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The Hungarian Right and anti-Americanism

A conservative pundit dismisses right-wing accusations which hold the US responsible for the current migration crisis and even the Paris terrorist attack. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, wonders why the US has failed to inform its European counterparts of the terrorist threat. READ MORE

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Escalation of Syrian crisis feared

Commenting on the downing of the Russian jet, columnists on Left and Right think that after the incident, it is unlikely that Russia will work with NATO to jointly restore peace in Syria. READ MORE

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Europe’s war on terror

Conservative pundits claim that the great powers are going to war in Syria to promote their own geopolitical interests rather than to fight terrorism. Far from making Europe safer, attacking Syria may deepen the terror problem, they suggest. READ MORE

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Fear of terrorism haunts Europe

As terrorism alerts are announced in Europe and Brussels is closed off for days, columnists on both Left and Right ponder how much freedom we should sacrifice for the sake of security. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s lonely stance on migration seen as vindicated

In the light of the Paris terrorist attacks and statements by several European leaders suggesting that they have no reason to revise their migration policies, conservative analysts, whether pro-government or not, suggest that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was right to argue against unfettered immigration from the start. Opinions diverge however on possible solutions to the problem. READ MORE

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Another Brussels blow looming over the Paks project

While the government prepares its answers to the objections raised by the European Commission, analysts see another and even heavier infringement procedure brewing in Brussels in connection with the extension of Hungary’s nuclear power station. READ MORE

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Brussels opposes Paks extension

After taking the decision of the European Commission for granted the night before it was due to be announced, Thursday’s dailies launch what will certainly be a drawn-out debate on the extension of Hungary’s nuclear power station in general, and its award to Russia’s  Rosatom in particular. READ MORE

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Hungary rejects immigrant relocation quotas

In a commentary on the anti-quota resolution passed by Parliament, the pro-government daily urges the West to curb immigration from Muslim countries ‘before it is too late.’ The Hungarian Parliament has instructed the government to take the EU rule on mandatory migration quotas to the European Court. Although the Socialist opposition voted against, it also opposes unlimited quotas READ MORE

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Left-wing fears of anti-immigrant shift

Left-wing commentators caution against linking the terrorist threat to the current wave of migration to Europe, but fear that their consistent efforts to encourage a friendly attitude towards migrants have suffered a huge blow after the Paris terror attacks. READ MORE

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Paris terror seen as a consequence of mass immigration

Comments on the Paris terrorist attacks continue do flood the pages of Hungary’s dailies and analysts agree that the failed integration of masses of immigrants is the main cause that drives young people to espouse radical Islamism. READ MORE

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