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Simicska sells his businesses

A left-wing pundit describes the former Fidesz party treasurer as an emblematic figure of Hungary’s recent past. He suspects that his media empire may end up in pro-government hands.

Simicska’s ’atom bomb’ attack is off?

A liberal commentator suggests that widespread speculation about Lajos Simicska holding a decisive trump card against the government that he would put on the table to cause devastating damage to PM Orbán before the election, was a case of wishful thinking.

Simicska’s war continues

As the media mogul Lajos Simicska continues his war on Prime Minister Orbán, a pro-government commentator accuses the Left of applying double standards. A left-wing columnist wonders whether Mr Simicska has information on secret Fidesz deals. 

Lajos Simicska’s war on Fidesz

A pro-government commentator and a political analyst ponder the implications of the coordinated attack by media mogul Lajos Simicska and Jobbik on PM Orbán.

Simicska to ally with Jobbik?

The leading left-wing daily suspects that Lajos SImicska, a former ally of PM Orbán will openly support and help Jobbik in an effort to defeat Fidesz.

Weeklies on Simicska’s accusations

Left-wing magazines point out how damaging the charge levelled against the Prime Minister by his former close ally is. Liberal pundits think the uncertainty about former real or imagined police informants should have been settled long time ago by publishing all Communist secret service files, while right-wing commentators call Mr ...

Simicska accuses Orbán of informing on him in Communist era

Commentators are predominantly sceptical about the allegation that PM Orbán was recruited by the communist secret services during his military service in 1982.

Further ruminations on Simicska

A pro-government analyst suspects that media mogul Lajos Simicska, a former friend and close ally of PM Orbán may have orchestrated the recent campaign against government politicians. Left-wing columnists wonder if Mr Simicska should now be seen as a reborn democrat, or an oligarch defending his financial interests.

Will Simicska wage his media war on his own?

Commentators wonder how far the feud between Prime Minister Orbán and his former friend and treasurer will go, and what impact it will have on the main right-wing media outlets which are ultimately owned by the latter.

Simicska bitterly opposed to 5 per cent advertising tax

The dailies build long stories around one single sentence uttered by the owner of Magyar Nemzet and HírTV, according to which any increase in the ads tax to be paid by most media outlets will lead to “a total media war.” (According to estimates, this would mean an increase from ...