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US Ambassador criticises Hungary’s attitude on Ukraine

June 10th, 2023

A pro-government pundit rejects the complaints of the US ambassador about Hungary’s continued co-operation with Russia in energy projects.

Addressing a reception celebrating technical and scientific co-operation between Hungary and the United States on Wednesday, Ambassador David Pressman briefly but resolutely condemned Hungary’s reliance on Russia for its energy supplies. ‘To continue to double-down on reliance on Russia while it attempts to decapitate your democratic neighbor is wrong’, he said. He also voiced concern that ‘In this stark moment, … we can seem worlds apart from the Hungarian government’.

In an angry column in Magyar Nemzet, highly opinionated commentator Zsolt Bayer replies to the Ambassador that Hungary is doubling down on its connections with the United States, despite the latter’s history of unjustified wars in various regions of the globe. He adds that since the US ‘has failed in those wars, it now conducts proxy wars, like the one in Ukraine’. He goes on to describe the United States as ‘worse than the Soviet Union of the ‘80s’, with Brussels as its ‘flunkie’, as they try to dismantle nation-states and impose ‘LGBTQ-madness’ on the rest of the world. Bayer hopes the next elections will sweep away the Democratic Party ‘deep state’ and will replace ’empire-America’ with ‘nation-state-America’.

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