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President Áder re-elected

A left-wing columnist describes President Áder as unfit for the job and praises opposition candidate László Majtényi. His conservative counterpart on the other hand believes that Mr Áder’s first term has been successful. READ MORE

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Police accused of abusing migrants

A conservative author who doesn’t object in principle to Hungary’s policy of preventing illegal migrants from crossing its borders in their efforts to reach western Europe, warns however that the inhuman treatment of of those who cross the razor-wire fence is absolutely intolerable. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s assessment of the EU summit

Commentators across the political spectrum speculate on the future of the European Union, the Visegrád cooperation process, and other consequences of the Friday EU summit. They all agree that Hungary will have to make a tough choice if the EU is transformed into a two-speed union. READ MORE

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Up to 4 per cent GDP growth predicted

As experts forecast steady growth in the forthcoming two years, a conservative and a left-wing economist agree that in order to maintain fast growth, Hungary needs to improve competitiveness through investing more in education. READ MORE

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Government to reform primary education

A conservative Roma rights activist welcomes the government’s proposal to introduce a mandatory pre-school year to help the integration of children from poor families. READ MORE

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Migration and border patrolling in focus

As Parliament decides to detain all asylum seekers while their claims are processed, two left-wing analysts accuse the government of violating basic human rights. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, accuses the Left of levelling unfounded criticism against the government which, he believes, is defending the security and culture of Hungary and Europe. READ MORE

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Momentum to register as a party and run for Parliament

As the Momentum movement turns into a political party, one pro-government and one liberal columnist accuse it of arrogant rhetoric and inability to come up with a credible political vision. READ MORE


Brussels gives green light to the Paks II project

A pro-government columnist hopes that the Paks nuclear plant project will not be submitted to a referendum. A left-wing commentator finds it sad that the Left, which initially was in favour of the new plant, now uses it for ‘fear mongering’. READ MORE

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Juncker proposes five variants for the future of the EU

A pro-government economist accuses the EU core countries of planning to exclude the rest of the member states by creating a two-speed Europe. An independent conservative analyst thinks that the Hungarian government would not mind such an arrangement, after all. READ MORE


Evaluations of Hungary’s Oscar winning short film

A pro-government pundit dismisses liberal interpretations which celebrate ‘Sing’ as a film depicting current Hungary as the scribblings of arrogant manipulators. His independent counterpart admits the merits of the new film sponsoring system introduced by the current government.


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