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PM Orbán is ‘no black sheep’ in Europe

A liberal commentator claims that PM Orbán’s critics are mistaken when they assume that the Hungarian Prime Minister’s views on migration are unusual and marginal. READ MORE

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Call for European action on migration

A conservative columnist thinks that migration flows will force the European Left to reconsider its relation to the developing world, and abandon its former advocacy of  anti-colonialist ideologies. READ MORE

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PM Orbán’s speech at Tusnádfürdő

Commentators find PM Orbán’s speech focusing on illegal migration at Fidesz’s annual summer university more moderate and cautious than his addresses in previous years. READ MORE

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Hungarian Guard founder suspected of trafficking illegal migrants

As a former far-right leader is suspected of trafficking illegal migrants, the leading left-wing daily accuses the Right of fomenting xenophobia. A conservative columnist on the other hand thinks that Jobbik may have benefitted financially from illegal migration. READ MORE

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Dispute over “neo-Machiavellian” governance

In the leading conservative daily, a commentator accuses the government of surrendering its principles in pursuit of power. A columnist in a rival conservative paper dismisses this accusation and claims that Fidesz is acting in accordance with a conservative and democratic vision.​ READ MORE

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Minority autonomy at Tusnad

A conservative columnist believes that instead of creating a common “supermarket”, the EU should focus more on the protection of minorities and their rights to self-determination. READ MORE

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Base interest rate cut to historic low

As the National Bank concludes its easing cycle by cutting the base interest rate to 1.35 per cent, a conservative columnist contends that the MNB has helped economic growth significantly, and, despite leftist fears, the Forint has not been weakened by the rapid sequence of rate cuts.


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Repercussions of anti-immigrant onslaught

A left-wing columnist suspects that a violent attack in the town of Szeged was motivated by the government’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. A pro-government commentator dismisses the accusation, and claims that many such incidents happened before the current dispute over immigration. READ MORE

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Freedom of information law criticised

The leading left-wing daily contends that the government has amended the information act in order to weaken transparency and curtail the right of the opposition to unveil corruption. READ MORE

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Call for a pension system reform

A conservative columnist thinks that Hungary has no choice but to raise the retirement age, otherwise the pension system will become insolvent. READ MORE

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