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Jobbik elects new leader

On the pages of a liberal weekly, the new chairman of the formerly far right party suggests that opposition parties should face the next elections with joint candidates for individual constituencies, but two separate party lists nationwide (the Hungarian electoral system combines both to elect a Parliament of 199 deputies). ...

George Soros is still a trump card in politics

A left-wing commentator accuses the government of trying to woo anti-Semitic voters with its anti-Soros campaign. A pro-government pundit dismisses the accusation as absurd.

Government to overhaul how culture is financed

Left-wing and liberal commentators accuse the government of changing the way culture is financed, in order to bring it under its control. Pro-government pundits dismiss the accusations.

PM in conflict with Supreme Court

After the Prime Minister’s spokesman has sharply criticised a ruling by the Supreme Court to scrap over 4000 postal votes, which resulted in the loss of one Fidesz mandate, a pro-government columnist urges the state to react.

Therapies for a left-wing recovery

Two weeks after the general election, commentators on both sides of the main political divide  try to figure out whether the opposition parties will ever become a match for Fidesz or whether a new one can replace them.

What comes after the election?

Two weeks after the Parliamentary election, weeklies and weekend editions of dailies from across the political spectrum wonder if and how the opposition can recover from such a devastating blow.

Gyurcsány denounces ‘MSZP declaration of war’

As the leaders of the two main left-wing parties exchange blows, analysts and pundits across the political spectrum assess the chances of the Left at the 2018 election.

First reactions to the Paris massacre

Right-wing columnists believe that the Paris terrorist attacks struck a lethal blow to liberal, pro-migration ideology. Liberal and left-wing pundits, on the other hand, caution against fomenting anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments and accuse the Right of playing into the hands of terrorist organizations.

Is the “Orbán régime” here to stay until 2022?

In their analyses on the causes of the defeat of the Left at the elections on 6th April, commentators across the political spectrum believe that there will be no left-wing alternative to the incumbent government until the far reaching lessons of two consecutive electoral catastrophes are learned. Opinions differ, however ...

Jobbik’s good showing in polls

A political analyst commenting on the latest polls contends that far-right Jobbik has increased its support as a result of its more moderate image. A left-wing columnist accuses Fidesz of legitimizing Jobbik’s racist language and thereby strengthening the radical right-wing party. Another left-wing commentator is intrigued by the propensity among ...