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EU to claw back €300 million of metro funds

Commenting on the recommendation by the anti-fraud agency (OLAF) of the European Union that Hungary should be compelled to refund the equivalent of 75 billion forints of European contributions because of alleged corruption, a pro-government columnist urges exemplary punishment for the culprits. READ MORE

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Can family subsidies reverse demographic downturn?

A pro-government commentator takes up the defence of public subsidies and tax rebates to parents as the only means to end the dangerous drop in birth rates, given that Hungarians reject the idea of solving their demographic problems through mass immigration from the Muslim world. READ MORE

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Hungary to take asylum seekers into custody

A conservative pundit welcomes the government’s plan to take asylum seekers into custody while their applications are processed. Her left-wing counterpart thinks that there is no real terrorist danger that would necessitate such strict regulations. READ MORE

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Further ruminations on Jobbik’s turn to the centre

Although all the involved parties have dismissed such speculations, pundits both on Left and Right continue to discuss the potential of a broad anti-Fidesz opposition including both the left-wing parties and Jobbik. READ MORE

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Dispute over NGOs still in the headlines

Pundits across the political spectrum debate if and to what extent NGOs should be considered as political actors rather than independent organizations. READ MORE

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Dispute over ‘pseudo-NGOs’ heats up

Left-wing and liberal sources liken the government’s plans to require asset declarations from NGO executives to totalitarian and dictatorial policies. Centrist commentators welcome more transparency but criticize the harsh language. A conservative columnist thinks that the proposal is a mere political red herring. READ MORE

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NGO executives to be required to submit assets declarations

As Parliament prepares to discuss a bill that would require executives of NGOs to declare their assets annually, a left-wing columnist accuses the government of trying to silence its critics. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, thinks the proposed legislation will promote transparency. READ MORE

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Conservative pundits call for tougher anti-immigration measures

Two pro-government columnists lambast the EU and western European governments for ‘still not taking illegal migration seriously.’ READ MORE

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15th anniversary of the Euro

A former World Bank adviser contends that the monetary union has no real benefits for many of its members. While it benefits Germany, the common currency hampers the growth potential of less developed states. READ MORE


Vona’s Hanukkah greeting rejected by traditionalist Jewish leader

A liberal weekly criticises Shlomo Köves for spurning a Hanukkah greeting message from the radical right-wing leader. Other commentators put the matter in the more general context of Jobbik’s changing political profile and of preparations for the 2018 parliamentary elections. READ MORE

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