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Feud between ATV and Klubrádió

Since Spirit FM, the online radio station twinned with ATV, has been provisionally authorised to broadcast on Klubrádió’s orphaned frequency, the two opposition media companies have traded insults in the press.

Népszava criticises government handling of pandemic

In an unusual flurry of comments condemning the government’s pandemic management, the left-wing nationwide daily carries five separate opinion columns on this subject on Thursday.

Coronavirus and vaccination as political battlefields

As the third wave of the pandemic sweeps through Hungary, commentators from across the political divide discuss the government’s strategy and speculate on the possible date of the end of the emergency.

Klub Radio off air, but on the internet – for now

As the left-liberal radio station lost its court case against the National Media Authority on Tuesday, a liberal author accuses the government side of acting in violation of the principle of press freedom.

Weeklies on the end of Index

Opposition-leaning weeklies predict that Index will never be the same again, following the resignation of over 80 journalists and staff, who quit last week citing their fears of government interference. A pro-government weekly sees an opposition plot behind the conflict.

Hungarian progress in tackling coronavirus

A liberal commentator acknowledges that the government’s coronavirus measures have been effective, but adds that in order to avoid a second wave of infections, Hungarians need to maintain their self discipline.

Short term rentals to be restricted

Hungary’s leading online financial media outlet ponders the unintended consequences of restrictions imposed on short term rentals as announced by the government and the city of Budapest.

Romania declares Trianon day a national holiday

Commentators deplore the decision by the Romanian parliament as insensitive to the feelings of ethnic Hungarians, and ascribe it to irrational fears which survive despite sweeping changes in the past century.

Opposition boycotts anniversary celebration of regime change

A liberal philosopher accuses Fidesz of expropriating the 1990 regime change, while a pro-government analyst suggests that history will remember the opposition’s refusal to take part in an historic remembrance event.

Hospital beds emptied in preparation for coronavirus spike

A left-wing commentator finds the government’s move to empty 50 per cent of hospital beds in the country irresponsible, in anticipation of a huge spike in coronavirus cases. A pro-government pundit dismisses such accusations.