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Weeklies on the election

As the last polls predict the victory of the governing party in the Sunday election, weeklies ponder what may come after April 8. READ MORE

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A crie de coeur against sectarian polarization

Three days ahead of the Parliamentary election, a ‘radical centrist’ pundit calls on public intellectuals to act as independent critics of politics, rather than propagandists for their preferred political camps. READ MORE


Debate over the political role of the media

A pro-government commentator speculates that in case of a Fidesz defeat in the election, the opposition would eliminate all critical media outlets. A conservative critic of the government thinks that Fidesz overestimates the importance of the media. READ MORE

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Election stakes assessed with six days to go

A pro-government and a left-wing columnist believe that next Sunday’s election will determine Hungary’s fate for a long time to come.  READ MORE

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A campaign-tainted Easter week-end

In their last pre-electoral weekend issues, the weeklies only see a slim chance for the divided opposition to defeat the incumbent government, but agree that the election will be decided in the individual constituencies where the fate of more than half the parliamentary seats is sealed. READ MORE

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Simicska’s ’atom bomb’ attack is off?

A liberal commentator suggests that widespread speculation about Lajos Simicska holding a decisive trump card against the government that he would put on the table to cause devastating damage to PM Orbán before the election, was a case of wishful thinking. READ MORE

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Another post-electoral nightmare scenario

In the latest installment of an exchange of accusations with both sides accusing the other of planning reprisals (See BudaPost, March 21), a pro-government analyst sketches a tragic picture of what Hungary might look like, in the unlikely event of an opposition victory in the parliamentary election in 10 days’ time.  READ MORE

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Wholesale corruption charges levelled and dismissed

Magyar Nemzet accuses unnamed officials of having channelled vast amounts of bribes to offshore accounts. One of the ‘money couriers’ is allegedly a ‘protected witness’ in the USA. Magyar Idők quotes a series of official statements characterising the report as groundless. READ MORE

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LMP under left-wing pressure to co-operate with the DK

In Népszava, Balázs Böcskei, the founding director of the IDEA Institute of Political Analyses and his colleague, Balázs Barkóczi argue that the green party is losing more than it gains by refusing to co-operate with the left, especially with Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition (DK). READ MORE

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Election campaign in full swing

With just two weeks to go till the Parliamentary election, weeklies and the dailies’ weekend editions discuss corruption scandals and ponder what comes after 8 April. READ MORE

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