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Hungary takes the blame amidst migrant emergency

A left-wing columnist contends that Hungary should do more to care for migrants trapped in Budapest. Right-wing commentators, on the other hand, find it absurd that Hungary is called on to stop migrants from proceeding to western Europe but at the same time is criticised for erecting a fence in an effort to stop migrants. READ MORE

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Migration getting out of control

Pundits across the political spectrum fear that migration will cause an ever bigger problem in Europe in the absence of a common EU migration framework. The lack of a joint EU solution may also endanger free movement in the EU. READ MORE

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Five arrests over migrant truck deaths

A conservative commentator ascribes the flourishing human trafficking business and thus the tragedy of the 71 migrants found dead in a truck on the roadside in Eastern Austria to the impotence of the European Union to face the mounting wave of immigration from the Third World. READ MORE

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Hungary’s immigration infrastructure strained

Analysts ponder the implications of the latest surge in migrants: on some recent days the Hungarian authorities have had to take care of over three thousand migrants, well beyond what even expanded reception centres and registration offices can cope with. How will the current flow of migrants affect the future of Hungary and of Europe? READ MORE

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Migrants found dead in a lorry

Népszabadság urges more inclusive attitudes towards migration in order to avoid tragedies caused by ruthless human traffickers. READ MORE

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Socialists at a loss about migration

A left-wing journalist suggests that the left wing opposition was late in recognising the significance of the current migration wave and finds it difficult to react because its own constituency is divided. READ MORE

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Hungary cannot resist the migrant wave

As more and more migrants are swirling though Hungary’s increasingly fortified border with Serbia, a prestigious analyst asks whether Hungary is still a state, if it is unable to control its own borders. READ MORE


Juncker’s openness to migrants criticised

A conservative columnist asks whether Mr Juncker’s position as President of the European Commission is not bigger a problem than migration itself. READ MORE

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Rogán’s appointment opposed by Lázár

A left-wing commentator thinks internal feuds within the ruling party have no practical importance, as long as PM Orbán is in office. READ MORE

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Greek lessons after Tsipras resigns

Commentators across the political spectrum wonder whether Greek PM Tsipras’ decision to step down is a tactical stunt or an admission of failure. They also ponder its implications for sovereignty and austerity. READ MORE

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