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Biden shakes hands with Orbán alone

Commentators suspect that the US President didn’t know whom he chose for that handshake while joining the on-camera ‘family photo’ event at the NATO summit in Vilnius.

US Ambassador criticises Hungary’s attitude on Ukraine

A pro-government pundit rejects the complaints of the US ambassador about Hungary’s continued co-operation with Russia in energy projects.

Hungary stalls new EU military aid to Ukraine

A pro-government pundit believes Hungary had no choice but to veto a new tranche of EU aid to Ukraine and a new sanctions package against Russia after hostile gestures by Ukraine.

US Ambassador’s remarks seen as mild

A liberal analyst believes US-Hungary relations will become increasingly tense, although the Ambassador’s statements on Wednesday were significantly milder than expected. A pro-government pundit characterises Ambassador Pressman’s press briefing as utterly insignificant.

Conflicting views on the arrest warrant for President Putin

Radical pro-government commentators dismiss the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for Vladimir Putin as a useless exercise, while a leftist columnist welcomes it as at least a moral gesture.

Dispute over battery factory in Debrecen

A left-leaning economist thinks that the Chinese battery plant planned in the city of Debrecen will not serve Hungarian economic interests but will harm the environment. A pro-government columnist finds such fears absurd and politically motivated, noting that similar factories operate in Germany.

Football as a political battlefield

A pro-government columnist accuses the Left of promoting a progressive LGBTQ agenda at the Qatar World Cup, while his left-wing counterpart suspects that by lambasting the German national team, the Right wants to divert attention from Hungary’s pressing economic problems.

PM Orbán’s football scarf sparks controversy

A pro-government pundit and a left-wing columnist reflect on a photo of the Prime Minister showing him after the latest match of the Hungarian football team, wearing a scarf with the map of Greater Hungary.

EP majority opposes the release of frozen funds to Hungary

A pro-government columnist accuses EP Deputy Speaker Katarina Barley of ‘imperial tactics’ for suggesting that the EU should withhold funding from Hungary. A left-wing commentator attributes the EU’s critical stance on Hungary to the government’s efforts to seek populist alliances abroad.

Further reactions to the US Embassy Twitter video

Two authors mentioned in the video reject it as an example of a patronizing US attitude. A left-wing commentator asserts that frictions with the United States are not in Hungary’s best interest.