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Call for a different freedom fight

A radical conservative pundit calls on the government to refocus its ‘freedom fight’. Instead of fighting for increased national sovereignty and symbolic aims, he recommends strengthening international cooperation in order to fight what he calls ‘neoliberal exploitation’.


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PM Orbán addresses European Parliament

The leading left-wing daily accuses the Prime Minister of provoking both his domestic and foreign audience. A pro-government analyst believes that he has clear answers to migration problems while his counterparts do not have a clue what to do with newcomers. READ MORE

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More on EU immigration quotas

As PM Orbán prepares to address the European Parliament debate on migration, a left-wing columnist compares the refugee situation in Europe to 1938 and calls for an increased migrant intake. A conservative commentator, on the other hand, believes that allowing more refugees into Europe would not solve the crisis. READ MORE

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Former MSZP politician may avoid imprisonment

A conservative columnist contends that although former MSZP Vice President Gábor Simon, currently under investigation for undeclared assets, may avoid imprisonment, voters will not acquit the Socialists of corruption charges. READ MORE

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Jobbik Mayor’s surveillance cameras monitor public workers

Commentators both on Left and Right condemn Dávid Janiczak, the Jobbik mayor of the northeastern town of Ózd, for his plans to install surveillance cameras including hidden camera spy glasses to monitor workers on the government work programme. READ MORE

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Calls for the strengthening of the EU and NATO

A left-wing commentator fears that Europe’s security cannot be maintained without stronger transatlantic cooperation. A liberal columnist urges the setting up of a separate EU military force rather than relying on NATO. READ MORE

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2016 draft budget tabled in Parliament

As Mihály Varga Minister of National Economy submits the draft of the 2016 budget to Parliament, analysts from across the political spectrum assess it according to their own political tastes and leanings. READ MORE

Hungarian economy grows by 3.4 per cent

Commenting on the latest GDP data, a conservative analyst is optimistic about Hungary’s economic prospects. His left-wing counterpart admits fast growth but at the same time fears that the increase in economic output has no impact on the lives of poorer Hungarians. READ MORE

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EU proposes refugee quota system

A left-wing columnist accuses PM Orbán of anti-immigrant populism, as the Prime Minister calls for a Parliamentary debate on EU plans to redistribute refugees among member states. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, believes that member states should make up their own minds about the scheme proposed by the European Commission. READ MORE

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Right-wing lessons of the Polish Presidential elections

Commenting on the first round of the Polish Presidential election, a conservative commentator draws a parallel between the situation of the centre-right governments of Poland and Hungary. Another columnist fears that the rise of the populist Law and Justice party may hamper V4 regional cooperation. READ MORE

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