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Hungary satisfied with the Rome declaration

Two days after PM Orbán signed the joint declaration of EU heads of state and government on the 60th anniversary of the founding Rome Treaty, commentators emphasise the controversies between Hungary and the bulk of the Union. READ MORE

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Gyurcsány denounces ‘MSZP declaration of war’

As the leaders of the two main left-wing parties exchange blows, analysts and pundits across the political spectrum assess the chances of the Left at the 2018 election. READ MORE

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Right-wing takes on the London attacks

Two pro-government columnists link terrorist attacks to immigration and multiculturalist ideology. READ MORE

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An analysis on political polarization

A left-wing sociologist thinks that emotional and radical political mobilization are the only games in town, and both Left and Right can only hope to make an impression on the public by sending simplified and populist messages. READ MORE

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A sixth variant for the future of the EU

A conservative economist believes that the EU should allow the governments of less developed countries to intervene in their economies and boost production until they catch up with more developed member states. READ MORE


Martin Schulz criticizes the Hungarian government

A pro-government and a left-wing columnist agree that the victory of Martin Schulz at the German election would be undesirable for the Hungarian governing party. READ MORE

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MSZP frontrunner wants higher taxes for the rich

As László Botka outlines his tax plans, a pro-government commentator accuses the MSZP of trying to weaken middle class families. An alt-left blogger welcomes the plans, hoping that taxing wealthier Hungarians would reduce inequality. READ MORE

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Weeklies on President Áder’s re-election

The re-election of János Áder as President of Hungary by the government majority in Parliament prompts conflicting evaluations of his performance as head of state and of the role played by his only opponent, jurist László Majtényi who fought a symbolic battle to make his case as an alternative candidate. READ MORE

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A bill against Heineken beer

A conservative legal analyst finds it ridiculous and unconstitutional that the government intends to enact a law in retaliation against Heineken which has had a Hungarian Transylvanian beer banned by a Romanian court. READ MORE

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March 15 celebrations

Left-liberal commentators complain that the gatherings held by the opposition on the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian revolution were highly uninspiring for those who would like to see a regime change in Hungary. READ MORE

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