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Left still fragmented, 70 days before the elections

Commentators agree that the chances of the left are meagre, as its rather weak and scattered forces seem unable to coalesce, although over half the parliamentary seats (106 of 199) can be won in individual constituencies in a ‘first past the post’ system. READ MORE

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The ’Stop Soros’ project

Commentators are sharply divided on the package of bills to be introduced against organisations found guilty of ‘helping illegal immigration.’ READ MORE

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Diplomatic row with Romania over the Szekler flag

A left-wing commentator explains that the Prime Minister of Romania resigned for reasons unconnected to the Hungarian protest against his statement on the Szekler flag. READ MORE

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New OLAF complaint against Hungary

A pro-government columnist accuses the opposition of using corruption allegations to veil their own misdeeds, after they urged the publication of a report by the anti-fraud office of the European Union which found irregularities in a project worth 40 million Euros. READ MORE

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Népszava-debate on election boycott proposals

OpEd contributors in the left-wing national daily disagree about whether or not the opposition should boycott the parliamentary election in April. One author argues that a boycott would force the outside world to act, while another retorts that ‘the game must be won on the pitch’. READ MORE

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Homebirth champion Ágnes Geréb’s sentence confirmed

Opinions diverge bitterly on the verdict handed down last week to Ágnes Geréb, an obstetrician and midwife who was first sentenced to two years in jail six years ago. That sentence has now been definitively confirmed by the Budapest Court. READ MORE

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Debate on boycotting the election

Left-wing commentators agree that the opposition has little chance to defeat Fidesz in the next election, and wonder whether the Left should boycott the ballot. READ MORE

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Deferred payment offered on fines for illegal party financing

A liberal commentator suspects a trap, as Minister of National Economy Mihály Varga offers a possibility for the deferred payment of fees levied on opposition parties found guilty of illicit campaign financing. A pro-government columnist dismisses similar criticism by opposition parties. READ MORE

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President Áder sets date for April election

As President Áder announces the date of the 2018 Parliamentary election, a pro-government and a conservative liberal columnist both anticipate a rude and tough electoral camapaign. READ MORE

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Left seen in a hopeless situation

A left-wing sociologist thinks that the Left has little chance of boosting its popularity before the 8 April election, as it lacks a credible vision as well as charismatic leaders. READ MORE

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