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Government’s annual balance tilting towards red

Commentators across the political spectrum agree that after three consecutive easy electoral victories this year, the government is now under unexpected pressure. In their last issues before the end of the year, the weeklies tend to believe that the governing forces owe their difficulties to their own mistakes, although foreign pressure is also being mentioned among the causes. READ MORE

Russian crisis – a warning for Hungary?

Commentators have been surprised by the swift weakening of Russia in the wake of western sanctions and declining oil prices. One believes the events have delivered a bleak verdict on Putin’s model, while another sees them as a warning of how narrow Hungary’s own elbow room is.


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US-Hungary controversy over corruption allegations

A left-wing commentator thinks Hungary should be glad to hear that the United States plans to devote funds to fighting corruption in Central and Eastern Europe, while his pro-government counterpart likens American allegations to the charges levelled by mysterious authorities against Mr K in Kafka’s famous novel, ’The Trial’. READ MORE

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Sunday shop closure

As parliament passes a bill to force most shops to close on Sundays from 15 March next year, a left-wing commentator accuses the government of targeting multinational enterprises which are more competitive than “its favourite domestic chains”.


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Trade union road blocks

A pro-government commentator argues that the nationwide demonstration proved the presence of vibrant democracy in Hungary. Meanwhile she criticises the government for imposing toll on the Budapest highway belt as well as MPs for wanting to exempt themselves of highway tolls. READ MORE

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MSZP proclaims renewal

Commenting on the National Conference of the Socialist Party, both Magyar Nemzet and Népszabadság believe that the MSZP has a long way to go before it can become a decisive factor in shaping Hungary’s future, as its leaders pledged last Saturday. READ MORE

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Government’s six month balance sheet

Left-wing analysts comment on the latest opinion polls, and speculate that the governing party’s decline cannot be stopped. Liberal and moderate centrist commentators believe that any suggestion that the government’s fall is inevitable is mere wishful thinking. Conservative columnists call for more caution and sensitivity in the practice of government. READ MORE

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Tax authority chief sues US Chargé d’Affaires

A conservative columnist welcomes Ildikó Vida’s libel lawsuit against André Goodfriend. A left-wing pundit considers the ongoing Hungarian-US skirmishes harmful. READ MORE

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US accused of hypocrisy

A conservative columnist commenting on the CIA interrogation tactics report contends that the US likes to take the moral high ground but acts in a morally abhorrent way, reminiscent of Nazi Germany. READ MORE

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Paks nuclear deal completed

As the government completes the Paks nuclear deal agreement, the leading left-wing daily demands more transparency. A conservative analyst claims that only nuclear power plants can provide the cheap energy Hungary needs. READ MORE

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