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MSZP and Jobbik would ease pension eligibility

Népszava carries an angry reaction to parallel proposals from the Socialists and Jobbik which would allow men to retire after 40 or 41 years of service. The 40 year rule was introduced for women at the proposal of the Christian Democratic Party in 2010. READ MORE


Diplomatic row over Romania’s national holiday

Commentators disagree on whether the Foreign Minister was right in banning his diplomats from attending the commemoration ceremony of the Romanian Embassy in Budapest on Romania’s National Holiday that symbolises the transfer of Transylvania from Hungary to Romania in 1818, after World War I. READ MORE

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Austrian Green candidate wins presidential election

A pro-government commentator believes that despite the defeat of the anti-immigrant candidate, political trends are the same as last week – people in Austria are increasingly wary of immigration and globalisation. READ MORE

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Western leaders criticised for praising Fidel Castro

Conservative pundits fulminate that the same Western politicians who often accuse the Orbán government of violating democratic norms remember Fidel Castro as some kind of hero – rather than a dictator with blood on his hands. READ MORE

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Constitutional Court says EU cannot violate Hungarian sovereignty

As the Constitutional Court vindicates Hungary’s right to check any EU rule including mandatory migrant redistribution, a conservative columnist contends that the quota referendum was much ado for nothing. READ MORE

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Syrian-Cypriot migrant border rioter sentenced to 10 years in jail

A conservative columnist thinks that the court was right to sentence a Syrian migrant with residence in Cyprus for inciting a riot, using force against the police and crossing the border illegally. But she finds it deeply problematic that such behaviour is regarded as ‘terrorist activity’ under Hungarian law. READ MORE

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PM Orbán announces pension hikes

A pro-government columnist welcomes the Prime Minister’s decision to increase pensions. A left-wing commentator, on the other hand, accuses the government of vote hunting. READ MORE


Jobbik mayor’s stunt to ban the burqa and “homosexual propaganda”

A left-wing commentator dismisses a Jobbik mayor’s anti-burqa and anti-gay decree as a mere stunt, and likens his small municipality to a lunatic asylum. His pro-government counterpart thinks Jobbik voters may be left puzzled and clueless about the party’s ideological direction. READ MORE

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Alt-left blogger calls for more identity politics

A left-wing blogger thinks that the Left should abandon the idea that “the people” is one single unit and embrace diversity instead. It should mobilize underrepresented groups, without trying to create a homogenous nation. READ MORE

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Fidel Castro remembered

A conservative columnist sees the controversy over Fidel Castro’s heritage as an expression of contemporary ideological and sectarian disputes over capitalism and human rights. READ MORE

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