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Italy turns back migrant ship

A pro-government commentator welcomes Italy’s decision to turn back the rescue ship with hundreds of undocumented migrants, and blames the plight of migrants on pro-migration NGOs. A left-wing columnist accuses anti-immigrant parties that claim to defend Christian Europe of violating basic Christian values. READ MORE

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European Court rules in favour of gay marriage

A pro-government columnist worries about the prospect of unelected officials and judges imposing their own values on nations within the European Union.  READ MORE

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Jobbik on the brink of a split

As Jobbik expels radical right-wing László Toroczkai, two pro-government pundits wonder about the fate of Jobbik. READ MORE


Thoughts on Hungary’s demographic decline

A health care expert who has worked under both left-wing and right-wing governments  thinks that population decline in Hungary cannot be stopped without facilitating migration to the country. READ MORE

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Dispute over the direction of the MSZP

A left-wing columnist calls on the Socialists to break with liberal capitalist views and embrace patriotic social democracy. A left-wing liberal pundit thinks that social democracy is not possible without liberals. READ MORE


Heti Válasz shuts down

The highest circulation conservative weekly owned by the media mogul Lajos Simicska closes down after announcing insolvency.  The editor ascribes the failure of his weekly to the hostile political environment. READ MORE

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Constitutional Court postpones discussion of ‘lex CEU’ and ‘NGO’ bills

A liberal and a pro-government pundit lambast the Constitutional Court for not discussing the constitutionality of the so-called ‘lex CEU’ and the anti-NGO legislation. READ MORE

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The real tragedy of the Trianon Peace Treaty

A conservative columnist thinks that the Trianon peace agreement was the result of nationalism, triggered by the Hungarian independence movements of the 19th century. He contends that the real tragedy of the Treaty was the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire. READ MORE

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Opera House director defends his Billy Elliot show

The director of the Hungarian State Opera has rejected the accusation of promoting homosexuality. He was heavily criticised by a pro-government author for his decision to stage Billy Elliot, a musical about a motherless boy in a mining community who becomes a ballet dancer. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s strategy explained

A pro-government political philosopher attempts to outline what the Prime Minister means when he envisages reviving what he calls Christian Democracy, as an alternative to what he famously described four years ago as ‘illiberal democracy’. READ MORE

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