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German grand coalition revived

Columnists wonder whether the grand coalition led by Angela Merkel will restore Germany’s stability, and whether the new German government’s policies will be favorable for Hungary. READ MORE

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Civilizational stakes at the 2018 election

A pro-government pundit thinks that the April election will determine Hungary’s ‘civilizational path’. Voters need to decide if they want strong nation states, Christian values and traditional families – or the opposite. READ MORE

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Stop Soros to be tabled in Parliament

As the government plans to table the so-called ‘Stop Soros’ package of anti-asylum-seeker bills, a conservative critic of the government thinks that the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Fidesz may alienate even some of those voters who otherwise agree with the governing party’s migration policies. READ MORE

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Islam portrayed as a threat to Europe

A right-wing pundit contends that all opposition parties from left to right, including Jobbik, are ‘helping Islam subjugate Europe’. A conservative critic of the government agrees that political Islam is a threat to European values, but cautions against what he calls ‘the government’s anti-Islamic rhetoric’. READ MORE

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Weeklies on electoral prospects

With just two months to go before the next parliamentary elections, the editorial writers of Hungary’s political weeklies agree that the incumbent governing force is the big favourite. Just how they respond to that situation, however, varies between combativeness and resignation. READ MORE

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An insider on the gossip about Fidesz agents within the Left

A veteran left-wing columnist criticises both George Soros and DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány, for accusing unspecified left-wing personalities of conniving with the incumbent government. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s visit to Vienna

Pro-government commentators argue that Hungary has won a valuable ally in the new Austrian government in its feud with Brussels, while an alt-left blogger thinks the Prime Minister will leave Hungarian guest-workers in the lurch as Austria plans to cut their family allowances. READ MORE

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Intellectuals call for Left-Jobbik alliance

As 26 intellectuals call on voters to cast their ballots for the strongest opposition candidate in individual constituencies, one blogger thinks they have failed to consider what might happen on the day after the election. An analyst thinks believes that such across-the-board opposition collaboration does constitute a real threat to Fidesz. READ MORE

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Gyurcsány accuses the MSZP of conniving with Fidesz

A political scientist thinks the leader of the Democratic Coalition probably considers other opposition parties as rivals rather than allies, otherwise he would not accuse them of conniving with the ruling party, which they are supposed to be dethroning together. READ MORE

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Profit transfers higher than EU subsidies

A university lecturer argues that it would be unfair if the European Union were to introduce new political conditions for regional and cohesion subsidies to continue beyond 2020. His contribution is part of a debate over calculations by the French leftwing star economist Tomas Piketty, who wrote that on aggregate Hungary and the rest of the Visegrád countries are the losers of the ‘free market access for development subsidies’ system operated by the European Union. READ MORE

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