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Juncker’s reforms rejected out of hand

A conservative commentator condemns the sweeping institutional reforms proposed by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his State of the Union address to the European Parliament, as an ‘expression of the will of Brussels bureaucrats to rule over member states.’ READ MORE

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New Euro-criteria by the National Bank

As the National Bank deems that Hungary should approach the European average before joining the Euro-zone, a business analyst believes the new criteria outlines by the issuing bank are two severe. READ MORE

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Ukraine bans teaching in minority languages

An independent conservative columnist welcomes the unity of Hungarian political parties in the face of the new public education act passed by the Ukrainian Parliament which stipulates that after the 4 years of the elementary school, schoolchildren must be taught all subjects in Ukrainian.

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Fears of a hot autumn

A pro-government columnist interprets the presence of a Serbian civic mass movement organiser as a sign that foreign liberal sources intend to export a kind of revolution to Hungary. READ MORE

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Fidesz keeps its lead in the polls

As Fidesz seems immovable from its ruling position, left-liberal analysts wonder if half-hearted co-operation among left-wing opposition parties is the reason why their chances of winning next year’s election are so meagre. READ MORE

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‘Hungary will respect ECJ quota verdict’ – Viktor Orbán

A conservative commentator entertains no doubts, that the European Court could find a legitimate basis for rejecting Hungary’s and Slovakia’s complaint against compulsory migrant quotas, but believes the quota system will prove disastrous for the European Union.  READ MORE

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A left-liberal diatribe against the opposition

A leading left-liberal commentator accuses left-wing parties of sharing responsibility for ‘setting Fidesz rule in concrete’. READ MORE

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Migrant quotas: EU Court rejects Hungary’s and Slovakia’s claim

Two pro-government commentators don’t hide their bitterness in condemning Wednesday’s verdict of the European Court of Justice. Europe’s top court ruled that the decree issued by a majority of EU interior ministers two years ago on migrant relocation quotas was legal. READ MORE

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Ron Werber as LMP’s campaign guru?

An independent conservative columnist thinks that by hiring former MSZP campaign strategist Ron Werber to shape their electoral campaign next year, the LMP risks losing the only trait that keeps it afloat. READ MORE

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Left accused of living in an echo chamber

A veteran left-wing political scientist excoriates the leaders of the fragmented left-liberal opposition for being absorbed by internal skirmishes which are uninteresting for the young generations and have no relevance to the problems of modern societies. READ MORE

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