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Small opposition group saved in Parliament

As the only independent MP rescues the Dialogue parliamentary Group from extinction, a left-wing pundit warns that what happened signalled a deep crisis within the opposition that only a complete overhaul can resolve. READ MORE

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Fourth Orbán government sworn in

As the fourth Orbán government is elected by Parliament, pro-government commentators point out that governance is stable in Hungary. They hope that PM Orbán’s commitment to put national interests first will help him overcome any difficulties. READ MORE


Left wing and liberal pundits on demographic decline

Left-wing and liberal commentators find it unlikely that the government can tackle the demographic decline through institutional incentives alone. READ MORE


Fukuyama in agreement with PM Orbán

A pro-government political analyst welcomes Francis Fukuyama’s recent statement, in which the American liberal political thinker called for an end to uncontrolled migration and the protection the EU’s borders – echoing the proposals of the Hungarian Prime Minister. READ MORE

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Hungarian GDP grows by 4.7 per cent

As the Central Statistical Office reports first quarter GDP data, analysts across the political spectrum wonder if fast growth can be maintained in the long run, and whether the Forint will weaken against the Euro.  READ MORE

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Parliament to pass ’Stop Soros’ law

A left-wing commentator accuses the government of ‘hate-mongering’ with its attack on Soros-funded NGOs and CEU. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, defends the planned legislation claiming that it is intended to increase transparency. READ MORE

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Hungary sides with US on moving embassy to Jerusalem

Although Hungary (along with the Czech Republic and Romania) vetoed an EU statement condemning the relocation of the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, a pro-government columnist warns that President Trump’s move may be responsible for more violence in the region. A left-wing commentator finds it unwise for the Hungarian government to have sided the US rather than the EU. READ MORE

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Jobbik elects new leader

One left-wing and one pro-government columnist ponder the implications of the election of Tamás Sneider, a former skinhead leader who now represents Jobbik ‘moderates’ as the new President of Jobbik. READ MORE


EU plans to cut cohesion funds

A liberal EU expert contends that PM Orbán has become a major player on the European level and doesn’t have to fear European fund cuts. Another liberal columnist calls on the government to strengthen strategic cooperation with other member states in the dispute over the proposed EU budget. READ MORE

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Conservative recommendations for the opposition

Two conservative columnists call on the opposition to stop futile street protests, and start doing their homework in Parliament. READ MORE

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