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PM Orbán opens spring session debates

A conservative economist agrees with the Prime Minister that the economy is on a firm footing and that Hungary haa chance of catching up with western Europe. Another analyst accuses the Prime Minister of trying to divert attention from corruption. READ MORE

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Hungarian film wins Golden Bear

The leading pro-government daily contends that Ildikó Enyedi’s success at the Berlin film festival indicates that the Hungarian public film funding system works well. A left-wing commentator acknowledges the state’s role in the success, but nonetheless considers the fund distribution scheme absurd. READ MORE

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Can Momentum keep up the momentum?

Most commentators believe that the governing forces will withdraw Budapest’s Olympic bid, after a new political movement collected almost twice as many signatures as necessary to back a referendum on the subject. They also ponder whether Momentum, after this spectacular success, will become a significant opposition force. READ MORE

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Is the Olympic bid doomed?

A centrist analyst believes that the cause of the 2024 Budapest Olympic Games is irrevocably lost, as it has lost popular support in the Hungarian capital. He lays the blame on the promoters themselves. READ MORE

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PM withdraws from Left coalition talks

A leading left-wing pundit excoriates all left-wing parties for pursuing their individual interests instead of co-operating to defeat the incumbent government in next year’s election. READ MORE

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Demszky dismisses OLAF report

In a lengthy article in the main pro-government daily Budapest Mayor István Tarlós does not accuse his liberal predecessor of corruption, but  finds his attempt to discredit the EU report on the Metro 4 project pathetic. READ MORE

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Olympics referendum lacks support of Left

A left-wing commentator lambasts the MSZP and the DK for criticising the initiators of a referendum on Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Olympics, and accuses them of playing into the government’s hands. READ MORE

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Birth rates increase for third year

 A pro-government commentator praises efforts by parliament and the executive to help families with children and welcomes initiatives such as the “Marriage Week” which are aimed at halting  Hungary’s demographic decline. READ MORE


PM Orbán’s state of the nation speech

A pro-government commentator praises the Prime Minister for offering a sober analysis of global and national challenges in his annual state of the nation address. An independent conservative and a left-wing columnist find his speech belligerent and lacking substance. READ MORE

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Socialist and liberal politicians accused of corruption

The EU anti-fraud agency has published its report on the M4 Budapest metro. The report names Socialist-Liberal politicians and multinational companies as potential participants in Hungary’s largest corruption case. READ MORE

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