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More comments on November 7

Over the past few days, Internet news sites swarmed with commentaries on the hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, but only one of the nationwide weeklies dedicated its editorial to the anniversary. READ MORE


Gyurcsány against transborder Hungarians’ voting rights

Two conservative editors devote their regular weekly editorials to DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány’s initiative to collect signatures to support his idea to scrap the law allowing ethnic Hungarians living in other countries who acquired Hungarian citizenship to take part in elections in Hungary. READ MORE

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Opposition opinion makers seen as living in a bubble

A left-wing political scientist finds that the cultures war being waged by the intellectual élite of the opposition doesn’t even remotely intersect with the desires, the complaints and the ambitions of the majority. READ MORE

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Kurz seen as an ally for the Hungarian government

A pro-government analyst believes that Austria’s new chancellor will seek allies in Hungary and the other Visegrád 4 countries, in order to in counter German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies. As a result, he believes, new opportunities will open for Hungary for her voice to be heard in the European Union. READ MORE

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Medgyessy wouldn’t reject an alliance with Jobbik

The former Socialist Prime Minister takes it for granted that Fidesz will win a third consecutive turn in government next year. The only way that could be prevented would be with an improbable alliance between Jobbik and the Left.

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Looking for traces of Bolshevism on the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s revolution

Commentators draw diametrically opposed lessons from the horrific history of Communism. Both see it as corroborating their political positions. READ MORE

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The Left lacks a narrative

A former Christian Democrat leader thinks that the demise of the left-wing parties is due first of all to their lack of a vision of the kind of Hungary they should propose to the electorate. READ MORE

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Left-wing war pits all against all

As left-wing parties continue to argue over whether to run jointly or separately in next Spring’s general election, commentators across the political spectrum agree that the Left has little chance to defeat Fidesz in 2018. Left-wing parties, they assume, are competing with each other to lead the opposition, rather than with the governing parties. READ MORE

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Fidesz lead grows further

A left-wing and a conservative commentator offer diametrically opposed explanations for the record high popularity enjoyed by Fidesz in opinion surveys. READ MORE

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Gyurcsány against non-resident voting

A conservative columnist thinks that former PM Gyurcsány’s proposal to strip non-resident Hungarian citizens of voting rights will mobilize transborder voters – in support of Fidesz. READ MORE

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