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PM Orbán under fire in the European Parliament

While the Prime Minister defended his policies against sharp criticism by the European Commission and MEPs, a legal analyst wrote that the infringement procedure launched by the Commission against Hungary rests on shaky foundations. READ MORE

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Lukács’ statue removed

Ahead of a memorial event planned in the park where the communist philosopher’s statue stood until late March, two opposing views have been expressed in the press on whether or not György Lukács should be revered as a valuable part of Hungary’s intellectual heritage. READ MORE

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Local by-elections in Budapest

A liberal commentator interprets the results of two district by-elections held in Budapest as proof that Fidesz is losing support and that Jobbik is becoming insignificant in the capital. READ MORE

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European People’s Party to discuss Fidesz policies

A pro-government commentator dismisses left-wing expectations about the planned People’s Party debate on the policies pursued by the Hungarian government as ‘wishful thinking’. READ MORE

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Dispute over ‘open society’ – and its critics

As Parliament begins to debate a bill on NGOs which receive foreign funding, pundits across the political spectrum discuss the idea of an ‘open society’, an ideal frequently evoked by George Soros, and assess the status and political role of NGOs in Hungary. READ MORE

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Fidesz intellectuals’ loyalty questioned

Two young conservative pundits suggest that young middle class conservatives feel alienated by the policies of Fidesz. A pro-government commentator calls for dialogue between conservative elites and the government. READ MORE


Debate on unruly demonstrators

A left-wing columnist defends demonstrators who throw paint as public buildings, on the grounds that they ‘have no other means to express their anger.’ A pro-government commentator thinks that everyone has the right to protest but only as long as they obey the law and respect public order. READ MORE

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Reflections on the Turkish referendum

A pro-government columnist interprets the success of the Turkish referendum as a sign that Turkey is turning away from Europe. A left-wing commentator thinks Erdogan is doomed to fail because he has divided his country. READ MORE

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Prime Minister Orbán’s Easter interviews

Commenting on PM Orbán’s Easter interviews, a conservative critic of the government thinks that Fidesz has alienated its conservative intellectual supporters. A pro-government commentator shares the PM’s view, when he detects George Soros behind the recent anti-government protests. READ MORE

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Weeklies on anti-government demonstrations

After a week of demonstrations in support of the American-Hungarian Central European University and watchdog NGOs, but before Good Saturdays rally in Szabadság (freedom) square, Hungarian weeklies ponder if the current wave of protest will fatally wound the governing forces or share the fate of previous ad hoc movements and fade away. READ MORE

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