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Further waves of brokerage bankruptcies

The leading left-wing daily accuses the government of using insider information to save public assets from brokerage houses which have filed for bankruptcy. A conservative economist welcomes the government’s proposal to use the private assets of the owners of brokerages to compensate investors in case of insolvency. READ MORE

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Partisan divisions make people unhappy

Commenting on a European survey according to which Hungarians are among the unhappiest nations on the continent, a former liberal politician argues for fair political discourse and dialogue across the political frontlines. READ MORE

Quaestor suspects still at large

Commentators believe the owners and managers responsible for the latest brokerage scandal should be placed under arrest to prevent them from spiriting away their wealth before it is confiscated. READ MORE

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S&P upgrades Hungary

As Standard and Poor’s lifts Hungary’s rating to just below investment grade, conservative commentators believe Hungary should persevere with its fiscal discipline, with the likelihood that two major rating institutions out of three may raise its rating to investment level before long. READ MORE

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Jobbik’s challenges

The leading left-wing daily explains Jobbik’s rise as the failure of the Left. A conservative commentator suggests that opinion polls three years ahead of the next elections should not be taken too seriously, since voters become more moderate and mainstream as real elections near. READ MORE

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On the state of Hungarian media

A conservative political scientist contends that ‘gonzo’ journalism has become dominant in left-leaning media. A Marxist philosopher adds that mainstream media, both Left and Right unwittingly help Jobbik. A liberal commentator recommends that public media should be completely closed down since they always serve the interests of the governing side. A moderate commentator believes that political analysts have become mercenaries in the partisan debates. READ MORE

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Liberal commentator accused of anti-Roma slant

As a liberal commentator is accused of anti-Roma prejudice, a conservative columnist dismisses the accusations but calls on the Right to become more active in Roma integration in order to break the Left’s dominance in this field. READ MORE

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Hungary to participate in anti-ISIS military action

As Fidesz MPs support the government’s plan to send soldiers to Iraq, a conservative columnist fears that the mission may be more dangerous than the government suggests. A left-wing commentator suspects that participation in the mission is an attempt by the government to improve its relations with the US, but he nonetheless supports the idea of taking part in the military action. READ MORE

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Jobbik increases its support

Commentators both on Left and Right believe that the campaign by media mogul Lajos Simicska against Fidesz has helped Jobbik to increase its popularity. READ MORE

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Opposition civil organizations call for a referendum

A liberal commentator ridicules the efforts of anti-government NGOs to initiate a referendum on 19 separate issues. He suggests that unless the opposition finds a clear and simple message they are unlikely to increase their support. READ MORE

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