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Hungarians against compulsory migrant quotas

As the government campaign towards the autumn referendum against the European Commission’s proposals for the relocation of refugees in each country gets underway, commentators ponder the rights and the wrongs of the parties involved in the stand-off between Brussels and Budapest. READ MORE

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Gyurcsány’s Öszöd speech video

As Mr Gyurcsány accuses former Socialist leaders of having leaked the infamous speech which led to his fall, a right-wing columnist believes the case has left an indelibly negative stain on Gyurcsány’s image. READ MORE

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Russian FM Lavrov’s visit to Budapest

A left-wing commentator believes Mr Lavrov came to Budapest as part of a Russian endeavour to divide the European Union and NATO, while his pro-government counterpart argues that Hungary has a vested interest in developing trade with Russia. READ MORE

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Uproar over first statement by new Austrian Chancellor on Hungary

A conservative columnist is outraged by a remark attributed to Mr Christian Kern who was quoted to have accused Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán of running a state built on Führerprinzip. Verbatim transcripts show that Mr Kern’s remark was milder than reported. READ MORE

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Austria elects leftist green President

As environmentalist Alexander van der Bellen snatches a narrow victory in neighbouring Austria from anti-immigrant Norbert Hofer, commentators point out that ‘peaceful, happy and dull’ Austria is now no less divided than Hungary – or much of the world. READ MORE

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Fitch upgrades Hungary

As Hungary regains its investment grade status from Fitch Ratings after four years in the junk category, commentators are divided over what comes next. READ MORE

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Speculation about President Áder’s future

Commentators give credence to rumours that the Prime Minister doesn’t want Mr Áder to be re-elected next year. Opinions diverge, however about the reasons and one source claims that the President took the job four years ago for a single term anyway. READ MORE

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George Soros seen behind criticism of Hungary

As a leading Cabinet Minister claims that Mr Soros is an influential force behind critical remarks by US personalities about Hungary’s policies, columnists are undecided about how serious the implications may be. READ MORE

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Jobbik sheds its radicalism

The co-founder of Jobbik, now a Fidesz supporter, is sceptical about party leader Gábor Vona’s attempt to rebrand his party as a moderate political force. READ MORE

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Bill Clinton accuses Hungarians of opting for autocracy

Commentators find Bill Clinton’s remarks on Hungary unfair, but for differing reasons. READ MORE

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