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Árpád Göncz dies at 93

Commentators across the political spectrum pay their tributes to former President Árpád Göncz who died at the age of 93 in Budapest on Tuesday. As political leaders expressed their appreciation of his career, regardless of their affiliations, analysts underline his role as an outstanding actor of the democratic transition.

Right-wing columnist on Trianon

A leading pro-government columnist blames the destruction of the Habsburg monarchy for Hungary’s ill fortune in the 20th century. He calls on western powers to deliver on their post-World War One promise of autonomy for beyond-border Hungarians.

Pre-election landscape

Commentators on both the right and left fear that Jobbik may increase its constituency yet further in the 6 April Parliamentary election, after reaping almost 17 per cent of the popular vote four years ago. Left-wing commentators argue against despair, and one lays the blame for the bankruptcy of the ...

No end in sight for World War Two controversies

In the increasingly polarized debate over the commemoration of the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of Hungary, a left-wing and a liberal pundit call for a boycott of government sponsored events. A moderate conservative commentator, on the other hand, fears that the lack of compromise on the memorial will only ...

Nazi invasion monument to be erected in Budapest

Left-wing commentators echo the misgivings expressed by opposition politicians about the government’s plan to erect a monument commemorating the invasion of Hungary by Nazi Germany in 1944. The statue is due to be unveiled on the 70th anniversary, i.e. March 19th, on Szabadság (Freedom) square, in front of the monument ...

Népszava urges opposition unity

A veteran left-wing pundit suggests that defeating the current government must be a priority for competing opposition leaders and should induce them to set their rivalry aside.

Welcoming the new US Ambassador to Hungary

Pundits across the political spectrum believe that Colleen Bradley Bell, the new US Ambassador to Hungary will form a rather dim picture of Hungary and its government if she gathers information from the US press before taking up her post.

Foreign press under fire

A pro-government weekly carries a long list of baseless allegations about Hungary in the foreign press, while a liberal news outlet criticizes Die Welt for misinterpreting an interview with a Hungarian historian, and failing to provide space for a rebuttal.

Football’s role in politics

A liberal writer describes Viktor Orbán’s interest in and support for Hungarian football as symbolic elements of a mafia-style leadership, while a libertarian commentator thinks the Premier sincerely believes that his favourite game is an essential part of nation-building which was destroyed by the Communists. A conservative columnist writes that ...

István Bethlen’s statue unveiled by PM Orbán

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech during the inauguration ceremony of István Bethlen’s statue in the Buda Castle district, left-wing analysts stress that the interwar prime minister was no democrat and left office in the midst of a full-blown financial crisis. A right-wing columnist believes he was a historic figure ...