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Left-wing MEP claims EU funds are being misused

May 12th, 2023

A pro-government columnist accuses a DK luminary of high treason for supporting the suspension of EU payments to Hungary.

In Magyar Hírlap, Katalin Kondor, a veteran radio and TV journalist who served as President of the National Public Radio station in the early 2000s vituperates against Csaba Molnár MEP, who said ‘it is my patriotic duty to prevent EU funds arriving in Hungary disappearing in the pockets of four or five people’. She calls on Molnár to name those four or five people whom he accuses of pocketing billions destined to Hungarian settlements and enterprises, otherwise she will consider him guilty of connivance with high-class criminals. Meanwhile, she accuses him of high treason for causing serious damage to his country with his efforts to deprive Hungary of the funds the country is due to receive from the European Union.

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