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Socialist candidate sweeps Újpest by-election

In a note on Sunday’s by-election result, in which the Socialist candidate scored over 50 per cent, a pro-government commentator suggests that a mass of “furious” voters now exist who are ready to choose anyone in their impatience to get rid of Fidesz. A leftist analyst agrees, while a liberal commentator warns that even if Fidesz were to lose its two thirds majority in parliament, its rule would not be in jeopardy. READ MORE

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Trade union demonstration lacks critical mass

Commenting on a Friday rally held by teachers’ trade unions opposed to the government, the leading left-wing daily cautions against organizing demonstrations if no large scale participation is ensured. A moderate analyst suggeststs that the Left has alienated the trade unions, their natural allies, by embracing neoliberal doctrines. READ MORE

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Did ‘Monday of Outrage’ herald the birth of a new opposition?

Left-wing analysts are sceptical about the future of this autumn’s protest movement, while a conservative commentator claims that as long as the protesters don’t know themselves what they want, they will not pose any threat to the incumbent government. More radical authors  believe that influential circles abroad would not mind toppling PM Orbán. READ MORE

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PM Orbán on relations with NATO and Russia

A left-wing commentator accuses the PM of conducting a ’seesaw’ policy between the West and Russia. He even goes so far as suggesting that Mr Orbán’s policy is prompted by Moscow. READ MORE

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Economic indicators point to growth

A conservative analyst who used to be critical of Hungary’s “unorthodox” economic policies, now admits that they seem to have proved efficient in creating favourable conditions for GDP growth. READ MORE

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A right-wing take on the autumn protest movement

A leading pro-government commentator advocates “wisdom” on the part of the government, to prevent the spread of discontent witnessed at recent rallies. Meanwhile he calls the openly critical attitude of the US Chargé d’Affaires “unprecedented”. READ MORE

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‘Day of Outrage’ demonstrations

Népszabadság thinks the 15 thousand strong Budapest rally signalled a turning point in anti-government protest, while liberal pundits criticise demonstrators for condemning not just the incumbent government, but all its predecessors over the past 25 years as well. READ MORE


Ethnic Hungarian vote helped elect Romania’s German president

A conservative analyst argues that the election of an ethnic German and a Protestant as president of Romania is a great novelty for ethnic Hungarians who have often felt being considered by the majority as a secessionist threat. READ MORE

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Escalation in Hungarian-US diplomatic skirmishes

As the Hungarian government reveals an aide memoire by the US Embassy’s document on corruption, a conservative columnist accuses the US of trying to pressure the Hungarian government in defense of American business interest. Left-wing commentators accuse the Hungarian government of closing its eyes over institutional corruption. READ MORE

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Jobbik’s sweeping victory in Ózd

A liberal and a centrist commentator reed the success of the radical right-wing candidate in the Ózd municipal election as proof that left-wing voters are willing to support the far right if they see in that option an opportunity to defeat Fidesz. READ MORE

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