strasbourg. It suggests, nevertheless, that Hungary should solve its judicial problems at home.

Constitutional amendments criticised

In a bitter comment just hours before the controversial constitutional amendments were to be passed by Parliament, a moderate right-wing commentator suggested that Hungary cannot afford to confront European institutions over such issues of secondary importance.

Klubrádió endgame

According to centrist media experts the latest amendments to the Media Act might force the opposition radio station to re-apply for the status of public content provider and thus not be compelled to pay a frequency fee. A commentator close to the government warns that all attempts to stifle Klubrádió ...

Does the West want to oust Orbán?

Népszabadság believes Mr Barroso has “sent the silk cord” to PM Viktor Orbán, while Magyar Nemzet compares the current pressure from Washington and Brussels to post-war Soviet interference.

Hungarian journalist complains about German press bias

A conservative journalist finds the way his German colleagues write about Hungary unfair. He wonders whether they can be dissuaded from their prejudice.

Controversy over the new electoral system

Népszabadság warns the government that its planned electoral reform may spark unprecedented international condemnation. Magyar Nemzet’s commentator, by way of contrast, argues that any charges of anti-democratic tendencies levelled against the government are pointless, as long as Fidesz remains by far the most popular political party.

Under friendly fire

Left wing commentators welcome the unequivocal warnings addressed to the Hungarian government by various Western sources, while right wing analysts deem accusations of anti-democratic tendencies directed at Hungarian leaders unfair.

The False, the Rude and the Ugly: an episode in US – Hungarian relations

A moderately conservative opinion page carries an unusually angry commentary on US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas O. Melia’s criticism of the direction public affairs are taking in Hungary.