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Simicska’s war continues

October 6th, 2017

As the media mogul Lajos Simicska continues his war on Prime Minister Orbán, a pro-government commentator accuses the Left of applying double standards. A left-wing columnist wonders whether Mr Simicska has information on secret Fidesz deals. 

On Tuesday in the city of Veszprém, media mogul Lajos Simicska painted ’Orbán is s**m’ graffiti on billboards owned by his own company, to protest against the government’s ban on political advertisements in the streets. His son, Ádám Simicska, the publisher of Magyar Nemzet and activists of the Momentum party emulated Lajos Simicska’s stunt and painted other billboards with similar slogans.

Zsolt Bayer in Magyar Idők finds it peculiar that those who criticize PM Orbán and his government think that they are entitled to commit nasty slurs, while at the same time they condemn pro-government columnists (including himself) for using vulgar languageThe pro-government commentator describes Mr Simicska’s stunt as proof that those who want to replace PM Orbán at any price are indeed in deep crisis.

Népszava’s Péter Somafai concedes that Mr Simicska’s graffiti performance uses obscene language, but deems it fair in content. He doubts, however, if such stunts will really inflict deep wounds on PM Orbán. On the other hand, he speculates, Mr Simicska may still deploy more devastating weapons in his war with the Prime Minister, because as former treasurer of Fidesz he may have access to sensitive information on unpublicised financial deals.

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