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Hungary among the stakeholders in Greece

As the rest of the  dailies went to print before the final results of the Greek elections were made public on Sunday evening, the leading left-wing newspaper is the only one to react to Syriza’s victory, which it describes as a ‘wakeup call’. READ MORE

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Hungary’s mounting immigration problem

In the wake of Prime Minister Orbán’s calls for stricter immigration policies within the European Union, weeklies ruminate over the steeply mounting number of asylum seekers and fear that rather than a transit country, Hungary will be targeted by them as their future country of residence. READ MORE


Waiting for Merkel

As opposition groupings plan to hold demonstrations to welcome Chancellor Merkel in Budapest in February, commentators believe she will concentrate on relations with Russia rather than internal Hungarian affairs. READ MORE

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USA-EU Free Trade Agreement – a Trojan horse?

An environmentalist author calls on the government to reject the free trade agreement finalised between Canada and the European Union before a chain of such agreements with the US and scores of further countries would deprive nation states of their chance to protect their environments.


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Unorthodox Hungarian policies suddenly applauded?

A leading pro-government journalist quotes international comments in praise of PM Orbán, for deciding to convert mortgages denominated in foreign currencies before the surge of the Swiss Franc. The move helped hundreds of thousands of households avert catastrophic losses. READ MORE

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New US ambassador arrives in Budapest

Commentators on both the Right and Left believe that US-Hungarian diplomatic relations are unlikely to improve significantly once the new US Ambassador Colleen Bell takes up her duties in Budapest. READ MORE

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Left urged to hold primaries

A left-wing columnist recommends US-style primary elections as a method to reach a credible program and common platform, rather than bombarding the public with increasingly radical messages. READ MORE

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Immigration within and into the EU

As PM Orbán elaborates his thoughts on immigration, a pro-government columnist agrees with him that intra-EU movements cannot be considered as migration. A left-wing columnist, on the other hand, criticizes PM Orbán for identifying the Charlie Hebdo murderers as immigrants. READ MORE

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Racist website ordered to delete article denying the Holocaust

As a Court rules against the anti-Semitic and anti-Roma website kuruc.info, a liberal blogger calls the legal ban of Holocaust denial counterproductive. A left-wing lawyer criticizes the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) for offering legal help to the radical website. READ MORE

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The price of a life in East and West

A conservative and a liberal columnist both find it sad that victims of fundamentalist radicalism outside the Western world receive very little attention. The conservative pundit blames the West for the chaos in the Middle East, while his liberal counterpart claims that ignorance serves anti-immigrant governments. READ MORE