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PM Orbán announces new border fence

The leading left-wing daily likens the Hungarian Prime Minister’s plan to erect a new fence on Hungary’s southern border, to the Israeli wall in the West Bank. Népszabadság wonders if Hungary would shoot at refugees if the new defence line does not stop them. READ MORE

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Olympic culture war

In their overall assessment of the Rio Olympic Games, Hungarian pundits interpret the performance of Hungarian athletes and the importance of sports in highly ideological and overly politicized terms.  READ MORE


Hungary’s interests in Turkey

Commenting on Hungarian official statements on Turkey, a left-wing columnist thinks that there is little leeway for Hungary to pursue its own strategic interests in the complex geopolitical situation of the Middle East. READ MORE

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Debate over migration and quotas rolls on

Pro-government commentators accuse the Hungarian Left of irresponsibility for not taking the dangers of migration seriously. A left-wing pundit accuses the government of using the migration crisis to further polarize the public. A conservative columnist thinks both sides are sending out simplistic messages in order to boost their popularity. READ MORE

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Ruminations on the state of democracy

Two analysts ponder the dangers of elitism and anti-establishment populism. Despite their ideological differences, both agree that elitism threatens democracy. READ MORE

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Fidesz blocks extraordinary session

As the governing party obstructs the opposition’s call for an extraordinary session on extending postal voting to temporary absentees, commentators debate whether the current rules are discriminatory. READ MORE

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Zsolt Bayer awarded the Knight’s Cross

The leading left-wing daily accuses the government of institutionalizing racist language by rewarding the controversial journalist Zsolt Bayer with one of Hungary’s highest state orders. A conservative columnist, on the other hand, ridicules a protest by a growing number of former nominees who have returned their awards. READ MORE

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Patriotic vocabulary on national holiday

On the memorial day of the founding of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1000 AD, a centrist pundit enumerates the nouns used to describe Hungarians and their country in an exercise that may help visitors and foreign observers to understand the public discourse in Hungary on national issues. READ MORE

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Conference on 56 to be hosted by the Pentagon

The number one left-wing daily thinks the US Defense Department saved the conference proposed by the Hungarian Embassy because, unlike the State Department, they are satisfied with Hungary’s performance. READ MORE

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Left ‘united but divided’ in boycotting the quota referendum

A centrist pundit ridicules the left-wing parties who, after agreeing to boycott the referendum on compulsory migrant quotas, now say they will boycott the vote independently from each other. READ MORE

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