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PM Orbán sends message of support to Donald Trump

April 5th, 2023

News outlets quote the US Ambassador’s reaction to PM Orbán’s message with clear hints about their own opinions on the matter.

On Monday, Prime Minister Orbán tweeted a picture showing him four years ago with then President Donald Trump, coupled with the message ‘Keep on fighting Mr President, we are with you’. US Ambassador David Pressman reacted quoting Foreign Minister Szijjártó as saying earlier: “We show our respect by not interfering in the internal politics of other countries, by not expressing our opinions or trying to influence them.”

On Index, Szabina Molnár explains that the Prime Minister obviously expressed solidarity with Mr Trump over the criminal charges the former President is facing in New York. As for the Ambassador’s tweet, she writes that he has expressed criticism of the Hungarian government in public on several occasions and has been himself repeatedly criticised by the Hungarian Foreign Minister. This time, however, she remarks, Mr Pressman’s criticism was directed at PM Orbán himself.

44.hu openly sides with the US Ambassador by sarcastically writing in its headline that Mr Pressman ‘had to quote Mr Szíjjártó to bring it home to the Prime Minister that Hungary refrains from meddling with other countries’ internal affairs’. In the news report itself, the author, Sándor Czinkóczi confines himself to indicate earlier statements by the Foreign Minister which may have been the ones the Ambassador referred to in his tweet.

Népszava’s P.L. finds no novelty in the Prime Minister’s attitude. The Orbán government, he writes, has always supported the US Republicans against the Democrats, while readily interpreting critical remarks on its own rule-of-law record as interference in Hungary’s internal affairs.

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