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New far-right groups registered

A conservative and a pro-government commentator agree that the birth of two racist far-right groups is a consequence of Jobbik’s shift towards the centre. READ MORE

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Netanyahu withdraws protest against anti-Soros poster campaign 

Commentators sharply disagree about whether the government’s anti-immigration ad and billboard campaign depicting George Soros is anti-Semitic or not. READ MORE

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Another Budapest Pride march without atrocities

A left-wing blogger thanks the police for securing the annual Budapest Pride walk. A pro-government columnist accuses left-wing NGOs of organizing the demonstration as an act of  politically motivated fear-mongering. READ MORE


US President Trump’s Warsaw message

A left-wing commentator interprets President Trump’s Warsaw speech as a harbinger of a more isolationist US. A conservative columnist agrees with President Trump that Europe needs to seal its borders in order to defend its core values. READ MORE

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Does Hungary need the Euro?

A conservative economist ponders the potential benefits and disadvantages of introducing the Euro in Hungary, and calls for a calm pragmatic approach. READ MORE

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Jobbik calls for European wage equality

As the Jobbik party calls for European level wages for Hungarian employees, a former Minister of Industry and Trade cautions against such state intervention. READ MORE

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Rival narratives of provocation and violence

As the government and the opposition side trade accusations about alleged plans to provoke violence, a pro-government and a centrist commentator ponder the likelihood of a violent autumn. READ MORE

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North Korea tests its ICBM

A left-wing and a conservative commentator who are both strongly critical of the Hungarian government disagree whether the US will launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea. Meanwhile, they both express concern not just about Kim Jong-un, but about President Trump as well. READ MORE

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Ruminations on increasingly extreme political rhetoric

A centrist commentator thinks that a comment by Lajos Bokros, leader of the conservative liberal Modern Hungary Movement, describing Prime Minister Orbán as a ‘fascist’ is counterproductive, and will help the governing party to mobilize its supporters. READ MORE

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PM Orbán visits Turkey

As Prime Minister Orbán calls for more trade with Turkey and political cooperation with Ankara, writers critical of the government and its supporters disagree on how Hungary can and should relate to an illiberal but geopolitically important state. READ MORE

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