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Bayer’s Knights’ Cross still a cover story

The leading left-wing daily devotes most of its front cover and page 3 to the case of the pugnacious pro-government columnist who received a high government award. The number of earlier recipients who have now returned their awards has now reached one hundred. A centrist author thinks Bayer’s apology has ...

Zsolt Bayer awarded the Knight’s Cross

The leading left-wing daily accuses the government of institutionalizing racist language by rewarding the controversial journalist Zsolt Bayer with one of Hungary’s highest state orders. A conservative columnist, on the other hand, ridicules a protest by a growing number of former nominees who have returned their awards.

Bayer denies racism charge and predicts the demise of ‘white Christian Europe’

Zsolt Bayer, known for his controversial statements, and often accused of racism and anti-Semitism, sums up his credo and defends himself against the charges.

Bayer rejects racism charge

A leading pro-government columnist accuses left-liberal protestors of misrepresenting his position on the Roma, in the wake of the latest knife attack on two young sportsmen in a night club. His editor-in-chief and the owner of Magyar Hírlap promise to be more careful in the future.

Row over Hungarians leaving their country

Right-wing commentators lambast left-liberals who see emigration as the only solution to what they see as the unbearable conditions in Hungary.

US tightens visa waiver for Hungarians

Opinions sharply diverge on the decision by the United States to limit the validity of visa-free entry permits for Hungarian citizens to one journey per year.

Biden shakes hands with Orbán alone

Commentators suspect that the US President didn’t know whom he chose for that handshake while joining the on-camera ‘family photo’ event at the NATO summit in Vilnius.

US Ambassador criticises Hungary’s attitude on Ukraine

A pro-government pundit rejects the complaints of the US ambassador about Hungary’s continued co-operation with Russia in energy projects.

Hungary stalls new EU military aid to Ukraine

A pro-government pundit believes Hungary had no choice but to veto a new tranche of EU aid to Ukraine and a new sanctions package against Russia after hostile gestures by Ukraine.

US Ambassador’s remarks seen as mild

A liberal analyst believes US-Hungary relations will become increasingly tense, although the Ambassador’s statements on Wednesday were significantly milder than expected. A pro-government pundit characterises Ambassador Pressman’s press briefing as utterly insignificant.