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Left and right trade accusations of media bias

A pro-government media outlet accuses a left-wing journal of distorting the news by failing to properly report acts of terror committed by a person of immigrant background. A left-wing blogger thinks it is the pro-government media which is highly biased against migrants.


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Gender-theory and Islam seen as enemies of the government

A pro-government pundit contends that the traditional Left-Right distinction has lost its meaning. He suspects that it has been replaced by the competition between national and cosmopolitan parties. READ MORE

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A left-wing take on transborder voting

As the government starts mobilizing Hungarian voters in neighboring countries ahead of next year’s general election, a left-wing columnist urges the Left to start a new chapter in transborder politics and reach out to non-resident voters. READ MORE

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Dispute over the economic implications of migration

A conservative economist suspects that core EU states facilitate migration in order to import a cheap labour force. A liberal analyst dismisses the claim that migration is the biggest economic challenge, and recommends the government spend more on education. READ MORE

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US-North Korean relations in focus

A conservative columnist believes that the dispute between the US and North Korea will not escalate into an armed conflict. If it does, it would have disastrous implications, he fears. READ MORE

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Left-wing debate on higher wages

A left-wing political economist believes that in order to boost productivity, the state needs to intervene and boost wages. A left-wing commentator, on the other hand, fears that higher wages would increase first and foremost alcohol and tobacco consumption. READ MORE

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Migration still in focus

A left-wing and a liberal commentator accuse the government of fomenting anti-immigrant hysteria. A pro-government columnist welcomes the government’s announcement to offer asylum to an Iranian Christian girl facing deportation from Sweden. READ MORE


Referendum to cap salaries of state-owned company CEOs

A left-wing blogger welcomes the proposed referendum on capping the salaries of state-owned company CEOs. A pro-government commentator likens the plan to elements of communist ideology. READ MORE

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A pro-government take on the Left’s plight

A pro-government commentator suggests that the left-wing opposition has been hijacked by its intellectual hinterland. The Left is dominated by an elite that created an ideological echo chamber that alienates everyday voters, he believes. READ MORE

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Jobbik MP suggests suffrage based on educational achievement

After a prominent Jobbik MP suggested that people who have not completed eight years of basic schooling should not be allowed to vote, commentators agree that the proposal is out of touch with modern times, but might be revealing about just how far Jobbik’s move to the centre has gone. READ MORE

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